Hertz / hertz west covina california

I recently made a reservation for a car in West Covina branch on Garvey.
I had already reserved a Mid Size vehicle for 1 week- with a $25 coupon promotion I received through email from you guys.
When I arrived at your location there was only 1 rep. at 2:50pm.
He rudely told me that there were no more Midsize vehicles because I was late!
He told me I had to get a full size car.
I've delt with this rep. before and I do not want to ever use Hertz at this location for any type of service. I am a manager for my company and I would never stand for this from my employees. Your employee needs to work on demonstrating proper people skills.
I am a friendly person who gets along with everyone. It takes a lot for me to take the time to write this email to complain about someone. But the way I was treated, I felt it was necessary. This is the second time this employee has been rude to me. The first time I just figured maybe he was having a bad day. Also I wasn't the only person he was being rude to. I needed this vehicle for this week and now I will be forced to rent a car from somewhere else.

Sincerely Maggie Gonzalez. [protected]

Apr 03, 2017

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