Hertz / wrong debit of my credit card.

Contract Nr. 78/2723966 of April 10th, 2018
Hertz Lisbon Airport - NIF# [protected]

Dear Sirs,

the debit of €833.94 you have charged on my credit card, it is wrong.
The contract we have signed i Lisbon forecasted an unlimited mileage of €150, 00 instead of limited mileage of 60km per day with extra charge of €0.30 per km;
as you can see from the attached, the conditions we accepted are:
- Serv. E-toll € 15.00
- Unlimited mileage promotion € 150.00
- Additional driver charge € 75.00
- Tax 23% € 55.20
Total € 295.20

While we received a debit which includes also the amount of the limited mileage:
- km 1460 x €0.30= € 438.00
- Taxes 23% € 100.74
TOTAL € 538.74

€ 833.94 - 538.74 = € 295.20 this is the amount to be paid.

Can you please provide immediately to credit my credit card, with same value date, for the amount of € 538.74.=

For your prompt reference, enclosed are copies of receipt.

Waiting your response.

Best Regards,
Silvano Ferretto

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    To the Attention of Mrs. Mara BRANCO
    Apoio Cliente - Customer Service Department
    Wrong credit card debit contract nr. 78/2723966

    3rd Follow-up - Aging 27 days without reply.

    We are really disappointed but we are still waiting your answer to our complaints:

    1. Wrong debit : please process immediate credit of € 538.74.= wrongly charged to my credit card
    with same value date of debit charged. It seems easy to verify it, I provided all documentation.

    2. After the complaint of the above wrong debit, I was improperly charged again by you for an additional
    € 84, 05.= this charge was made without any prior advise and no details were send to describe and justify
    your debit. I still do not know why and what are you charging!
    This is really unacceptable, you have all my contact numbers and email.

    If for any reason, you are not able to solve this at your level can you please let me have asap all details
    in order to escalate this complaint further in the organization.

    Best Regards,
    Silvano Ferretto

  • Updated by Ferretto, Jun 04, 2018

    Still today June 4th without any replay from Hertz !

Jun 04, 2018

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