Hertz / car rental/left item in car.

Chico, CA, United States

I had my car go into the shop to get fixed, I have AAA.. I accidentally left a small clear baggie with 2 new sterling silver rings, 1 ring with torquise from Mexico, one ring SSilver from Bali.
3 ring broken prawn taking to be fixed at jewelry shop.. 1 set 10k gold earrings pear shaped with Peridot green stones.. yes I put them in the glovebox & forgot them.
I called the next day to Chico Hertz on zannelli way, Chico.. car had been rented.
Asked them to reach out to new renter & it's been 2 1/2 weeks.
They say still no response from other renter. I asked if one of the guys who look thru & clean the car would of checked the glovebox.. they said
"Unlikely "
I still can't get an answer if the lady found it or not.. frustrated in Paradise CA.
Only have the boxes.. bought 2 @ Evine shopping network & the other & JTV.. earrings wear bought by my husband it's my birth stone, 20 yrs ago.. 3ring old sterling silver bought on QVC, 25 yrs ago.. not the money value.. would just like an answer if she found it or not!!
Traci Price


Sep 30, 2018

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