Haynes Furniture Companytwo reclining custom chairs and one oversized chair.

It's a tight time of year for everyone especially the elderly.
My mom and dad both in their middle 70s, they wanted something nice, so they custom ordered 2 reclining power chairs. That would take 8 weeks.
Ok received the order, it was wrong, not just one thing the complete order. Chairs were not power and other chair was way to large. They finally came back to pick up the wrong furniture. Mom and dad had to place the order all over and now have to wait another 8 weeks. They have to keep the other chair that they didn't order but had to pay for. The sales associate made a few mistakes while helping them order.
My mother is in bad health and works hard for her money.
I believe Haynes should discount some if this for their troubles. My mother is very upset at how they were treated when they went back to try and resolve the, matter.
It's just sad and makes me upset they would do this to elderly people.
I do believe I will be finding a new place to buy furniture and I will be shouting it from the roof tops to buy some where else. To offer a huge discount would be the best solution to a couple that has spent thousands over the course of years with this company. My option they should write it off and tell them Merry Christmas.

Nov 27, 2018

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