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Hertz / rip off

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We hired a car in Toulouse online, and seeing as it was only a short 4-day holiday, we agreed to upgrading to an Opel convertible when we checked in, for an additional daily rate.

In Mirepoix for two days, south of Toulouse, and some little criminal put a scratch along the door, while we were parked overnight. The next night, the car was scratched again, along the boot, most likely by the same little worthless criminal. Both times the car was parked legally, under a street light, and (of course) while we were away, sleeping.

The result? On return, we were charged 440 euros by Hertz, i.e. 220 per panel. To make things worse, we were told that due to Hertz policy, it was cheaper to claim the scratches as our fault -- if we insisted on declaring the scratches for what they were, vandalism, we would have to pay the full excess of 660 euros. Go figure.

This is criminal in more ways than one. Basically, we would have needed to stand guard on the car day and night, without sleeping the entire rental period, to have avoided this. Thanks to some vandal, we are now over £400 poorer, with no recourse.

The result? I am NEVER using Hertz again. It is quite clear to me that they do not make their money from rentals, but from everything else they can screw the poor customer for. And I intend to tell everyone (you too, reader) to avoid Hertz like the plague.

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  • Rs
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    You got off cheap. I was charged 363.80 Euros for scratches on a bumper. Not vandalism but also not my doing. They were so minor that a good washing and a black pen would have saved me A LOT. But I had not even noticed them. My advice: try to get a body shop to handle these scratches before the big corporate rip off happens. This is the equivalent of the gas charges they apply for filling up.

  • Rm
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    Hertz Vienna Airport rentals should be avoided at all costs. I tried to prepay everything, and get as much insurance as possible as I remembered something about this, but I was still screwed. The car was scratched in Bratislava. So my card was blocked for € 800, and I was charged a total bill of € 1, 065.81 for a two day Ford Taurus stick shift rental - and I had prepaid € 300 already!

    Well, turns out there is an excess in spite of all collision insurance that Vienna Hertz promptly used up (well, half of it) in repairing the scratches. The rest was tax, travel duty, highway duty, etc etc.

    Cheaper to buy a car and leave it at the airport when you are done. Frankly, leave it in the Hertz entrance (if you can find it - worst signage in the world)

  • Ra
      14th of Jun, 2010
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    Wow man you are a odd one. When you have the car YOU are responsible!!! If it's your car and someone vandalizes it who pays for it? YOU or your INSURANCE!! Why the hell do you think it should be any different in a rental?

  • Be
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    My daughter nor my self rented a car from Hertz in November 2010. Yet Hertz gave my address and my daughters drivers license info to the Napa, CA police department. Be ware if you use Hertz. We have in the past. I dont understand how they can say we ran a red light in Napa with their car! They also will not show me any documentation that we were the ones that rented this car. or by phone at 877-977-5771 will not give me documentation stating that we did not rent this car. My daughter is 22 years old, how did she rent this car?

  • Fl
      29th of Oct, 2011
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    I was going to rent a car from them and their CSR wanted to force me into an insurance contract saying that the system would not allow him to take the additional $ 10, - for partial insurance out. This was after he had entered my credit card information and after he had put a charge of $ 385, - onto my card. I did not sign the agreement and told him that I would get a car from a competitor. I went to Avis and their agreement explicitly says: "Renters are not required to purchase loss damage waiver (LDW). It is not mandatory. Before purchasing LDW, Renter should check if own insurance covers damage to and loss of the car"

    The next day I saw the charge on my credit card and went back to Hertz to ask the guy how he could charge my card without an agreement. His answer was that Hertz always does it like that, charging the credit card before the customer has a chance to see the agreement and to sign it. He told me "You have to make that out with your credit card company..."

    I never signed any agreement and never authorized Hertz to charge my credit card. Their employee did not even tell me "I am going to charge your card in the amount of $ xxxx . I was not even aware of the amount of $ 385, - before I saw the charge when I went online into my banking account. I did not get a credit card slip either. What kind of company is that ?????

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