Hertzeasley, sc hertz branch employee

On 5/28 I reserved a rental car to be picked up at 5pm on 6/1 for a last minute family emergency trip. I almost always use the Hertz on Calhoun Memorial in Easley SC because it is close, convenient, and I have always had a good experience with the employees.

I arrived to this branch at about 4:30pm on 6/1, there was one customer in front of me so I sat down. After about 5 minutes, the man at the desk acknowledged me by saying "are you here to pick up?" (He was still with another customer) and I said "yes". He seemed irritated and said "well we don't have anymore cars, do you have a reservation?" I said "yes". He said "well when is it for?" and I said "It was for pickup today at 5pm". And he said "yeah well, we don't have any more cars for you". I said "why did noone call me to let me know that there were no more cars?" and he said "Well I was busy with people all day, you could have called to check and see if there were any left" And I said that I rent a lot of cars and that is not something I have ever had to do after making a reservation andI asked him "well what am I supposed to do? I am leaving tonight for Pennsylvania..." And he said "the only car we have is reserved for someone who is coming in to pick it up at 5". I told him I would wait to see if they showed up, and I ended the conversation there since this whole time he was with another customer and talking to me from across the room. I think he was hoping he could get me to leave.

So I sat another 5 minutes and when the customer in front of me had left I walked up to the counter with my reservation printout. He had not acknowledged me until I said "So why does someone else's reservation trump my reservation?" And this question was not meant to be rude, but I wanted to prevent this from happening again since I really needed a car. He didn't answer my question but instead got on the computer and started typing and asked for my name. He said he couldn't find a reservation for me. That was all he said, he didn't offer any suggestions... or help... he didn't offer to call other hertz to see if they had cars... he in no way made an effort to help.

At this point I didn't know what to do, and the customer who was coming for the last car had arrived. The man at the counter looked at my reservation paper and said that the Hertz on the reservation had the wrong address. I said that this was the only hertz on this road I knew about, and this was where I always come. And then he pointed out to me that the reservation was for Enterprise and not Hertz.

I was completely embarrassed and felt silly, I said to him "oh my gosh I'm so sorry". And I turned to leave and as I was walking out the door the man at the counter said in the most smug and sarcastic voice I have ever heard "And that's why her reservation trumps yours" (referring to the customer behind me. It was enough to stop me as I was halfway out the door, and I turned around and looked at him. He had this nasty smirk on his face. So I said to him "well that's nice" because his comment was completely inappropriate and nasty. Especially in front of other customers. So I went out to my car and got a pen and went back in and asked his name and manager's name. He refused to give me a phone number because "he was busy with a customer" (Even though he had no problem talking to me while with a customer just 10 minutes prior). He said his name was 'Tom' (older man with glasses) and his manager's name was 'Jason'. He wouldn't give me a phone number for Jason, but told me he was in the Greenville office (Obviously unhelpful because there are multiple offices in Greenville).


So here is my complaint...

It is obviously my fault that I was at the wrong rental agency. I am a nurse and work night shift (7pm to 7am) and had worked the night before so I was not paying close attention to detail when I went to pick up the car. I almost always use Hertz and just assumed that was the case today. But for some reason when I booked the reservation I had chosen the Enterprise down the street (which I have never used). So again- my fault but I did tell him I was sorry.

I am upset at the attitude of this man behind the counter, his unprofessional behavior and the unwillingness to help me. If I actually did have a reservation for Hertz, and there were no more cars, I still don't have an answer as to what would have happened. It seems that he would have sent me away without helping. So that makes me extremely afraid to ever book at Hertz again, for fear that if they run out of vehicles to rent I will be out of luck and that I will no receive any help in resolving the problem. I will also never return to this particular Hertz because I would like to never deal with this man that was behind the counter again.

I don't know a good resolution for this. I am not suggesting he be let go, but I refuse to return to this location while he is working there. I am sad about this since I do frequently rent cars for travel.

Jun 01, 2018

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