HEB Valley-highdonut coupon

I went to HEB (Valley-high store) yesterday morning and bought 12 donuts. There was a coupon (located on the side of the cabinet with all of the donuts in it)that said $.50 off Glazed or Mixed Donuts, 12 ct. Well when I went to use it that the register the cashier Sandy G said that it had to be the glazed donuts that were already prepackaged. I stated that it did not say that on the coupon. She called over (I think one of the managers) Ashley and she told me the same thing. No where on the coupon does it state this and when I told them that they just said "that is what it means). To me this is fraud on HEB's part. If I can only use the coupon for your prepackaged donuts then they should not have the coupons located where they have all of the different kinds of donuts. It's not the $.50 that I am complaining about it is the misleading (or misunderstanding of your employees) coupon that you have in your stores. This is not the first time that this has happened.

May 18, 2017

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