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Hertz / lyft express rental

1 United States

Dear sirs:
I am a 64-year-old male, I think of average intelligence being able to understand English and follow directions, also having enough brain capacity to understand anything that directly equates to a job or task that I am involved in (if I don't understand I would do some quick research to at least get a grasp of a rudimentary understanding of what I was involved in or the products I was representing for the company I work for!!! If I still did not understand then I probably would not do that job, you know someone would notice)
I live in San Diego California, I recently applied and was accepted to be a driver for lyft. Through the Lyft web site, I was directed to the Hertz "express drive program" to rent a car for the Lyft program, All well and good so far!
Ok so at this point all I want is information i.e. cost of said rental, is insurance included, type of vehicles available etc. Maybe a brochure covering these points would be a good idea prices subject to change, you get the gist,
So, let's begin the quest (remember this is just to get information) shouldn't be hard right! You got a product to sell and I want to buy it, that's why you are in business and for all purposes I am the perfect consumer, I want your product.
Unfortunately, in San Diego your employees at three centers I inquired are either misinformed, poorly trained, or just don't care maybe all of the above, (this applies to desk personnel to a manager that I specifically asked to see) More on that later.
Attempt number one.
Hertz 761 Arnele Ave Ste 5, El Cajon · [protected]
Open 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Here I was kept waiting with an empty front office for fifteen minutes, although I could here people in the back chatting and laughing (probably doing company business right) after all the place was so busy with absolutely no one there.
Eventually I was attended to by a young man, let's say of foreign origin. (before you get the impression this has a bigoted slant let me point out I am of foreign origin too)
To continue I make my enquiry about the Lyft express program, the gentleman of about 23 years looked at me like I was asking for the combination to fort Knox, I tried once more speaking a little slower with hand gestures imitating a steering wheel, it looked like a little light went on in his head and in broken English said "no San Diego" with a little more prompting being I was in San Diego county we figured out San Diego airport. I did ask since he had three vacant computers in front of him which I assume belong to Hertz if he could maybe research the Hertz express drive program and print out the information to save me a two hour round trip? "no San Diego" was his reply.

Attempt number two

Hertz rental center 3355, Admiral Boland Way, San Diego, USA, 92101.

First attempt the lady behind the desk had no information except that they don't handle lyft rentals there and she added several people per day come in with the same inquiry? She did direct me to Office: Hertz Lindbergh Field
Address: 3202 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 USA

I arrived at this third location and could only find a Nigerian gentleman who also had a limited English vocabulary, after several minutes he said in broken English that no Lyft here you go over there! Pointing back to where I had just come.
So back to 3355, Admiral Boland Way, this time I ask for a manager, guess what he insists I go back to the place I just drove from, Out of pure frustration I asked him if he could look at this product on the Hertz computer system just to give me the information I need, again he said he knew nothing about it and did I realize how many different things Hertz offered? I guess this was his way of saying he did not know the products Hertz sells or that he represents! But he did offer me a coffee, I declined as it may have slipped out of my hand all over him.

So back to the Hertz representative from Nigeria, ahh now he remembers this is Lyft where he works…..but the office is closed today its Saturday……have a nice day!

Do you have any openings for a regional manager?

Jan 19, 2019

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