HEB, Store Number 8243 (Atascocita, TX)poor customer-centricity

On 4/29/2017 at 11:30am, I went to the seafood department to purchase some snow crabs legs and there was no price on them so I asked the lady who came over to assist-she was very perky and affable. She did not know but asked the other gentleman who was there and he said $10.97 and so she repeated it and then he said $11.98. I responded that a particular HEB always had them on sale and he immediately responded that they were all different and so I left there and asked another gentleman in the meat section for the seafood manager. He replied where he might be and that his name was Robert.

I went to the cashier who was very nice and asked her to page Robert and she did.

After checking me out, another cashier took over ringing customers and she got Robert on the phone and handed me the phone.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Humble, TXI told Robert about my experience and then he said that the gentleman was correct that the HEBs are all different and then I responded that that gentleman could have expanded further in his report and mention other options as I am sure that HEB is into customer service and customer satisfaction-then suddenly, the phone went dead!
I looked at it for a couple of seconds in surprise, I even mumbled that he hung up on me!
Then I heard someone say 'I am right here'. (Would have been more professional to let me know that BEFORE he hung up on me!)
Anyway, he came and said that the girl was in training and that the gentleman was correct in that the HEBs are all different and when I asked when the item would be going on sale he proceeded to educate me on the three different sizes of snow crab legs that HEB carries and then said that they do not go on sale.
I then responded that I have been to ALL the HEB stores in and around Houston (BIG HINT that I am a loyal customer, but in his quest to prove his point, he overlooked this). I mentioned again that a particular HEB store had them on sale every week. Robert then said again that the stores were different and so I responded-'I guess I will be going to that location from now on' and then I left!
I called that HEB from the parking lot and when I was connected to the seafood department, the gentleman said that the snow crab legs were $11.97. When I asked when they were going on sale, he responded on Tuesday, but he was not sure, he would let me speak to the manager.
(Guess which store that I will be going to and NOT going to from now on!)

Apr 30, 2017

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