Hertzservice fraud

Picked up car 1-24-17 at Lihue' airport. Res:H05836535C5/V7PHOL/R
RR [protected] Robert Carnahan
This agent Lonnie was as nice a pie while she was jamming the high priced insurance to us! Flirting with the guys. Wouldn't even make eye contact with us when questioned directly about price. Lead them both to believe it was $63. For the whole week for insurance. Couldn't get a straight answer out of her on price. Said, " It's cheaper than your deductible ". Really??? She doesn't even know our deductible! Signed & realized what the heck..charged us more for the weeks insurance than the price of the whole rental we already paid through our travel agent for the week. When brought right back in immediately, and said oh her demeanor change! Cold as ice to us. Very rudely said to us, " He (Robert) signed, I will not talk to you'. " He (Robert) was ok with it till she talked him out of it". Yeah, because she was sneaky about the price, & did not explain it to them well, & avoided our questions . Let me tell you, I am his wife & my name is on that credit card as well!! So you will talk to me too! We and the Maes's couple that went in together on this car will never rent from Hertz again!

Feb 03, 2017

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