Handyman Club of Americagot nothing for money I paid.

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I paid the dues for my husband to join the Handyman Club of America which I believe at the time was $12.00. Well upon recieving nothing from them suddenly we were getting this other letter saying "cash this $12.00 check and you will be in the lifetime club". Well who in their right mind is going to do that when the lifetime club is $325.00. Are they crazy or not really a ligit company.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Kent, MN At this point I am thinking both. First they send me nothing for my $12.00 and then they think I am gonna pay them a hell of a lot more money for nothing also. I think you guys should do something about these people who are scamming people out of money. $12.00 might seem like not a lot of money to some people but to me I could buy diapers or something for my daughter with that money.

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  • Je
      Apr 07, 2008

    I have been a member of HMC for about 10 years now. At the very least you should have gotten an issue of the monthly magazine for your twelve dollars. They do sometimes get a little "aggressive" with the life membership deal but other then that I have enjoyed my membership and my monthly magazines. Have you tried calling customer service?

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  • Do
      Aug 29, 2009

    OMG, you are a plant! The company had you find this guy's posting and say something so stupid as "have you tried calling customer service?" Get real dude; this company is a scam to get people to join up and pay up! No way am I going to hand over my hard earned money for trinkets and junk. BTW, from what other people have said, the "Company" is a little more than aggressive! They outright lie to try to get people's money. Only a feeble-minded doinky-doink would pay out money for their junk, so go back to your bosses at HMC and tell them where they can stick their brand new screwdriver. And leave the rest of us alone!!!

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  • Cu
      Aug 29, 2009

    I am sorry. For your troubles I am authorizing a shipment of 20 screwdrivers.

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  • Re
      Jan 06, 2016

    I am a Life Member [protected] and have not received a magazine since the fall of 2014. My name is Danny Judy. I paid for life membership and promised a long list of items and all of a sudden I stopped receiving anything. I was also a tester. I received one item to e=test and completed the required paperwork and have since heard nothing. What gives??

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