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I have ate several times at this esablishment but I can promise you that I will not return. I try not to get angry but this wasnt the 1st time this has happened to myself and husband. This hardees has the rudest employees that I have ever saw we stood in line and both employees turned their backs on us and acted like we had the plague. I feel like this they are there to serve us and if they dont want the money we can go else where and a remark for the managers also they need to be taught how to address the public and have a little more respect for customers standing in line because the manager was one of those employees that acted like we werent even there. I feel sorry for anyone that eats at this hardees. As for the food it wasnt all that but the employees need to be fired... And managers replaced!!

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  • Wr
      26th of May, 2010

    I think you need to be replaced. You must have no idea what you are talking about. Sometimes, we Hardees employees need a break from you people. You get mad whenever your foods not right, when you could easily fix it yourself. And what kind of food do you expect to get from a fast food chain? If its made fast, its not going to be good. Just like a job, if you do it fast, its not done well. So, unless you found a hand in your sandwich, you should just keep your mouth shut!!!

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  • Jo
      15th of Feb, 2011

    @wrstlinbill83, do you have any idea how ignorant you sound? Granted, in life you can live by the rule of 2:3 (fast, good, cheap; if it's fast and won't be good, if it's fast and won't be cheap, and if it's good and's won't be fast). However, rather you work as fast food cashier or sit-down restaurant server you are there to SERVE the public. It is just as easy for us to go somewhere else. Which if enough of us do, you will not have to worry about seeing us at that restaurant again because you will have to close due to substantial profit loss. And if you keep that attitude, you will not be able to hold a job anywhere. Hardees trains all employees to provide 6 dollar service which means the service you would receive at a sit-down restaurant. I have worked for Hardees and a few other fast food restaurants as well as sit-down restaurants, in order to succeed you MUST bow down to all customers even if they are wrong because...wait for it...CUSTOMERS Are The REASON You Have A JOB! Yes most of the orders that come back are because of something your customer could fix themselves. But you don't have any ground to stand on because you are getting paid. Many times I have been off duty and cleaned or catered to customers. If a manager tells me to do something other that provide top quality service to my customers, I will tell them where they can put it. I have more to say on the topic, but seeing how this is getting long and I have the just of my point down I am going to leave it at this...The next time anyone visits a restaurant, be it fast food or sit-down, if you are not provided top quality service tell the employees, managers, and any customers how you feel and that YOU Are The REASON for the store being open.

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