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Don't use the Hertz office in Sienna

I just came back from a driving trip in Tuscany and fighting a $2, 000+ bill from them for a 2-day rental! It is a nightmare. When we received the bill, we discovered that they had changed the daily rate, added various obscure charges (7 of then) and were trying to make us pay for mechanical failure of the engine. Even though when we were in Italy, we were assured that it was all fine, no problem, etc.

Filing a claim is also a bureaucratic ordeal... I would strongly advice anyone not to use Hertz (or at least not from Sienna)... I feel like they are gauging me because I am back in Canada and unable to complain directly to them.

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  • Mi
      Jul 16, 2008
    Hertz - overcharging on not wanted insurance

    Just had 2 cars rented from Paris, Opera, Rue de la Chaussee D'Antin.

    We had both cars under Platinum and Gold cards to cover the insurance. We asked for non additional insurance. The employee asked us to sign for insurance, mentioning that is included on the quoted price.

    In final, big surprize : charge more then double because we WANTED additional insurance. Can you believe this?

    I try to complain through email : get confimation that in 5 business days will be a resolution. Nothing yet, even if is the 7 business days after complain.

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  • Gh
      Jul 22, 2008
    Hertz - trick pricing for gold members online
    United States

    The last few times I have tried to rent from Hertz online I have noticed a peculiar phenomena. If I just visit the site and enter a discount code and coupon I generally receive the advertised rate. If, however, I then log in with my Gold club number and attempt to reserve EXACTLY the same car, date and coupon, the rate is mysteriously more. I feel they are gouging what they assume to be business travelers in the hopes that they will just pay it as part of the loyalty program. Beware this sleazy tactic. I will be taking this complain directly to the FTC and BBB for resolution.

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  • Sa
      Aug 16, 2008

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  • Ca
      Apr 07, 2009
    Hertz - defective
    1103 paradise peak
    Valley Springs
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I rented a car on friday. After the walk around for damage I got into the car and started it up. A warning SVC tire monitor came on the radio. I went back in and they said that they had a tire problem and they must not of reset it. The problem was fixed and everything was OK. I drove it to a friends and later that night when I went to leave I saw another tire warning light on the dash. The next day I saw my son-in-law at my grandaughters soccar game and he said if the problem was solved the light would be off. He told me to check the tire pressure. Its to be what the car says not the tires. He told me how to read it on the radio. The car calls for 30 PSI and all the tires showed over 43 except one that had no reading. If it was a hot day and I was driving on the freeway at a high speed ALL 4 tires could have blown.
    This car never should have left that office in that unsafe condition. I have pictures but I do not have the ability to down load them on the internet.

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  • Ka
      Apr 29, 2009
    Hertz - incorrect bill
    United States

    I received a notice from a collection agency from san francisco ca
    For a delinquent parking violation on 3/13/2017. After calling multiple times to ast processing, I was told I was to contact hertz to state this is not my signature, address, drivers license or date of birth on their info.
    The citation # is [protected] and the date is 08/05/08.
    I never was in california nor did I rent a car from hertz. Please correct this problem
    The name is kaj knudsen-which is my maiden name not my married name which I have used now for 23 years.

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  • Pi
      May 04, 2009

    Service with Hertz in France is always unpredictable. We travel there at least once a year, and to other destinations in the world, also renting through Hertz. Rarely a problem in other countries, it seems that in France some of their front desk employees are not accustomed to CDW waiver for customers who already have this coverage thru their credit card.

    They seem to confuse CDW with liability insurance. Liability is, by French law, already included in the rental price, but not CDW.

    I would say, half of the employees know it, and the service is excellent, but the other half don't. And when they don't, it comes with a whole attitude package, if know what I mean. It is a training issue for Hertz.

    We had a particularly bad experience this time and we are considering using a different company next year.

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  • Kh
      Jul 27, 2009
    Hertz - over charging on accidents
    london heathrow
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    I rented a ford galaxy car inJuly 2017, and I had a minor accident with a fixed oject. a dent and front pomper was loose and that all. I filled the required form and submitted it to the hertz ofice when returning the car. I was surprized of the office reps evaluaing the damage as the maximum of the insurance amount not covered and which is 800 pounds. The amount was charged to my VISA card right a way and through their evalaution. Thee was no third party nor a fair deal. I decided to quit deal with hertz due to thier bad deal.

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  • Se
      Aug 02, 2009
    Hertz - no reason for a reservation
    Grand Rapids
    United States

    It was about seven years ago that we went on line and reserved at Mustang for a fun anniversary weekend. When we arrived we were informed that due to the time of year they didn't have any Mustangs and offered a Taurus as a replacement. The rental agent didn't seem to understand the reason someone would rent a sporty Mustang and why a Taurus wasn't an acceptable replacement. We waited seven years before we gave them any further business. I looked at the prices for our recent weekend trip and saw a considerable difference, thought to myself it's been seven years, and we're not asking for anything special, how can they screw it up? My husband questioned my judgement, but I believe in second chances. Well, we arrived at the pick up time and we were informed that they didn't have any vehicle for us and suggested we come back later and maybe they would have something. So, my question is - why even make a reservation?

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  • Du
      Sep 10, 2009

    I have experienced exactly the same sort of thing.I'm still awaiting a reply from Customer Service!

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  • Wa
      Nov 04, 2009
    Hertz - hit by hertz driver - no response from hertz
    177 So. Airport BLVD So. San Francisco, CA 94080
    San Francisco
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was struck by a driver making an unsafe U turn in a Hetrz rental whild riding my motorcycle Police report lists driver as being at fault. My vehicle was towed and I was taken to emergency room.
    I have called Herz claims department twice a day for the past five days. Their outgoing message says that someone will get back to me in an hour. So far they have not returned a single phone call . Meanwhile my vehicle has been impounded for two weeks and is undriveable. I have been a Herz customer in the past. All I can say is it that they are practicing a high level of corporate irresponsibility and disregard for the well being of the public.

    Has anyone had experience filing a claim against Hetrz ?

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  •   Dec 27, 2009

    You were struck by a driver, making an unsafe turn, in a Hertz car.
    What the ### do you want from Hertz, douchebag? Go after the driver.
    You are so stupid, you should have your driving privileges revoked.

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  • Ma
      Apr 02, 2010
    Hertz - scammed us and neglected to tell about ins. costs
    United States

    We were using Hertz b/c of an accident that was not our fault and the cost of the rental(or so we thought) was being picked up by the insured. When we brought the car back, all of sudden we owed $250 dollars and the person had neglected to tell us that we were paying for insurance for 25 days. What a scam-they charged State Farm $700 dollars and us $250. I will never use Hertz Rental ever especially the one in Katy, Tx! We should nver have had to pay this unexplained charge and so I do not recommend this company and I want everyone to know of their unfair business practice!

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  • Ci
      May 19, 2010
    Hertz - billing
    Hertz Rental Car
    New York
    United States

    I am from an insurance agency and one of my insured clients rented a car from Hertz for 18 days, and when they received the bill the had been charged for 18 days of insurance thru Hertz, my insured insisted that he and his wife declined the insurance and that Hertz had taken it upon themselves to add it on to their vehicle/bill anyhow. So...I had called the Hertz where they rented the car from and requested a copy of he SIGNED contract from my insured so that I can review and make a decision about pay out and here it is 48 hours later and I have received NOTHING!!! I have called the billing department directly several times and each rep that I talk to gives me a differnet story about why there is a delay in getting this to me and why the cannot fax it immediately to me and when I tell them that I will not accept anything less than a faxed copy of the contract immediately they say please hold and before I can say no do not put me on hold they have transferred me to some ridiculous voicemail box. This is appauling customer service and I personally have learned to NEVER go with Hertz. This is disgusting that they are not willing to help and insurance agent especially...

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  • Sc
      Aug 02, 2010
    Hertz - rude service
    United States

    Debra at Houston airport worked very hard to not help me. I asked for a bigger car and she offered me a smaller car. I asked to put my wife on the policy and she said the $13/day was due and never mentioned that with our AAA that we could add my wife for free. We couldn't use our credit card with my wife's name because I was the driver, "company policy". I rented a car for someone else before from Hertz with no problem.

    There was nothing she could do to help us. She was just doing her job and her job description did not include helping customers.

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  • Ma
      Oct 25, 2010
    Hertz - overcharges
    United States

    I am disappointed because the response to an overcharge error was unacceptably inefficient.

    On Aug 26, we rented a minivan (a Chrysler) at Hertz (1094 S. Main st, Plymouth MI 48170). We took a family trip to several places. In Toronto, the back door of the vehicle would not close. We called the company and they agreed to switch us to another vehicle. So the originalminivan was towed away and we had to drive to Toronto airport to get another minivan (a Kia).

    We returned the vehicle Sep 2nd to the Plymouth location. Because of the exchange of the vehicle, the branch manager of that time Dean G. could not find the record of the newminivan. So he wrote down a note for us on his business card as return evidence (mileage, no damage to the car, and his signature). He asked us to check our bill in next couple of days.

    Not until Sep 22nd, the transaction showed up on our credit card statement. We were over charged. The second day (Sep 23rd), I called the Hertz Plymouth office. I was told any billing has to be dealt with company billing department in Oklahoma. I called the billing department and was told that their record showed I returned the car on Set 11 so I have to talk to the branch and changed the record before they can refund me. I call the local branch again. First they did not believe that we returned the car on Sep 2nd since in their database it was Sep 11. I told them about the replacement of the car and the notes Dean G. gave to us. (I was told Dean already left the company). Finally, they agreed to “look into it.”

    Ever since then, I made almost a dozen phone calls and the answer was “we are trying to understand what was happening.” “we are trying ….” “we do not know when …”, “I will contact the manager again….”

    I am tired of calling them and waste my time. We will file formal complaint via BBB.

    To resolve the problem I require Hertz refund the overcharge as soon as possible whilst reserving my right to claim against them.

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  • Ar
      Dec 08, 2010
    Hertz - stole items left in the car
    United States

    I rented a car at the Milwaukee Airport on 10-19-10 and returned it on 10-21-10. I made the fatal mistake of leaving two items in the car. I was given a name Carrol at 414-747-5335ext 210 to locate these items.I called and the call went to Carrol voice mail to leave a message, THE MAILBOX IS FULL!!! So I call back and call back and call back (frustrated)call back and call back and call back (real frustrated)call back and call back and call back (real real frustrated) it gets worse but I cant put that in an email!!! So I start calling another number [protected] ext 0. I call and was put on hold day after day, get to talk to a suppervisor ? and he said he would call back, one week later no call. I called today 11-23-10 and talked to Shannon and she tells me that items are noly kept for ten days, but she will give Carrol my message ( if she even works there ) and Carrol will call me back. I say NO MORE Hertz. I had hair when this started.

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  • Ro
      Jul 13, 2011
    Hertz - refused to honor rental confirmation.
    A & B Carstar
    8200 Wornall Rd
    Kansas City
    United States

    I rented a mini van from Hertz on 06/04/2017, on line for pick up on 07/05/2017. I went to pick it up at 12:00 noon as scheduled. The van was filty & smelly. The Hertz agent claimed their car wash was out of order but he had swepted it out himself. I asked if they could send it to All Season Car Wash in the next block. He said ok. I left & returned at 4:30 PM to pick up the van it was still dirty. The agent started questioning me as if I was a suspect. He asked if I had ever used Hertz before & started to layout their policies. He didn't want to honor the printout with my confirmation # & AAA discounts by raising the price $50. I gave him my drivers license. He ran an unecessary full credit report with no problems found. Then he tells me they could only accept a checking account Visa Card. That didn't make any sense. I gave him my bank card then he says his system was down & he had to call his boss. They talked then he tells me his boss said my card was declined because they had to add an additional $250. hold fee to the $437. weekly rental & I didn't have that in my account. He said that my bank only allows me a $500. limit on the card in 24 hrs. I immediately called my bank & up the volume on my cell so the Hertz agent could hear the person at the bank. My checking acc. balance was over $4, 000. & my card limit was $2, 500. credit or debit in 24 hrs. & there had been no declines. Everything he said was a lie. Then he says "I can't rent you that van maybe you should come back tomorrow after 11 AM. & there is nothing else I can do to help you. We were leaving for Gatlingburg TN at 3 AM the next morning & was forced to go in two cars. Hertz never returned my calls.I will never do business with Hertz again or recomend them.

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  • Sy
      Aug 24, 2011
    Hertz - van not there
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I rented a van for june, 6 months in advance called 2 mt to make sure that they still had me down for the rental called 2 days theysaid yes they had me down to pick it up on friday. they called me on thur, to see if i still wanted it and i said yes, at 5 o`clock. My son and i got there at 4.30 and they said that it had not been return. It was to be there at 3 o`clock we said we would wait untill it got there . They called and it was returned at the airport and they rented it out to another person and that they was sorry they did not have a van for us. We had a family vac book for 10 mt in advance, now we had no tranportion I stoped at the airport we found something we could use cost us $350.00 more. from an other company. delaying our travel, and all the saleperson for hertz said was sorry I have rented there for four years with your company and I am very disappointed with the company and we where treated. Thank you. Sharon Everett @[protected]

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  • Aa
      Sep 13, 2011
    Hertz - huge penalty fees

    Think twice before renting a car from Hertz in Brisbane, Australia.
    If you forget to pay a toll (Toll roads are everywhere in Brisbane) Hertz will charge you a $33 service fee simply to redirect the fine back to you for each time.
    So if you travel a lot, this can amount to $100's of dollars extra PER DAY, on top of your rental fee.
    Pick a company that has a Toll system and bothers to take the time to explain the system - not just throw you the keys and hope you don't read the small print.

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  • Ly
      Feb 17, 2012

    I have also received this $33 charge from Hertz in Sydney, NSW - even though I had pre-registered my credit card details to pay for any tolls!

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  • St
      Sep 13, 2012
    Hertz - didn't fulfill contract
    United States

    I reserved a family size sedan (Altima or similar) from Hertz at Palm Beach International Airport, FL through Price Line. I did not arrive at a busy time, but the agent told me that there would be a wait of an hour or two at the pick-up station because they were in the process of putting new vehicles into service and didn't yet have the full compliment. Nevertheless, he began entering my information in the computer to process my rental. I was going to pay for an hour(s) that I did not even have a vehicle. My protests were met with sarcasm.

    I walked out and took the shuttle to the Hertz pick-up station. The supervisor assured me that I would have a vehicle in less than 45 minutes and noted that there is a half hour grace period on the contract anyway, so he would not bill me for time without a car.

    The car I got was a Corolla. Wrong size.

    I have rented twice more since then at the same airport, both times from Alamo without a hitch.

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  • Ps
      Aug 26, 2014
    Hertz - refund

    I rented a car in
    Greece that had a power steering wheel electrical issue. I contacted Hertz
    several times during my stay in Greece. Hertz did not provide any assistance
    because there was no service in the area I was. I had to find my own mechanic
    to assist with the problem. The car was not used for three days until the power
    steering issue was addressed. Hertz charged me the full amount in my card at
    the pick-up time at the airport. I have tried to contact Mrs. Adriani (the
    Hertz manager that Athens airport several times and have requested a refund for
    the three days the car was not used. She is not responding to my calls /
    requests. The Athens airport number is [protected].

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  • Ma
      Sep 11, 2014
    Hertz - fuel charge
    Gatwick aeroport
    United Kingdom

    I rented the car for three weeks (from 29 july to 19 auguste). I returned the vehicle on August 19, 2017 at 8:00 am with a full tank. I filled the tank the first time at
    Headington (August 17, 2017 in the evening, £41.7), then I parked the vehicle until August 19 morning). On August 19, arriving at the airport Gatwick, I filled the tank twice around 7:30 AM total of £8, 68 (twice to be sure that
    the tank is fully full). The officer (women) who do the car inspection confirmed that the tank is full. I told to her that the fuel option on the rental record is checked “accepted”, she told me not worry about this, any extra charge will be refunded on your visa card.
    I was surprise to see the £72 charged on my visa card, 20 days later, .

    Another thing about the Fuel Option in the rental record: the agent who made the
    record tried to sell me under pressure this option and explained that Hertz will fill the tank only if necessary and will charge me the difference.
    I ask hertz for the reimbursement the entire amount of £72.
    I'm waiting ...

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  • Ma
      Sep 11, 2014
    Hertz - full fuel tank but charged by hertz
    Gatwick aeroport UK
    England, West Sussex
    United Kingdom

    I rented the car for three weeks at Gatwick Airport UK (from July
    29 until August 19th 2017). I returned the vehicle on August 19, 2017 at 8:00 Am
    with a full tank. I filled the tank the first time at Headington (August 17, 2017 in
    the evening, £41.7), then I parked the vehicle until August 19 morning). On
    August 19, arriving at Gatwick airport, I filled the tank twice around 7:30 AM for a total of £8, 68 (twice to be sure that the tank is fully full).

    The officer who did the car inspection confirmed that the tank is full. I told to
    her that the fuel option on the rental record is checked “accepted”, she told
    me to not worry about this, any extra charge will be refunded on my visa card. I
    was surprise to see the £72 charged on my visa card, 20 days later by Hertz Middlesex
    (UK), .

    Another thing about the Fuel Option in the rental record: the agent who
    made the record at Gatwick airport tried to sell me this option under pressure and explained that Hertz will fill the tank only if necessary and will charge me the difference.
    I ask hertz for the reimbursement the entire amount of £72. I'm waiting ...

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  • Ha
      Dec 18, 2014
    Hertz - misleading customer
    United States

    The rate i was quoted included damage protection. The damage protection was almost third of the car rental. The sales agent did not tell me this and did not inform me that it was optional and that i could decline it. other rental car companies do not include this in the quote. Extremely deceptive of Hertz. My credit card covers rental insurance so i would have declined had I known.

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  • Re
      Sep 09, 2015
    Hertz - appalling service - terrible
    George Best City Airport
    Belfast City
    Northern Ireland, County Antrim
    United Kingdom

    I work abroad and have special holidays with my children who are at school in the UK.

    One such time was recently in August this year when I flew home to collect my children and take them to visit family in Ireland.

    I flew from Dubai to Birmingham, collected the children then flew to George Best airport, Belfast, to collect the rental car and drive to the meet the family.

    I booked everything online, and for the first time booked the car through Hertz rent a car. I booked a Mercedes Premium vehicle, and read that should this model not be available, that they would supply a ‘similar’ standard car.

    Low and behold, on arrival after a very long journey, they never had a Mercedes What a shock …not. I travel the globe with work and know this game too well.

    Anyway, after a long queue as there was only one man on duty for our flight, we finally got told that the car was a Volvo??? No way similar to a Mercedes. What a joke.

    But the biggest shock, and even my children laughed at it, the car was absolutely dirty, had cob webs hanging from the wing mirror to the door, a cracked head lamp and wing mirror, and dents and scratches all over it. I reported this to the man in the yard who said it had been washed!!!

    It was filthy really. I mean cobwebs????

    As I had been traveling and it was my first day with my children I left it at that. Following the holiday I made a complaint to the Hertz N. Ireland, and they basically fobbed me off with rubbish.

    I am totally annoyed at this terrible car hire service and am going to take this farther.

    I will tell all my family, colleagues, friends and associates about these appalling standards and the lack of care when I eventually made contact with Hertz.

    For an international company HERTZ should ashamed of their selves.

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