HC Processing / harrassment/identity theft

AZ, United States

I briefly attending fitness training (3 sessions with daniel santry) with a one world fitness in washington, dc. One world fitness opened a finance of $10, 060 in my name without my knowledge with a bullen wellness (a chiropractor). I never saw a bullen wellness. I saw a man name karim steward (the one who opened this account), and did not obtain any of my medical information and if they did, they did so without my permission by using my signature to join the gym. Now I am being harassed on a daily basis by hc processing, even calling me on my job and the account was just due on april 1, 2013. I am seeking legal consultation because of this matter, but I want hc processing to stop harassing me and for this account to be dismissed because I have no returned to this place (one world fitness) so to have a fake medical account in my name for that ridiculous and fraudulent amount is really putting stress on me. Karim steward is a con artist and he should have an investigation placed on him. I sent not only a certified letter to mr. Steward to close this account but also have proof in text messages asking him to do so and he never closed the account and made $10, 060.

HC Processing

Apr 18, 2013

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