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On February 24th I was involved in a wreck and came into Hertz to pick up a car that was reserved for me through the other persons insurance that was also involved. I talked to a guy at the counter and he immediately asked me for my debit card and license. I couldn't understand why he needed my debit card but he said there was a 20 deposit and I would get it back when I returned the car. Then he proceeded in me signing a paper which I was not told or explained anything about it. I thought it was the rental agreement. Then a week passed and I saw a pending amount on my account so I called and he said that I took out a protection plan .I was in distress when I went in and he took advantage of me and is probably still doing others like this. I have 2 witnesses that were with me and he never once said anything about the cost or what I was signing. It was so fast he knew what he was doing. So I told him I wanted to talk to his supervisor and he finally called and said there was nothing they could do. I have called 3 different people at hertz and someone was supposed to call me back .I went in on the day to turn this rental in and the same guy said I owed 580.00 and I told him I wasn't paying it and he said right out well I have your card in our system. I asked him to speak to a supervisor and he said that there wasn't one there. So I told him I would wait until he calls and was a very sarcastic person and couldn't believe the way he was treating me .He couldn't even look me in the eye. Well I told him I wasn't leaving and he immediately said well we close at 7 .He went to the back and I stood there for about 10 minutes and he comes back and it was like I wasn't standing there. He finally says I will put this on hold until my supervisor calls you. Little did I know he had already ran my card. The next day they took out 580.00 out of my account. I once again never got a phone call from his supervisor and now I writing this complaint. I talked to one person from Hertz and he said that this guy was only authorize to take 186.00 but instead took out 580.00 and this man credited my account 386.00 .I still feel like I should get the rest of my money for the simple fact of the way he never explained a thing to me about it. I was distressed about just being in a wreck and he knew took advantage of me. This is wrong. He kept telling me there was no supervisor there but come to find out he was the supervisor for this store. I also left him 3 messages with my phone number and he never called me back. Very unprofessional .I have never been treated like this by anyone . I want to know what I can do about getting the rest of my money back.

Thank You
Laura Dumas

Apr 29, 2017

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