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Waterbury, CT, United States
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Had the worst experience renting a Hertz car this evening!!! We arrived at hertz to rent a mini van, and was offered our choice out of 2 vans. Both were extremely dirty on the outside with damage (that the workers didn't even notice and needed me to point it out.) One of the mini vans was extremely dirty on the inside and smelled horribly, where the other one had trash in it but didn't smell bad. So we went with that one (as my son has a heart condition and can't be breathing in air that smells musty and smokey.) We started our 6 hour journey, and occasionally felt the car shake while accelerating and braking on the highway (but thought it was the road since it wasn't all the time.) 3 hours into our journey, something fell off from under the car and we drove over it. So we immediately got off the highway and called for assistance. This was at 1:15 am. The roadside assistance company didn't send anyone to come get us until after 4:40 am, after many hours of going back and forth and them offering plans that weren't going to work and refusing to do things to help us out. They even wanted us to get our own taxi and pay for it ourselves. Their exact words were "Hopefully you will get reimbursed for it but you probably won't even find a cab at this time of night anyway." So in what way was that service worker trying to help my family get to another car so we could get back on the road? They ended up agreeing to do (at 4:15 am) what I had first talked to someone about doing at 1:15 (but that idea was shot down by multiple other workers afterwards.) The manager on call at roadside assistance had the audacity to tell me that he disagreed with me when I told him having to sit on the side of the road for almost 4 hours in the middle of the night was a joke. Unbelievably rude and unprofessional. We never made it to our original destination of VA, but my credit card was charged for that hotel anyway. On top of that excess charge, we then had to book a hotel in MD for over $200 for one night so that we could finally get some sleep. By the time we got to the closest hotel at 7 am (after being driven to the closest hertz that had a van for us to use) my 22 month old with a serious heart condition and other metabolic diseases had only had 2 hours of sleep. I was so stressed out that I started having chest pains and had to go to the hospital to be monitored. I've never had that happen before!! Our final destination is Florida, for a resort that we paid alot of money for, and we may not even be able to go now because of what happened last night. I have tried calling multiple times to talk to someone, but keep being shuffled to someone else to talk to and have yet to get anywhere productive with anyone.

Jun 16, 2017

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