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On July 20, 2018 my vehicle was rear ended at a stop light in Dallas. My auto insurance provider issued a reservation to a Hertz Car Rental office near me. They advised my insurance company to tell me the reservation was ready and to come pick it up. When i got to the Hertz location, there was no one there. There were several other people waiting outside the door, but no one ever showed up. Two Lyft fares now wasted on picking up a rental car.

The following day I went to pick up the car, and what was supposed to be a full sized car turned out to be a compact car. In addition the car was filthy, stained seats, dirty floors, no floormats, windows so dirty I could barely see through, etc.

I spent the next 3 days contacting every Hertz rental location in the Dallas metroplex, and not one office, on any day ever had a full sized car available to me. While a couple of the locations took my name and number and offered to contact me when one became available, not one of them ever did.

I tried in vain to contact any Hertz consumer relations representative or customer service representative, apparently they do not exist. Since I am a member of the Hertz Gold Club, I contacted that representative. who was nothing but rude and condescending and informed that there just wasn't any cars available and that they weren't going to do anything about finding or providing me with a car comparable to the car I normally drive or that my insurance will provide.

On the third day I was finally informed to contact the Roadside Assistance group, they are responsible for tracking down and locating the approriate class of car, etc. wherever they can. After being transferred 3 times and being inadvertantly disconnected, I finally spoke to a representative who kept me on hold for another 45 mintues while she called each of the Dallas area locations, who told her the same thing they had told me. I'm not sure why her only recourse was to replicate what I had already done and keep me waiting while doing so. Finally at the end of her wilingness to assist me I asked her if this is where the problem ends, and does it just get dismissed? A company the size and reputatation of Hertz was suffering in my opinion. She spoke to her supervisor who advised her to tell me to take my compact car to an airport location and they would be able to provide me with the class of car I should have for the same rate. I contacted my insurance company to verify this was acceptable since they do not contract with airport locations due to their exorbitant rates. They advised me if Hertz had advised me to to to an airport location they would accept the rental. I tried calling the Hertz location at Love Field for more than 8 hours today and left 2 voice mail messages, and no one ever responded. Finally that evening I decided to drive to the Love Field location in person. When I walked up to the counter, the "woman" at the counter took one look at my reservation and said "NOPE, NO WAY." "There is no way I am giving you a full sized car for this rate" - and laughed to her boss explaining what I was asking for when he came to the counter. I explained againg that the representative at the Roadside Assistance desk and her supervisor had advised me to come to an airport location. Her boss then came around the counter raising his voice at me and I thought any minute he was going to strike me. At this point I got may belongings together and started to leave, while he aggressively got right up in my face. I commented how worthless the whole experience had been and at that point he started screaming at me to get off his lot, to get off the property immediately. He and his sidekick both yelling and screaming at me as though I had committed an offense or threatened them or anything other than telling him how worthless the whole experience had been. The followed me all the way to my vehicle screaming and cursing and threatening me. I was very concerned that at any moment one of them was going to strike me. He did ask before he got angry and started cursing and threatening me why I had gone to DFW Airport instaed? I told him that Love Field was only a couple of miles away while DFW is about 15 miles away. He said that ALL cars that go to any Hertz location in Dallas come from the DFW Airport. I told him that I would have been happy to go to DFW had anyone bothered to return one of my phone calls or answer one of my voicea mails.

I have rented cars from every rental car agency that exists in the United States, from coast to coast, and I have NEVER been given such a runaround, treated so badly, or had such an unfortunate experience of having had to deal with agents and representative from all levels and departments as I have had with this company. I will NEVER, EVER set foot in a Hertz rental car agency again. The only thing I have to say about Hertz is it Hurts to think about them, it Hurts to talk about them, it Hurts to do business with a misfit company who treats their customers this way. Hertz just plain hurts.

Hertz Rental Car Company
Hertz Rental Car Company

Jul 24, 2018

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