Hertzhertz istanbul ataturk airport office

Dear Sir/Madam,

Unfortunately I had a bad experience in my rental in Istanbul.
I have been renting cars for 10 years all around the world.
For the first time I rented a car (prepaid) but in airport office I couldn't find the car I rented but another car.

My reservation number : HRTZ0043997

The stuff in airport Hertz office explained me that Class E and Class F are same but on internet (even now) I see different.
I especially rented a Class F - Renault Clio (cruise control, etc) but he insisted to give me a Class E- Renault Clio Symbol.
I refused and told him that I can pay extra to upgrade the car but he told me that he doesn't have any car in parking. Either I take the Symbol, or I will have nothing.
I was obligated to take the car he wants to give me and I did.
But when I went to car parking, I saw more than 5 Clios, Nissan Qasquais, and many different cars parking there.
It was at night. I was coming from Africa. And I had to travel 500 km to Ankara.
I never choose a small rent a car company even it is cheaper than Hertz to not have such problems.
But unfortunately your staff and Turkish Hertz Agency doesn't respect the clients.
I will keep renting cars from big companies like SIXT, AVIS, etc. but not HERTZ.
I am really sorry to write it but Hertz broke the image in my mind.
Maybe Hertz International does not know what is going on in Istanbul Airport Office.
They make people obligated to accept their last minute suprises and offers.
For a local small company it can be accepted but I hope you will take necessary actions to save your name.

Best Regards,

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May 15, 2017

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