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Heritage Web Solutions / I will always hate these people!

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These people are like a bad ulcer in my stomach. They leave a bad taste in your mouth and you have nothing to show for it. Have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for.

If you really see an advertisement starting at $199 then you may just get a color and one page for that price. And another thing, don't take the better business bureau as your final research, check other resources like this complaint board.

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  • Br
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    Heritage Web Solutions values all of its customers, especially those who have voiced complaints. It is in our best interest to work with these customers to reach a reasonable and fair resolution. In most cases Heritage tries to go beyond what is fair for the company and errors on the side of the upset customer.

    Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for some customers who, no matter what we do, are never truly satisfied. This is especially disheartening, as Heritage has the solid reputation of providing excellent customer service.

    Some customers, as illustrated on this complaint website, have resorted to airing their grievances on the public Internet, in hopes of resolving their particular complaint. We do all that we can to help meet a fair resolution to their satisfaction.

    However what becomes unfair to us, are those customers who we feel have received everything they have asked for, and more, but then take it upon themselves to have an ongoing vindication against Heritage. To us, there is nothing more we can do to satisfy them. They are who they are. Vindictive and angry people do more harm to themselves than they think they are doing against a company. It is sad but true.

    Heritage Web Solutions, with a customer base of over 10, 000, receives less than one half of one percent in complaints. That is an impressively low number compared to the standards of today. We certainly would like to have zero complaints, but that is just not realistically possible. There will always be those people who cry foul, no matter what.

    What you don’t see on this complaint website are all the positive emails and letters we receive daily from customers who are extremely happy with the service and work we have provided for them.

    Heritage Web Solutions is a good, solid custom web design and hosting company that has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and the Utah State Department of Commerce. We are ranked in the top 1% of web hosting companies in the United States and have recently been recognized by Inc 500.

    If you feel that Heritage Web Solutions is not taking care of you, I would invite you to contact me at my personal email address at, and I will personally follow up on your issue.

    Warmest Regards,

    Brad Stone
    CEO/Heritage Web Solutions.

  • Br
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    How funny that CEO Brad seems that his blanket comment to go under each complaint thinking he has rectified customer issues.
    Why don't you prove yourself Mr. Brad Stone. I Bryan Boe want you to refund my money completely. Then I want you to pay me for damages for what I have lost in watching my whole program go down the drain as I have had to cancel every promotion, event, presentation loosing more than 90+k. Words are cheap!! I have waiting for almost 7 months and you and your company have failed us miserably.
    Show me you mean what you say and I will let people know that you delivered. I doubt that will happen. I have seen the list of lawsuits filed against you since 99 and some of them you did not even respond. You could care less. The attorney that I have been speaking to said any decent company would never allow that to happen and would rectify the problems, refund people. You are a greedy man and you will be held accountable one day for the dishonest money you generate to put in your pocket.
    Show us that you mean what you say because I have been trying to get your inept company to finish my project with nothing but empty promises and in the end after months and months of listening to your folks that are completely disconnected promise me that my project will be completed to then have them come back to me after 6 months of the worst hassle I have ever experienced to say "Oh we can't do that without us having to charge me 10+ thousand $$$ to hire outside professionals to complete my project.

    This is after from inception, all you programmers and sales reps and account managers and designers have all promised me that it will be done and are so apologetic as to my projects unacceptable delay.

    Anyone who has been screwed by HWS please call me. I will work to organize a large class action suit. HWS cannot continue screwing up peoples live and businesses while they sit fat and happy in there $$$$ and rip off people.

    Bryan Boe

  • Ho
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    I paid almost $3000 for custom programming, they keep on saying they have people work on it, after half years nothing was ever done, and they are charging hosting fee everything month. we cant wait for any longer for our website to go live, business has to run. we called to cancel the service and get money back for the works which not finish, but they said THEY DONT HAVE TIME LIMITE TO FINISH THE WORK ON THE CONTRACT, AND THEY HAVE RIGHT NOT TO ISSUE REFUND, and they said they will cancel our website, we need to look for other company to host it. we cant file dispute with credit card company after 3 month, WTF we lost $3000 for nothing. We are looking an atterney to sue this company, I can join you guys if anybody else want to sue this company, please contact me

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