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GreenGeeks -,

GreenGeeks makes it unable for me to have a continuing nice website for my small, Wild Floral Wonders seedling business for cold tolerant ornamental plants. I do not have security certificates due to GreenGeeks, has error codes. They have "Weebly" web software listed on their site, except it is not connected to them. Their "SitePad" dufus does not work. After many weeks, I still do not have a website, usually I have it up in a few hours, never had this problem before with other hosts. I feel ripped off, cheated--they have no problem charging me fees, but provide non-user friendly web design software that does not work. Their support staff does not help with their web design software problems. I am going to go back to a previous host. I want a full refund of my money from GreenGeeks, they are horrible.

Desired outcome: Fully refund my money.


GreenGeeks - refuses to cancel accounts

I have tried for two days to get this account canceled when it turned out that GreenGeeks has terrible customer service, cannot answer basic questions and has no way to backup website databases. They lie and then refused to cancel the account, asking me three or four times to confirm my cancellation, and then saying I was not responding when I demanded the cancellation -- which you have to submit a support ticket for. Which I did, immediately. You can't just ask their customer service.

They are complete sheisters and thieves and I suggest everyone avoid them. I had to dispute the charge with my bank. I am even thinking of suing them. They clearly refuse to cancel accounts and comply with customer wishes. You can't do anything or even ask a question and get an immediate response. Try any other host you can. It's a shame because I'd like to use an environmentally friendly host. YOUR COMPANY SUCKS. JUST PUT IT OUT OF BUSINESS.

I am experiencing the same. I've had to go back in continuously and submit cancellations. They are nasty to deal with. They no longer have access to my credit card. They make canceling a confusion process intentionally. Clowns.

GreenGeeks - website hosting

I had been with GreenGeeks for over 6 years on a plan that included one free domain name for the lifetime I was in the plan. At first they tried to charge me full price of website hosting for a three year renewal, no break in price. I said I wanted to go month to month then they cut my price in half. Next they billed me for domain name renewal. I complained that it shouldn't be included. They then charged my card the next day before responding to me and 92 days outside of when my domain name needed to be registered. Most domain name registers renew 30 days out from the renewal date and you can't renew outside of 90 days. Their response to me was that I was correct about the free domain name for the lifetime that I was on the plan and that they were giving me a credit on my account. I could see the credit and asked them to credit my credit card. They refused. I told my credit card that GreenGeeks did not have my authorization for this charge and my credit card company credited me. suspended my account because of my getting back my credit. You can read the full story below along with the documentation and how they continued to mistreat me including not contacting me to resolve the problem for three weeks and continuing to charge me. I suspect the three week wait was them trying to inflict pain on me, all very unethical.
For more information go to

Nov 29, 2021

I agree with the other posters - GreenGeeks is criminal in how they refuse to cancel "invoices."
In my case there was no way to cancel renewal of hosting online, so I opened a ticket to billing and clearly started I did not want to renew.
Well I got one of their ticket responses offering me a slightly less expensive option. Then they charged my card for expensive overpriced option.
THEY REFUSED TO REVERSE THE CHARGE. Unbelievable! I'm going to stop payment on the CC.
Stay Away!

Mar 26, 2018

GreenGeeks - account suspended for no valid reason

First off, we would like to let you know how displeased and disappointed we are for the kind of treatment we kept receiving from your company. All we ever wanted is for our business to operate continously without any setbacks and delays because you know how precious time is in maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients/customers. Honeslty, we are now having second thoughts on why we've decided to migrate here.

Moving forward, the first issue that was brought up was when you suspended our account due to suspicions with regard to spam emails that is being created by one of our email account ([protected] which is fine but you should have suspended that email address alone and not the entire account and then send us a message afterwards.

Second is the issue of having an invalid information placed in our account which you have already corrected as mentioned from your message upon opening this ticket, so what else is the problem!

We are escalating this issue to a higher support group or to the management and kindly let us know what really is happening as I don't think you have the right to just suspend our account just like that.

Again, this is causing a big loss for our business as we are now having a hard time communicating with our clients. Please understand our situation and consider this as a complaint.

Oct 08, 2017

GreenGeeks - dishonest and unreliable

I joined greengeeks on the proviso of their 30 day money back guarantee. I gave it a try, but decided to stick with my current server provider.

Greengeeks have given me the run around for a refund for 5 whole months. I'm a ux/service designer with a love of quality service. It always saddens me when I come across such lowly service.

Many of my emails have been read, but not responded to. Tickets suddenly closed when still in progress. At one point they told me someone had cashed the cheque.

I would avoid greengeeks because of the poor experience with their level of integrity.

Sep 11, 2017

GreenGeeks - order rejected, no reply, no refund and not answering my questions.

I ordered and paid via paypal for sprout reseller hosting at greengeeks. On monday 28 august 2017. Greengeeks order confirmation - sales confirmation id: 532192 On tuesday 29 august. Sale...

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GreenGeeks - green geeks hosting

Difficult to navigate the backside, not user friendly, limited templates. They are more than willing to take your money, not so willing to help with issues or refund. I was able to create a website in 2 days with weebly, tried to get up with green geeks who has been hosting a website I built in dreamweaver for several days with no luck. Couldn't get any on line help, and then when I sent email requests for help went round and round with you have to use another email account for us to help you, please log in blah blah. Waste of time trying to get help. This company does not care about service, only the bottom line and since I have paid up until 2018... Did they care when I complained, asked for assistance and threatened to cancel? Nope. When they received my first email, they should have picked up the phone and made a call. This is not a company I would waste time with. And I will be sure to spread the word to all my clients, friends and family.

Jun 03, 2016

GreenGeeks - attempting extra charges

Purchased hosting service for them with a 1 year in advance payment. I never got around to using the service so it remained dormant. The year anniversary come up and they tried to renew for another year. The credit card I had on file with them was expired.

They started sending me harassment emails to the effect that I HAD to write an email to cancel the service. Every reputable service everywhere in the world considers non-payment for whatever reason to be effectively an indication to cancel. But no I had to write in to them to cancel. This is a classic tactic of old-school ripoff artists. Sending in a "request" to cancel affords them the opportunity to sock additional charges and Greengeeks did not miss the chance. Sure enough I received another email saying that since I didn't cancel with 5 days left they could bill me for another year but instead would only require payment for one month. Remember I've never used the system since I owned it on day one.

I am not going to pay them for something I never used just because they employ a "got ya" policy. It's not the month charge, it's the principle.

Apr 14, 2016

GreenGeeks - billing

#jch-[protected] - created on 6th april 2016
#erp-[protected] - created on 3rd april 2016
Really very very bad support from billing team. no response since 11days now. they have debited my credit card & I don't even have any account with them. I had purchased one account but I cancelled it because the price highlighted on website is not actually given. also, they have deducted some amount while refund. the service is pathetic. hoping to get response after reading this on blog. attached is the print screen of chat & still now response.


GreenGeeks - billing / service

I purchased hosting services from this company 1 yr. Ago. Let me start by saying I did not use the service basically from day 1, nevertheless I didn't request cancellation until 10 1/2 months later, 1 1/2 months prior to renewal. I sent them an email requesting cancellation of services, non-renewal, as well as to delete my credit card info from their auto-renewal service (I had tried to do this myself under my account details however, once they've got it they don't allow you to delete it, hence my request to them for same. I assumed since I had given them ample notice to not renew and to delete my credit card info, it was pretty cut and dried... Not so, they proceeded anyway and charged my credit card a month and a half later. When I disputed this, they said I needed to send the cancel request to a different email per protocol and since I didn't, they were fully authorized to continue with auto-renewal, despite my original requests. When I requested to speak with a manager/supervisor, josh dargie responded as follows, per batim: 'as a result of your failure to take action, and in accordance with our terms of service which you accepted during your initial signup with greengeeks the services renewed. Again to make this absolutely clear this was an authorized charge! In accordance with our terms of service, service renewals are non refundable as a result of the expenses acquired by greengeeks. For your reference i've also included this below for you:' 'with all of the above said, it is clear that you are hard up for money currently and that's completely understandable with christmas right around the corner. I am willing to compromise slightly and issue a partial refund less the expenses that greengeeks has acquired.' thank you and have a great day, josh dargie greengeeks operations manager [protected] wow, my failure to take action! Then to add insult to injury he actually said i'm hard up for money and that's why I wanted a refund? Who does this guy think he is! I must say this supposed manager, josh dargie, is a spot on reflection of this company, unprofessional, degrading not to mention, unethical in every imaginable way. Thinking about going with greengeeks? Run, very very fast and don't look back for a second.


GreenGeeks - worst support

This company refuses to give me epp code for my main reseller domain name. The support people work as a mafia, you get the most stupid answers you can ever get, you get repeated answers, you will fin...

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GreenGeeks - did not refund cancelled orders

I am a web developer and has been referring clients to green geeks. But I have now stopped referring clients and will be moving out all my other clients to another host because of their billing problems. Here are 2 examples.
1. Their servers are not magento optimized so I had to cancel my client's vps with them. We submitted cancellation request on sep 24 and a corresponding ticket was created. They sent a counter offer the following day. My client ignored the offer. They charged us for another month because my client did not reply to their counter offer. I find it really bad because they should not have charged us given that we have a cancellation request already. I requested for refund but they refused. There was nothing in the email that says we need to confirm fact, when you submit cancellation request, there are many questions to make sure you really want to cancel.
2. I referred a client to green geeks but since the timezone is different, they were unable to confirm order. They were insisting to call the office which is close during their working hours. So in the end, they cancelled the order. I was expecting that they will refund the order. But I saw in my credit card bill that I was actually charged for my client's order. I requested a refund but they refused to answer me even if I follow up many times via email and chat
I totally lost my trust in their both cases, they charged money for something they did not deliver. They charged my client for another month even if the website is already hosted elsewhere. They charged us for another client's hosting and refused to refund even after they cancelled the order. They even told me it would not help to follow up. I really need to wait for their response. 2 months after the order is cancelled, they have not refunded yet.

GreenGeeks - migration of website

Green geeks is the worse web hosting company. Stay away! They don't or can't do what they say. 6 days ago they were to migrate my site. 6 days nothing! 6 days my site was down. Eventually I had to go back to where I was initially. When all this time, and after numerous phone call and emails they were supposed to be migrating my site. They lie, using different people to respond to your emails, totally contradicting each other. What should have cost $25.00 end up costing me $80.00, and of course I get green geeks now infamous and empty advice, fill in the form for a refund!... So begins the war of actually receiving a full refund.. They did absolutely nothing for me, but run me around in circles. What a bunch of incompetent fools!
The only thing they are quick at is charging your credit card. Wish I had seen this forum before I embarked on a 6 days journey of bs and lies. Don't make the same mistake I did. Do your home work first!

so the REFUND games begin! Out of $80 paid to GREEN GEEKS, they have made a partial refund int he amount of $9.95 and consider the case/account closed! Not on MY watch! Here is my response to their ludicrous email, confirming their $9.95 refund... What a joke they are! These are ALL the Fees I expect a Full refund. Thus far you have refunded just $9.95, a partial refund of the total $24.95 for initial set-up of my account. You did NOT set-up this account, in fact you did not do any of the actions for which my credit card was charged $80!

Anyone interested in initiating CLASS suit aCTION, please contact e here. I have an attorney friend "Jim", who is ready to jump all over this issue with GREEN GEEKS. They should not e allowed, any longer to take peoples money and not provide the service for which we have paid the for. then they insult you further by issuing partial refunds, even when you cancel your account before the 30 day time limit. LET' DO THIS!

Greengeeks are so arrogant and obnoxious. I have yet to receive y refunds. I paid for 4 different services and not one of them did GREEN GEEKS complete. I was flabbergasted and angry that they had the @alls to send me an email just a few days ago offering me 50% off my next months fee; this AFTER I had filed their official cancellation of services (which were non existent)! I have found that GREEN GEEKS attempt to talk you round in circles, they try hard to point the blame on you. VERY unprofessional company, who appear to only be interested in charging your credit card, and then ignore your cancellation and requests for FULL REFUND they had the @alls to refund me $9.95 out of a charge of $24.95, despite they did Absolutely NOTHING! and ultimately notified me they were unable to migrate my store, and that the transfer of domain had failed (something they informed me I had to do) . I will receive my FULL refund of $80.00 either willingly or with the assistance of the Court. I am a paralegal by trade (24 years), and out of principal I will pursue this in all via all available legal avenues/fullest extent of the law. Internet fraud is a very serious crime. First stop will be my Attorney General then on the Canadian Better Business Bureau. STAY AWAY FROM GREEN GEEKS!

Nov 17, 2014

I too would not recommend this as i had the same problem. I was aslo not informed before that the server will be down and no one in the company took efforts to answer my calls. Later a bit of reserch i had to go to WebHosting Bingo ( and within a days of time my problem wes resolved and am much satisfied with this company.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GreenGeeks - cristia medical supply, inc.

Beware of!! - don't just take my word for it. Look at the long list of terrible reviews. #1. They shut my site down multiple times without any warning! They said I was using too much...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GreenGeeks - took payment but failed to provide a service and

In March 2014 I signed up for a year's web hosting with GreenGeeks LLC, as recommended by many online reviews.

2 days after submitting a payment of $142.56, I received an email stating that my "application" for web hosting had been refused and I would not be able to use their services. No explanation was given as to why they refused to let me host a perfectly reasonable (web design) site on their servers. They said that I would recieve a refund via PayPal (the method of payment) within 14 days.

No refund was ever forthcoming.

I have attempted to recover the funds via Paypal's resolution centre with no luck, and have emailed the company on an almost weekly basis since. Now, in July 2014, I have not received a response from any of my emails, other than one to say that the matter had been referred to the billing team and I would receive a response within 14 days. Still, no money... and am not sure it will ever be returned.

An awful, awful company whose actions are tantamount to theft. Avoid them like the plague!

GreenGeeks - beware of greengeeks! bad hosting!

Beware of hosting with greengeeks! They are dishonest and unprofessional
This is not only a complaint about greengeeks web hosting, but a warning to stay away from hosting with this site you will regret it!
Green geeks has suspended my website due to a dmca complaint they received, please view the initial letter I received from josh dargie, who is rude and unprofessional. Notice in the initial letter to me they automatically assume I am guilty and threaten me to remove "offending material" also notice how josh dargie refers to this as and I quote "in violation of digital millennium copyright act." I filed a legal response to this and will attach it. Then notice after I provide the correct and necessary response, josh dargie tries to argue it's validity and furthermore, threatens removal of my website again... Even through I filed the correct legal response. Notice how after numerous emails back and forth he tries to now say it's a "trademark violation" josh dargie and greengeeks dont want to admit they acted wrong and illegally, in removing my website and therefore try to justify and lie their way through it. They are dishonest, and you will be unhappy if you choose them as a host. Dont, you cant trust greengeeks to act in your best interest if you do choose them as a host, they will take your money very happily then screw you over!

Letter 1
Hello lisa,

It has come to our attention that your account (littletw), is in violation of digital millennium copyright act.

We have received complaints.

You have 24 hours to remove the offending material otherwise your account will face suspension.

Letter 2
Hello lisa,

I will remind you that language such as "idiot" is not tolerated & will result in a termination of your services should it continue.

Greengeeks has informed you and maintained that this is not a dmca (copyright) complaint but instead a dmca trademark infringement complaint, and as such the documentation you provided earlier was not correct for the circumstance. Further we have provided you with several occasions to provide proof that you have a trademark that is valid in order to close the dispute without service interruptions which you continually ignored.

Never the less, you have decided to proceed with legal measures and as such we will no longer be providing any support via our live chat, telephone or ticket systems. You can communicate via snail mail to the address outlined on our website.

Thank you and have a great day,

Josh dargie
Greengeeks support manager

Scam web hosting. I paid 3 years in advance some hours and I wanted a refund. I was the only one who used the site and the limits got high! The limited the site's resources they lied about everything they said they're really mean liars. After more than 7 days of contacting many times per day they partially refunded me, they claimed a setup fee of like 15$ and a 14$ for the domain name that was allegedly FREE! [censored] greengeeks.
I fell into their trap I lost my money in vain. I failed the project I wanted to build.. I hated the web because of them...i can't trust any web host anymore

Jul 03, 2014

Hello Lisa,

I am doing my Doctoral research in Intellectual Property Law and am specialising on "NOTICE AND TAKEDOWN" procedures that various Internet intermediaries have in place. I am aiming to do a thorough empirical study on the actual operation of these notice and takedown procedures that Internet intermediaries such as web hosting companies have in place, as there are suggestions in academic literature that these procedures are abused by rights owners leading to a quelling of free speech and fair competition.

Your predicament with Green Geeks seems the type of incidents that I am looking for, and I would like to have more information about what happened in your case.

Do you think I can get in touch with you? Or in the alternative could you kindly get in touch with me at [email protected]?

Thanks and regards,
Althaf Marsoof, London, UK.

Apparently you didn't do your research correctly! I filed a DMCA response to the complaint in the alotted time. Also my trademark app is still pending and open. Also they received No LEGEAL complaint. It was a complaint by an individual.
Interesting that you would respond to this considering you work for greengeeks.. do your homework and research before responding.Jjust another reason all should BEWARE of GREENGEEKS! A VERY DISHONEST company. There are complaints all over the Internet on this company! And on Josh Dargie who works for them!

I did a google search on this as I was concerned... found the following trademark details for Lisa:

You can clearly see that the United States Patent & Trademark Office had informed this customer that they had an infringing patent/trademark application & to this date her request was refused. Based on this it seems GreenGeeks did exactly what they were required to do considering they received legal complaints from the REAL patent holder.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GreenGeeks - greengeeks web hosting is unreliable

GreenGeeks should be avoided by anyone who wants reliable web hosting. They claim to have 99.9% uptime, but I pay for monitoring that tells a very different story. They usually run around 95% in any...

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May 26, 2010

GreenGeeks - horrible service

I'll have to give a little backstory in order for this to make sense:

I had been with this hosting company for nearly five months and have dealt with this horrible service - servers continually had horrible ping times if not went completely down - horrible support - I was upsold to every time I went to complain that my users weren't able to access my website and/or the downtimes I spotted on Integro - and horrible management - this is coming in a moment.

Every day my users would experience some sort of lag and even some days some loss as to data. I complained about this for months, every chance and opportunity I had.

Did I mention that also every time I complained, I was given the same "the server is fine - pay 100+$$ for a VPS if you don't want to deal with this" treatment? This is the upsale I was talking about. No one would admit to any problem or even listen to what I had to say. Regardless of my admin/netadmin experience.

So it eventually came to filling a complaint to the BBB over these issues, being that I was promised 99.9% uptime[!], that their servers hardly ever went down . . . the usual lines.

Finally, after arguing with the "the servers are fine and you're past your 30 day money back guarantee" crap - can you believe they actually said that in my response to my BBB's complaint too? - they finally issued me a refund . . . sans 25$$. The 'fee for registering a domain name'. When everyone else charges 10$$. Anyway, that isn't even the worst of it. Not a very short time after I receive this email did they completely cut off my service. No grabbing my domain name, no backing up my website, no backing up my database. No access, period.

Fine. Whatever. I ask them for my backups, they say "this goes to support". That's fine. Or it would have been had I not already requested my domain unlocked and my epp key so I can move my business - yes, this is my domain for my internet business - to another host. Apparently these people are playing sore with me since at this point in time (right now) the only thing they've managed to do is merge my tickets and basically reprimand me for having more than one ticket.

No matter that I asked for my backups. Doesn't matter to them. My domain? Doesn't matter. Creating a ticket in their support center and a ticket in their billing center, who contacted me in the first place? Horrible! How could I? No matter that I was told in their live chat to request my domain unlocked through support.

So I'm still waiting on my backups/domain to be unlocked so I can move my business, which has been down since this started, to another host.

Don't ever go with this company if you want any kind of decent support. Or even lousy. They didn't seem to listen to me, at least.

GreenGeeks - domain name stealing and extortion

stay away from green geeks - greengeeks. ca This company is a misleading misrepresentation web hosting company. Their Deals and hosting packages are all lies. Here is one of their...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GreenGeeks - refused refund for services not received

I signed up with Green Geeks webhosting and paid for a year in advance specifically because they offered a full site transfer with a year prepaid. I sent them my transfer details and they said the...

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