HDFC bankthreat from credit card collections dept.

S Review updated:

Hi human helpers,
My name is sumeet kumar thakre... I used to work with wipro ltd. ,

I have received a hdfc credit card in june 2007 and when I used that card till 16000.. I have paid 6000 / - upon asking
And I have submitted a request to block the card as it has been lost in aug 2007 by call the call centre guys

Staff involved in this threatening:

Rajender: [protected]
Shaukat: he never gave his number
Padigakar reddy

First instance of deception..

But they have blocked it in december 2008 they mean to say that I have to pay the expenses of aug-december 2008

Second instance of deception:

Now some of that collection guy came he is saying today on 9-jul-09 that I am in 6 bucket (i dont even have an idea of bucket)

Now the threatening words follows:

Right now I am unemployed due to recession I have said the same thing to that guy in the decent manner

That guys name is (Rajender)
My name is sumeet kumar thakre

Here the conversation as follows

He knocked my door loudly

Me: who u need
Rajender: I want to talk to sumeet kumar
Me: yes tell me
Rajender: when u r going to pay the payment
Me: how much is that !!

Rajender: 28, 600
Me: what:

Rajender: but sir main aapko 13500 mein fnf karwa doonga.

Me: ok I will... But can u gimme that words in writing

Rajender: no sir

Me: why

Rajender: company's policies

Me: gimme ur name and ur manager's name and number

Rajender: I dont know

Me: ok I will come to office

Rajender: saab aap ek saal se aa raha hoon karke bolre but koi nahin ata office ko

Me: no I was out of station

Rajender: no sir I need money now
Me: where can I get the money

Rajender: lend ur gold chain and give me
Me: I ll speak to ur manager

Rajender: sir why u wanna make ur self ashamed in front of ur neighbour.

Me: what

Rajender: it would be better if u hand over the money else I will know how to take it.

Me: I donno wat to do.
My mom: what happened
Me: I explained her she already know abt it

Rajender: madam its better u donot get in between us

Rajender: tu kaisa liya re credit card... Tu bahar aa
(i was talkin outside already)

Rajender: kya amma ke pallu mein chupra saale...

Gand mein dum hain to bahar aa.

... I was very depressed bcuz no one has ever talked wid me in such rubbish lang'

Staff involved in this threatening:

Rajender: [protected]
Shaukat: he never gave his number
Padigakar reddy

Note: I have a recording for all this converssation as a proof. Plz help me


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      Oct 14, 2009

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