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Banff, AB, Canada
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On the 9th of April I rented a car from Hertz Banff, Canada. I was renting it for 5 days from the 9th-13th and was told by the employee i was renting from that it would cost $340 with the locals discount. On thursday the 13th of April I returned the car to the same girl I rented it from, she told me in a couple of days the money would be taken from my account and i could leave all my documentation with her. So I did. When i checked my account days later i noticed $545 had been taken. I called immediately to see what the confusion was and was told that the car had been checked out on the 15th. After about 10minutes she realised i wasn't lying, and that i had rented from them a number of times over the last 4 years. I wanted to go through the security footage with them to show I was in there the date and time that i said I was, and get my money returned to my account. I was told the store manager would call me back with the resolve. After 3 days I gave them a call again and the man who answered the phone very abruptly told me that he had no idea what I was talking about, that it wasn't his problem, and that i would get a call back in the next few days. After 4 days I called again, and the same man answered. Told me I was a lier, and that he had checked security footage and that I had in fact not returned it on the 13th as I was claiming. When i asked if i could look through the security footage with him he said I had no right too. That he wasn't going to help me anymore and hung up the phone mid conversation. It was the rudest service I have ever received in my life. I straight away called customer service of Hertz and they immediately saw that I had in fact returned the car on Thursday the 13th as I had been saying all along, however I wasn't refunded my full amount.

I am extremely disgusted with the way I have been treated and will be sure to never return to Hertz again. I work in a very popular cafe in town that has a huge local base aswel as an ever flowing tourist base running through it. When i first got off the phone with the manager I repeated what had just happened and immediately 2 customers told me that they had had horrible experiences there with the same man. I will be sure to Never recommend this business to anybody, and strongly advise they go somewhere else.

I have been extremely put out by this waiting for my money to be put back into my account for weeks. I would like to receive a full refund for this as I have had to get advances for other payments I have had to pay while I have waited very unfairly to never be called back by Banffs store manager.

Apr 28, 2017

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