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HDFC bank / bankers robbery!

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I want to put my views and opinions about HDFC bank and my horrible experiences that one may doesn't want to go through. I have a very pathetic experience with HDFC two wheeler loans and the issue still remains unresolved by them. In November 2004, I had taken a two wheeler loan from HDFC bank which made me a proud owner of my bike. I have been a loyal customer to them and have never defaulted in any of my payments and have never done it in my life. We all know how important our credit history is to us.

My loan account number is 879160 and my name is Mr. Kuchi Venkata Subbarao. I do not stay in India currently and so may not be able to take timely appropriate action against these crooks. I have my parents staying in India who have to go through the harassment made by the bankers. As we know that two wheeler loans are only given if we provide post dated cheques of the amount required to be given to the bank. All my installments have gone through smoothly except for one in the month of May 2005. The reason for the same not going through was due to signature mismatch.

To the best of my knowledge I have only one signature which I make wherever required. However, the very next month there was a phone call made to my place and asking to make an alternate payment with late fees. Since I was not there that time, my parents had to make cash payment to the person appointed by HDFC for collection. Nevertheless, after making payment a receipt was handed over to my parents saying that the payment was then cleared. Till today I was living in complete peace and the loan was closed and the last installment got debited in the month of October 2006.

All of a sudden today my parents receive a letter dated 18 November 2006, using the extreme harsh language and threaten to have the bike confiscated and auctioned to recover the amount due from me at my cost. After having a word with the customer service (harassment) executive, I realized that the letter was in respect of the installment not received by them in May 2005 and I should be really glad to the bank for their early response for which i have already made an alternate payment. Surprisingly the letter also used words like "instead of repeated reminders i failed to make the payment" where as there was no single correspondence sent to me at my address. I was promised a reply within 3 days by the executive but there is no reply till date even after 5 days.

Following is a list of my concerns and will be very grateful if you can take it forward to the person responsible for the blunder.
a) Why don’t they have complete details in their systems if the payment was collected by their own representative?
b) If it was to do with an installment of May 2005, were they sleeping till now?
c) If they had a system saying that the payment was not made for that month, why was there no correspondence sent or phone call made to me till now about this?
d) Why did the letter use words like "instead of repeated reminders" when there was no single letter sent or a phone call made to me.
e) While talking to the customer service rep. I was asked if you have the receipt??? I said I had the receipt but never expected you to come back so late asking me for it. Am I wrong if ask you to produce the receipt of your class tenth examination fees? Can I expect it to be preserved for me?

I do not expect my parents to go through any inconvenience just because i am not there to handle the situation especially when we have cleared all our dues and have no liabilities on us.

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  • Gy
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    A copy of email to HDFC Bank Ltd:

    Grievance Redressal Cell,
    HDFC Bank Ltd
    Old Bldg; "C" Wing' 3rd floor
    26-A Narayan Properties,
    Chandivali Farm Road
    Off Saki Vihar Road, Chandivali
    Andheri: East; Mumbai 400 072.

    I m having a savings bank salary account in your bank at your branch located at Ansals Fortune arcade K Block Sector 18 noida-201301 Uttar Pradesh my account no is : 0881050359887 so there are some complaints regarding to this account as I m totally harassed by this kind of poor service of your bank & I am totally fed up with your banking services & customer care help line due to the following reasons :----
    1.your bank closed my account without informing me either in writing or in verbal way
    2.There was some money which had been transferred from my provident fund office thru my previous employer(M W ZANDER S PTE LTD 205 OCEAN COMPLEX SECTOR 18 NOIDA) in this account on 08.01.07 thru cheque number 021388 amount Rs.12076 along with another cheque with cheque number 072211 amount Rs 4328 also on dated 08.01.07 & two more cheques were submitted on 10.01.07 whose cheque numbers were 023597 & 003740 & amounts were Rs 10377 & Rs 4080 simultaneously but till date I haven't received my payments so far & when I called your customer care helpline number at noida , they assured me to get my payments within 2-3 days they had given me the following call numbers :

    1. complaint number 124050303 on dated 08.02.07
    2. complaint number 134080282 on dated 14.02.07
    3. complaint number 145600228 on dated 27.02.07
    4. complaint number 110630473 on dated 02.03.07
    5. reference number against previous complaint: 142330378 on 15.03.07 the bank assured me each & every time to get my payments within 1-2 days but i didn't expect this poor kind of service from the bank I having a salary account at present also in your bank in Hazratganj branch at Lucknow Uttar Pradesh as I am working with Voltas Limited at present & here my salary savings bank account number is 0781140005067 so, I kindly request you to please transfer the above mentioned cheques in my present salary account at the earliest because I am facing a financial trouble due to this kind of harassment by the bank & please solve this problem on a very urgent basis.

    Gyanendra Sahai

    Voltas Limited
    5,park road saran chambers Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 226001
    Salary savings bank Account No. : 0881050359887
    Branch Name : Fortune arcade K Block Sector 18 noida-201301 Uttar Pradesh

  • Ke
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    i have my salary account with hdfc bank ,Ashram road branch at Ahmedabad & my reseident at naranpura a'abd.(7 kms. away from ashram raod branch ) .If i want deposite cash amount in naranpura branch, is it possible?

  • Ke
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    i have my salary account with hdfc bank ,Ashram road branch at Ahmedabad & my reseident at naranpura A'BAD.(7 kms. away from ashram raod branch ) .If i want deposite cash amount in naranpura branch, is it possible? please reply me

  • An
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    HDFC is so pathetic that any of the ATMs never have pay-in slips. I live in Noida and unfortunately my company's salary account is with this bank. I needed to deposit a simple cheque and for that I checked all the ATMs in Noida. Like a stone age, none of them had pay-in slip forms. I wonder how we would rate such service on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe -5 ! I dont expect the bank authorities to improve this as they have never done it before but if they do, they may save the remaining customer database that they have from switching to other competent banks or even rather government banks.

  • Bi
      10th of Apr, 2008
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  • Ab
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    dear sir,
    i am writing this becoz of very rudely behavior on phone on the 16th june at 5:08 pm. i had taken some money through
    HDFC credit card.
    The phone no. of your branch 911725058013. one lady talked to me with very rudely manner.

    So, actually i want to closed my credit account i want to tell you that take your money which is approximately 30, 000 (thirty thousand, take your complete money on 21 june. & closed my credit account.

    Abdul Qadir

  • Ab
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    dear sir/mam,
    I want complaint that i had taken near about 30, 000/= (thirty thousand) through HDFC credit card, i m not able pay this becoz my payment is delay,
    so one lady called me on 16 june at 5:08 p.m. her behavior was un tolerate able she had spoken very rudely to my son & the phone had come from 911725058013.
    i want close my credit account becoz of this misbehavour & I will give this money on 20th june and after that u have cosed my account.

    Dehradun Road Khanalampura
    Saharanpur - 247001 (U.P)
    Mob- 9412234207

  • Ve
      22nd of May, 2009
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I hereby express my deep dissatisfaction I hold currently with HDFC as its account holder after a long compromise on the bank's attitude. But i should say the customer service departments attitude had been terribly disappointing and very irritating almost at every encounter I had with the bank.

    To start with I am an salary account holder of HDFC; not because I had a genuine natural interest in HDFC but because the organization that I work with had tie up with this new private bank. I had no option but to open a salary account with HDFC.And when I was opening the account there was enough pressure on me to get a credit card as well as it if life time free and I happened to sign it to avid the through follow ups to 'take the card'. And that’s when my problems started with the bank. (Details of the credit card - I do no feel comfortable revealing online but on your contact to my personal e-mail Id, I will be free to disclose the same)

    In btwn Aug - Sept 2006 - I opened the HDFC credit card.

    In Dec 2006 : I had a 'stolen & replacement' fraud on my credit card .

    When I called the customer care, there were of least help initially because they were hardly enquiring as to what has happened instead sounded suspicious with me- which was funny. They were however at least kind enough to tell me the shop names where the card was used. Along with my husband, I did the initial investigation (being worked with the fraud analysis dept) and with the help of the shopkeeper, we were able to identify who did it. WE CALLED THE BANK GUYS and asked them to deal it further 'their way' now that we know what happened. One executive by name 'Mahesh' has come to my home and I have told him very clearly that - ''PLEASE CLOSE MY CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT''. He said IT WILL BE DONE once I sign the fraud declaration, which the bank has sent to me couple of weeks later and I have signed it & sent them back. In 2 days of time. FROM THEN, I HEARD NOTHING FROM THE BANK FROM THEN. When the fraud happened in Dec 2006, I roughly remember the total due on the card was app. 33000.00 Rs 30000.00 was fraudulent which I have recovered from the fraudster with the help of the agent. However the rest app. 3000 (I hardly remember) was due from my side. As it was Christmas time I have requested the guys to come and collect the payment the next month i.e, January 2007. IT NEVER HAPPENED. There is absolutely no resp from the bank re my request from Jan to June 2007. When I get the statement I very clearly told them that I won't pay the extra charges for no fault of mine.

    In June 2007 - I had an assignment to go to LONDON for few months on business. Before going, I have called up the bank and spoke to 'swapna', I guess - and told her that I wont be available in India for quite some time so please send somebody to my home so that I can make the payment and even if i am gone I am leaving the money behind, please collect. The girl was happy and so was I. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED. I retuned Dec 2007.

    January 2008, I get a call that the amount is due !? I call up the customer care and they apologised and asked me to make a 1000rs payment and the account will be closed. I did it the same month.

    This is May 2009 - almost 2 years of my request to 'CLOSE THE ACCOUNT AND SETTLE IT'. In spite the guys never turned up to collect the amount, they went on adding the charges for these 2 years and at last made up the amount now close to some 5000.00 rs, which is ridiculous.

    When I speak with the customer care (Shalini and Ms lata) - they are hardly aware of the facts because they don’t have a track of my record. They only told me that the card was 'PERMENANTLY SUSPENDED?!!! Which was a surprise to me. And then they divert me to 'Collections'. And the girl that spoke to me is the most 'un-empathetic', un-apologetic' and stubborn girl ever bluntly throwing the 'attitude' that she can do nothing and I have the make the total payment !? Repeating the same statement word to word like a feeling less machine with absolute no consideration to what a customer would go through!

    This is totally BAD


    I work with multi-national bank and my work involves a lot of travelling (internally and abroad). I work 6 days a week and have only Sunday as a holiday. I have told this matter to the bank guys a hundred times already, whenever I call them or whenever they call me but still the calls and chasing wont stop. Often, I had calls from the collection guys of the bank 'reminding' me to make the payment - enough embarrassing and annoying, when you were to be 'reminded' in the middle of a busy day.

    I request you most humbly please consider this and the many times of embarrassment the bank would have passed me through, not only by not acknowledging my requests but by continuously chasing for the amount which I am not liable for!?

    Appreciate your quick response.

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