Hertz / rental car availability, air quality in car

Niagara Falls New York Airport, United States

I reserved my rental car, and paid in full for the rental three weeks before arriving at my destination.

On Friday May 12, 2017 I flew in at the Niagara Falls airport.

I was supposed to have a car ready for pick up at 10:00 a.m. When I arrived at the Hertz desk, they said they were all out of cars. I was astonished as in all of my years of travel I have never experienced this. This was my very first experience in renting from Hertz.

Futher more the only thing I was told was that they were out trying to find more cars. WHAT????

So I asked the young girl at the desk, what does a reservation mean to them. I thought a prepaid reservation meant that a car would be waiting for me upon my arrival. the couple ahead of me just picked up their keys, and were happily on their way. Did they just get my car as it took ten minutes to get off the plane?

At the same time, Enterprise right next to Hertz was very quickly and efficiently handing out all kinds of cars to people that had reservations

I then hear all kinds of excuses from Hertz, none of them making any sense. One was even blaming the companies that rent for Hertz as they send way too many reservations for them to fill. OK, now that is the start of the blame game., which just makes the company sound like they are out of control.

Finally a car pulls up which was 45 minutes from my reservation pick up time.

They did give me a larger car than I rented (which I did not need, but actually was all that they could find.) When I got in, the smell of smoke was intense. I had to make my one hour drive with the window down in 50 degree weather. I live in Florida and 50 degree weather to us is like New Yorkers riding with the windows down in the winter. The windows looked foggy as they were covered in smoke.

I was in the Batavia area for the weekend visiting my dad who was at the Veterans Home.. I did not want to waste even another minute with Hertz company changing out the car as there were no Hertz locations near Batavia.

I rode around all weekend with the windows down, and a box of baking soda in the pocket behind the drivers seat to absorb any odor that I could while the car was closed up over night.

About a mile from the airport I wanted to top off the gas tank before returning the car. The car took seven gallons of gas, at a charge of $6.45.

I gave the pump another short burrst of gas to make sure the tank was full. I got back on the road to the airport, looked at the gas gauge and it read down a quarter of a tank. Whats up with THAT?????

Went to the desk to report why there was a box of baking soda in the car, and show them that I just filled up. No one was at the Hertz desk. I gave up and just got on my plane.

I called Hertz in Niagra falls today, and again excuses. I finally told the supervisor that she needs to understand how Hertz looks to the public. I said I am not after anything, but you need to understand that if you keep running your business the way you are now, you won't be in business at that location for many years. I hope she got the message. I hope that Hertz gets the message. Not that I will ever rent from them again.

I feel very sorry for the next unsuspecting person that needs a car in a hurry, and gets the same service. The sad think is that they just don't get it.
They are more interested in the blame game than correcting their own short comings.

May 16, 2017

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