Hertz / not returning deposit

Midway Airport, Chicago, IL, United States

I was stupid enough to rent a car from Hertz. I did priceline to attempt to save a few bucks on car rental...unfortunately the company was Hertz. I have rented 3 times from Hertz and had at least 3 failures each time. Other rentals many years ago.

I get to the desk, 2 agents, only me waiting in line. One carefully tries to look busy, other discusses on phone with friends which bar to go to after work. Phone rings several times other agent sits on their butt, mine won't even look up to make eye contact. The bar situation is more important. After about 15 min I start to get on my phone to the 800 Hertz number so she stops. Can't seem to find reservation, so tries to rent me a car. I open my bags get my reservation, then she tells me I must upgrade 3 kids and a short mom can't possibly with carry on only in a mid-sized car. Of course she could only find a Toyota Corolla or an SUV or luxury car, so I am put in the Corolla as I refuse to pay to upgrade. Then she said since I would not upgrade she has to charge a $50 deposit, but charges $200, but assures me I will immediately get the money back on the 27th when I return the car. That's 10 days now and no refund. I have called the midway Hertz many times no answer, doesn't suprise me, talking on cell phone instead of working and painting fingernails is more important than work. So they steal money from inocent people. I have called corporate, the local Hertz all to no avail. I facebook negative comments on their page...several have promissed to fax/email my bank, but none have...I called Priceline, they got on the phone with Hertz...Hertz has promised to look into it in the next 10 business days, and advised me that it may take 5 to 10days for the banks to process after they finish their investigation. Looks on this site that deposits are not really refunded...just stolen from customers.

Sep 06, 2014

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