Hertz Corporationdeletion and suspension of membership hertz corporation

File# 1104270
I am sending this complaint to John P. Tague (CEO) Hertz and James D. Tuton (CEO) American Traffic Solutions
CC: Robert Clark of Back Office Services
On January 3 2017, Robert Clark suspended my services without provocation.
Hertz Corporate Office reversed $180 traffic violation that I contested. Mr. Clark decided to take matters into his own hands and suspended my account.
I am requesting immediate installation of my points, bonus points for reimbursement due to Mr. Clark's negligence and also the installation of my rentals reserved for 2017. Mr. Clark feels that he can go over the Hertz corporation that gives him a pay check.
If Mr. Clark does not reinstate my Hertz account, I will file a lawsuit in the State of Massachusetts court for remedy. I can be reached at [protected].
Have a good day
Gillian Cox

Jan 10, 2017

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