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fake job offers

I have been applying for employment for over a year and I am really tired of all these fake job offers. I have stopped looking on Craig's list because of all the false job offers. Ones that want you to get a cash card (ATM card) so the can deposit your paycheck directly to it but you or they need a credit report and with both of them you have to use their link

I was on regular job sites (ex: Career Builder,, these one I am complaining about and others). I have received 2 responses back regarding an Accounting Position. I believe I filled out thee application and submitted my resume but thee response I get back is asking me to complete an application by clicking their link. I typed in thee web address they gave me if I needed help filling out application and it was for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Here is the 1st response I received 7/6/12:

Hello Victoria,

I have reviewed your qualifications and experience in accounting and theink theat you will be a great fit for one of thee open positions in thee Manteca area. This is a great opportunity to work for a fast paced company theat is growing rapidly. You can see thee application below:

Accounting Position

To qualify you should be proficient in bothe written and oral communication; function well in a goal oriented environment; be able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently; and be highly motivated withe thee ability to work independently.

We offer a starting pay of up to $16 per hour depending on your performance. After 90 days you will be eligible for advancement opportunities withein thee company.

Thank you,

Cortney Hamilton
Regional Recruiting Manager

This is a Career Network Feature Job which acts as a job aggregator for one or more positions. Please refer to thee feature job link on thee application for more details.

Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL 32861

Please do not Reply to this email. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you just need help applying for a position, please visit for assistance.

If you would prefer not to receive further notices from Career Network, please follow this link to unsubscribe.

Then I get thee second one today:

Hello Victoria,

After reviewing your resume I feel that you are a good candidate for a position withe my company. I am currently seeking professionals in thee Manteca area who have experience in thee accounting field. If you feel this position is for you please apply below.

Accounting Position

The ideal candidate will possess strong interpersonal skills and thee ability to perform online research.

We offer flexible hours, a pay range of $14-$16 per hour, and opportunities for advancement.

Thank you,

Gregory Stewart
Regional Recruiting Manager

This is a Career Network Feature Job which acts as a job aggregator for one or more positions. Please refer to the feature job link on thee application for more details.

Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL 32861

Please do not Reply to this email. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you just need help applying for a position, please visit for assistance.

If you would prefer not to receive further notices from Career Network, please follow this link to unsubscribe. (Note: this sentence is underlined and in blue so you can click on it and it will supposedly unsubscribe you! Not taking any chance by clicking on any links.)

It is hard enough applying for employment when most jobs requiring you to complete thee application and their assessment questions (which half thee time have nothing to do withe thee job) on line and then you have to have these idiots who post bogus jobs just to get personal information. I am beginning to think that thee only safe way to apply is to go directly to companies and/or their website. Looking on Craig's List, Career Builder, Monster and any others is becoming a waste of my time! All these on line companies that have EMPLOYERS posting jobs should really start cracking down on postings and confirm they are a legitimate company and not a scam!

There needs to be a way to STOP these scamers and False Job Posters!!


Possible Investigation

I am a reporter with The Huffington Post and looking into possible job investigation on a website called Career Network. Specifically, I'm looking for individuals who were looking for jobs on the site, but were only contacted by education companies as a result. Happy to speak anonymously.
All best,

  • Bu
    Burr Ridge, IL 60527 Jul 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please post any and all information (especially if they have been caught doing scams and fraudulent) against this Career Network to me as I have been a victim of this company multiple times in the past 18 months in my job search. I have 1500 job applications to date and have come into contact with this company many many times on Craigslist,,, They are Huge in the cyber world and change their name often and have many alias and multiple web sites they use to collect information. The Spam I receive daily is unbelievable along with the phone calls filling up my answering machine. I believe that they are also connected with a local job search web site run by and owned by Career Network. It is on their first home page and my voc rehab recruiter is trying to force me to post my resume and privatye information on this web site without my approval. Please help me. Burr Ridge, IL 60527

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spam email

the emails come from '[protected]'

their website privacy disclaimers are here:

our office, our network, nobody from our clientele has contacted nor registered in any sites for this company

we have received 76 email from them today alone

there were 98 yesterday

and they are still coming to this address as we speak

we have contacted them with the following message:
PLEASE REMOVE ALL YOUR EMAILS from our server... we have read your disclaimer on privacy and will contact authorities at the end of the day if you don't stop today.

fraudulently offering jobs


  • Le
    Leeleesma Nov 18, 2010

    I agree. is a front for online degree colleges. Also, another one that is a fraud is You go thru dozens of ads & never receive any legitimate job info. This should be illegal. I finally got a job with a legitimate retail dept. store. If you're online looking for work, stick with REAL companies you know exist, you cannot rely on these online employment websites!!

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bogus job search

I applied for a position and received a text message from careernetwork [protected]. So called advisors are extremely rude. They explain that your application was forwarded to said company and that you'll be hearing from them shortly. They request 20 minutes of your time to start explaining what they can do for you. I spoke to Jordan who told me he couldn't help me after I told him I was registered at American Intercontinental and terminated the call. Austin whom disconnected the call after my asking is this call concerning schoool.

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Selling personal information

Monster sold my information to Career Network

Great company needs Clerical Assistant
Sat, January 16, 2010 10:57:32 AM
Employment Craze <[protected]>
Add to Contacts
To: *******
Hi Brenda,

After reviewing your resume, we wanted to let you know about a vacant Clerical Assistant position that may interest you. It offers $15-20 per hour plus benefits.

By selecting the link below, you can find out more about the position and apply:

I would like to apply for the Clerical Assistant position.


Mary Ashford
HR Director

If you cannot access the webpage through the hyperlink, you can copy and paste the link at the bottom of this email into your browser.*******

I do not wish to be considered for future employment.

Career-Network, Inc.-- P.O. Box 618305-- Orlando, FL [protected]

  • Ck
    ckinsey Feb 08, 2010

    I basically got the same email but from Isaac Davis ([email protected]) dated Feb 3, 2010. Subject: Clerical Assistant Position available. I was leary of it right from the beginning. Thank goodness for this complaint board!!!

    Our company came across your online resume, and would like to recommend you for an attainable Clerical Assistant position that has become up for grabs in your area. Compensation includes $15-20 per hour in addition to benefits. We will be training this motivated individual to support the Manager for our Engineering firm. This position calls for the skill set, attention to detail and integrity that you have indicated in your past experience.
    If you are interested in the Clerical Assistant poistion, select the follwoing link and turn-in your application: Clerical Assistant

    Thank you for your prompt reply,
    Best Wishes,
    Isaac Davis
    HR Director

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  • Am
    AMR-75 Jun 02, 2010

    Here is a copy of the one that was sent to me...

    An open Customer Service Representative position has become vacant, and we trust that you will be interested. It offers $15.50 - $18.50 per hour in conjunction with benefits. This is an Entry Level to Experienced Level position. Your resume shows that you have the experience needed to strongly perform in this position.

    To confirm your interest in the Customer Service Representative position, please select the following link and complete the application:

    Customer Service Representative

    We are one of the biggest thresholds to employment offers on the Internet, with thousands of resumes being posted to the Career Network job board each day. Our easily navigable process will help you to modernize and organize your job search as you move through our site and access our extensive open job database.

    Thank you for your time and interest in the Customer Service Representative position.

    Best Regards,

    Isaac Davis
    General Office Manager

    Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL 32861-8305

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  • Lu
    lucy1976 Jun 28, 2010

    I got the same email THIS IS SCAM PEOPLE DONT BELIEVE THAT!!!

    Hello again, XXX

    Last week, our company emailed you regarding the Secretary position available near you. We have not received a answer from you as of this morning, and would like to offer you the opportunity to apply.

    This is an enormous opportunity. The Secretary position offers full medical and dental, PTO, education assistance, and retirement assistance, in addition to $17.00 / hour.

    By following the link below, you will be able to access a specific job description and fill out your employment application.



    Susan Hill
    Assistant to the Director of HR

    This is a Career Network Feature Job which acts as a job aggregator for one or more positions. Please refer to the feature job link on the application for more details.

    Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL 32861-8305

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  • Yl
    ylee1 Sep 21, 2010

    Thanks for the information, I had unsubscribed and now they are texting my phone with contact them employer interested in position listed below. They had no information from the online application they wanted me to give them my information over the phone. So please don't fall for this scam !

    Hello xxxxxxx,

    I wanted to let you know that we received your application for the Receptionist / Cashier position with Career Network. You have been recommended as a potential candidate.

    Follow the link below to confirm your availability and interest in filling the Receptionist / Cashier position currently being offered:


    Your log-in information is as follows:

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: xxxxxxx

    Career Network is one of the largest gateways to employment on the Internet. By logging in, you will be confirming your desire to pursue this position, verifying that the information we have on file is correct, and providing some additional insight that will be critical in making the final decision in the hiring process.

    Thank you,

    Tracy Johns
    Human Resources
    Career-Network, Inc.-- P.O. Box 618305-- Orlando, FL 32861-8305

    To report abuse, please contact us at [email protected]
    If you would prefer not to receive further notices from Career Network, please follow this link to unsubscribe.

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About a week ago I received a message on my machine from someone with a thick British accent stating their name was Jason form Career Network and that if I was calling about a job to stay on the line and a rep would be with me shortly. That’s where the message ended. Today from the same company I received another call which I answered. This individual’s name was also Jason…..odd but perhaps a prerequisite to working there. He said he had my resume’ and wanted to verify some info…First my phone number, them name and address and last employer name. When I questioned him having my resume’ in front of him as he stated earlier he stated that he was from a service and that he didn’t have it in front of him and was verifying some basic info and would forward this info to the employer…again, odd. Jason became confrontational about my level of education and suggesting that a four year or masters would benefit me, when I questioned him about his actual affiliation figuring he was trying to pitch some school he said he was just wanting to debate my education level….. Hardly the behavior of someone calling to offer a job.
I looked online for a business phone number for Career Network and found none and that others have had similar experiences.
I have acquired a phone number for them and here it is.
Perhaps there are a few people besides myself who would like to ask the Jasons a few questions of their own.


i am so upset that i got my family and my hopes up they offered me a bookkeeping position and come to find out the company never exsisted why pray on the innocent i believed i was about to make wonderful money mother of 5 the ideal job for me to be taken as a foolhow sad for me and my family well back to the grind hope this company gets shut down and executed...

possible scam/fraud

Back in June, I applied online for a forklift operator position within the construction trade. The company was offering higher than average hourly wages so this seemed like a good thing to do. Yesterday, about a month later, I received a call on my cell phone. It was a recording with a number to call to verify my personal information for the job. So I called this number and spoke to someone for a few minutes. They said I was gonna need some time like up to 30-45 minutes to answer some questions and proceed with a screening interview. I was getting ready for my current job at the time so I said that I would call back the next day. The representative would not give me any details of the company I was applying to, just the job title. So after this brief phone call I went online to check out the career network through Google. All I see are complaint listings and fraud and scams.
This morning, I actually called the company at [protected] and spoke to a representative, but asking them some questions about the company. They wouldn't give me the main address for the company or the main telephone either. They said the telephone number was the one that they called me on. They also told me that the company was located in Orlando, Fla..thats it. The person was in a rush to end the call after I asked these questions. He said that he was a verification specialist and that he is not here to disclose that information about the company. So more or less he ended the call saying that he was going to remove my name from the list and proceed to other interested clients. I did mention that I searched the company on the web and found some scam/fraud issues and he says you can believe what you want but we are a legitimate company. I said that I was reluctant to give any more personal information out at this time and that was based on him not providing me more information pertaining to the job and the company.

  • Up
    upset as hell Jun 03, 2012

    my 23 year old son was scammed by a man in Hammond, Indiana. I am very upset about this because he had been looking for a job for quite sometimes and this man he met at at speedway's said he could get him a job at the BP corporation he got twenty dollars from him which was all he had that I gave him and the person said that he needed more money on a Sunday for a background check.. I got out of my spiritual meeting and the spirit led me to a pawn shop, my son had missed the meeting to go and try to pawn his lap top to give this so call person more money for a background check.I got there to the pawn shop in time, the man ran away but the pawn shop have everything on camera. I'm going to go after this scammer

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At a time when people are losing their jobs and there is so much uncertainty with the price of gas, no security in jobs and Florida being one of the worst places to live with the unemployment rate around 10%, who has time for this type of BS! I have been emailed and have responded with the same information over and over again and never having a returned email or phone call to follow up on the previous job application. THIS IS A SCAM AND SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! I can not afford to get my hopes up to have them dismantled due to a scam or scheme -- this is someone's life these people are playing with!

fake job board site

I have received at least 5 emails from this career network saying that an employer on their site liked my resume. It then asked me to click on a link and then go to the website and complete information for the job. I had to insert personal contact information and at least 3 references (combination of personal and professional).

The last time I submitted my information for one of the jobs (which was in the teaching field, in which I have a degree), I received another e-mail saying they were trying to contact me for an interview and I needed to click on the link again and complete the information again so I can be contacted for an interview. This was yesterday and I did not complete the information again and sent a reply e-mail telling them that I had done it already.

This is my complaint concerning careernetwork. They actually called me about 2 weeks ago to confirm my personal information and said that if the employer was interested in moving to the next step, they would give me a call. I haven't heard anything from an employer and I don't know if this is related, but now I have been receiving anonomous calls about receiving free grant money and magazine subscriptions, since I received that call.


Tabitha White

nonexistent job

A job for a Teaching Assistant was posted with a starting salary of $32, 000 (a bit less than double what I am making now). Not surprisingly, the school was listed as private and "confidential" and the incentives (beyond salary) were enticing. With only a high school education, the applicants were told they would be able to make lesson plans and teach! There were MANY red flags but the most blatant were the follow-up questions concerning continuing education. Bottom line: this position never existed and was manufactured for the express purpose of phishing for desperate people who wanted to teach but had no education or credentials.


BIG TIME SCAM! THIS WEBSITE IT NOT AN EMPLOYMENT WEBSITE! LOOKS AMAZINGLY LIKE AN EMPLOYMENT WEBSITE BUT IT IS NOT! IT IS MEANT TO GET YOUR INFORMATION AND THEN CALL AND HARASS THE HELL OUT OF YOU ABOUT FURTHURING YOUR EDUCATION. THIS WEBSITE HAS ALSO BEEN REPORTED ON /link removed/ THEY HAVE ALL KINDS OF JOB LISTINGS BUT NOT A ONE OF THEM IS A REAL JOB LISTING! Today I recieved and email about a job offer. I have gotten one like it once before. Now a telemarketer calls me twice a day trying to offer to "further my education". So this time I looked it up. THIS WEBSITE IS ONE BIG SCAM! Here is the email i recieved. They use the same email. Only differnt job titles.

Dear April,

I am looking for a reliable Office Assistant. We have a small, stable office, and need help with general office duties as needed. This position offers $17.00/hour and includes full benefits, which we will discuss at the time of your interview.

April, to avoid being flooded with applications and responses, I have only extended this opportunity to a few people. Your online resume caught my attention, and I would like to start the interview process as soon as I possibly can. I am looking forward to hearing from you today, if at all possible. By clicking the hyperlink below, you can view more information about the position, benefits offered, our company, and send in your application as an interested applicant.

I would like to learn more about the Office Assistant opening.

I hope to have your application later today!

Best Regards,

C. Benn
Executive Assistant

If you cannot access the webpage through the link above, you can copy and paste the link at the bottom of this invitation into your browser.[email protected]&id=acoung2_lil51_AdministrativeClerical_05112009_FRI&rd=92361&gs=7&ro=8&j=22810442

Do_not contact me with future_employment_offers

Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL [protected]

  • Bu
    Bubbles May 15, 2009

    Ops. Sorry. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK: CARRER-NETWORK.COM. I thought it was asking for the link to the faulty site. I just realized it was supposed to be my Its under my state and country name. Too bad they dont allow you to go back and edit.

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  • Ni
    niki May 28, 2009

    I just got a similar email for a clerical position. some of the information is a little bit different than what they sent you, but what's funny is that my email was sent by "C. Benn" also haha ...the same name as the one that "sent" you the email.
    I knew it was too good to be true. it looks like they have a few versions of emails that they send to everybody.

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  • Dg
    dgarrow Jun 04, 2009

    Yep! Same thing happened to me! I got an email for a great job, I knew it was too good to be true! ###!

    1 Votes

SCAM - Useful Information on this CO.

Get ahold of their ISP and have it shut down. The ISP is probably not the one doing this - but a user off of it IS!
Email address reverse lookup shows where it comes from and the ARIN Who Is - found the rest below.

Email: [protected]
IP Address:
Location: Englewood, Colorado IP address location & more:
IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois] [Reverse IP]
IP country code: US
IP address country: United States
IP address state: Colorado
IP address city: Englewood
IP postcode: 80112
IP address latitude: 39.569000
IP address longitude: -104.858200
ISP of this IP [?]: NTT America
Organization: NTT America Advanced Hosting - Dulles
Local time in United States: [protected]:40

OrgName: NTT America, Inc.
Address: 8005 South Chester Street
Address: Suite 200
City: Centennial
StateProv: CO
PostalCode: 80112
Country: US

ReferralServer: rwhois://[whois]:4321/

NetRange:[whois][trace][reverse ip] -[whois][trace][reverse ip]
CIDR:[whois][trace][reverse ip]/16,[whois][trace][reverse ip]/15,[whois][trace][reverse ip]/16
NetName: NTTA-198-63
NetHandle: NET-[protected]
Parent: NET-[protected]
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: AUTH21.NS.GIN.NTT.NET[whois]
NameServer: AUTH22.NS.GIN.NTT.NET[whois]
NameServer: AUTH23.NS.GIN.NTT.NET[whois]
NameServer: AUTH24.NS.GIN.NTT.NET[whois]
NameServer: AUTH25.NS.GIN.NTT.NET[whois]
Comment: Reassignment information for this block is
Comment: available at[whois] port 4321
RegDate: 1993-02-11
Updated: 2007-06-14

RTechHandle: VIA4-ORG-ARIN
RTechName: VIPAR
RTechPhone: +[protected]
RTechEmail: [whois]

OrgAbuseHandle: NAAC-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: NTT America Abuse Contact
OrgAbusePhone: +[protected]
OrgAbuseEmail: [whois]

OrgNOCName: NTT America Support Contact
OrgNOCPhone: +[protected]
OrgNOCEmail: [whois]

OrgTechHandle: VIPAR-ARIN
OrgTechName: VIPAR
OrgTechPhone: +[protected]
OrgTechEmail: [whois]

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated [protected]:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.

Found a referral to[whois]:4321.

%rwhois V-1.5:0078b6:00[whois] (Vipar 0.1a. Comments to [whois])
network:Auth-Area:[whois][trace][reverse ip]/19
network:ID:NETBLK-W061-[protected].127.0.0[whois][trace][reverse ip].1/32
network:IP-Network:[whois][trace][reverse ip]/19
network:In-Addr-Server;I:NS931-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:In-Addr-Server;I:NS1829-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:In-Addr-Server;I:NS4208-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:IP-Network-Block:[whois][trace][reverse ip] -[whois][trace][reverse ip]
network:Org-Name:NTT America Advanced Hosting - Dulles
network:Street-Address:22451 Shaw Rd
network:Tech-Contact;I:IA17312-VRIO.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:Auth-Area:[whois][trace][reverse ip]/19
network:ID:NETBLK-VRIO-198-[whois][trace][reverse ip].1/32
network:IP-Network:[whois][trace][reverse ip]/15
network:In-Addr-Server;I:AUTH21-GIN-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:In-Addr-Server;I:AUTH22-GIN-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:In-Addr-Server;I:AUTH23-GIN-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:In-Addr-Server;I:AUTH24-GIN-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:In-Addr-Server;I:AUTH25-GIN-HST.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32
network:IP-Network-Block:[whois][trace][reverse ip] -[whois][trace][reverse ip]
network:Org-Name:NTT America, Inc.
network:Street-Address:8005 South Chester Street, Suite
network:Tech-Contact;I:VIA4-ORG-ARIN.[whois][trace][reverse ip]/32


  • Fr
    Frank Palmer May 12, 2009

    (SCAM) is a LEAD GENERATION MILL FOR PRIVATE-FOR-PROFIT COLLEGE INSTITUTIONS. Their ONLY PURPOSE is to verify peoples data extracted from their Bait-N-Switch job apps. Theirwebsite hides behind the mask of employment screenings, only to screen you for college lead generation.

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Company Scam spaming for personal info

To Whom this may concern:

I have received three Emails this week from two different people from a so called company called "Career Network". The gentlemen claimed that they had high paying Administrative and Secretarial positions open for me and to fill out their form & send them my resume. After I filled out the form and sent the resume, I realized that I could not log on or contact the people who sent the Email.

I tried to look up the site and found many people with the same complaint, who also sent their resume and more personal information. These people listed the actual Email letter that they received on the internet.

Can something be done regarding spammers who claim to be legitimate companies?


Jane Di Ostilio

  • Fr
    Frank Palmer May 12, 2009

    (SCAM) is a LEAD GENERATION MILL FOR PRIVATE-FOR-PROFIT COLLEGE INSTITUTIONS. Their ONLY PURPOSE is to verify peoples data extracted from their Bait-N-Switch job apps. Theirwebsite hides behind the mask of employment screenings, only to screen you for college lead generation.

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False employment provider

So, I get an e-mail from a supposed "C. Garner" saying this: Dear Aaron, We are looking for a...

Unauthorized billing

I used this website because I thought I was applying for jobs! I assumed it was like other credible job websites until I was already done with the 'application process' and had gotten the 'confirmation email'. When I returned to the website to log in and search for jobs I found it suspicious that I couldn't access all the personal information I had given them, including my home address, telephone number, and my whole past employment history. Most other job websites allow you access to that information and the right to terminate your account if you so please. Not this one!

I sent an email to the 'contact us' address and asked that my account and information be deleted because I no longer wanted to use their 'services', and to date have not received any email back. I can still log into the website! I have received several phone calls on the number I listed with them from a man I can't understand. He sounds like he's from oversees but the call came from a local cell phone number.

I was angry at myself for not going with my gut instinct when I was on this website! Especially after coming on to this one and realizing that my instinct had been right! Now I'm worried about where all my personal information will be going and to whom!

  • Dr
    drew48604 Jun 25, 2009

    Not sure how these people got my information. I did not use their sight or apply for a job through them but they contacted me. I received a message on my phone that they had a interested company that wanted to speak to me for a job I applied for. I am looking for work so I did not pay to close of attention to the name careernetwork, returned the call they answered phone asked for my name to look up job, said they had system problem asked if they could call me back after resolved issue to access my record. I said sure not thinking to clear gave them my phone number, they never called back do not know how they got my phone number in the first place to contact me or how much of my personal info they have but they are up to no good and they at least know my name and telephone number.

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Online fraud

OK I have been TRYING for a while now to find out about this supposed job search engine.

My husband has been searching for a job for quit some time now and it maybe coincidence, but the only site posting the jobs in his field is career network??? We have responded to several of the offers, being sure to NOT accept the obvious solicitation offers that will bring nothing but a flood of unwanted phone calls. My biggest question how is it that the 'perfect fit' of a job has gone on 5 weeks of no response! They are hiring according to the ad, they need a full staff according to the ad, and they are SUPPOSEDLY in our town. NOT! Go to their main site, do a search for this supposed feature job, and you won't find it! ANYWHERE! But yet they are posting to other public job search engines. There has to be a law or guideline violation here!

It is obvious that they are out for nothing more then a list of contacts and or to gain your personal information. BEWARE! I challenge this site to PROVE that they actually PRODUCE legitimate employment without obligation. Or state their ACTUAL business intentions *%@! or get off the pot!

  • Ma
    Maggsee May 16, 2011

    Thanks for posting all this, to save me from going through the same thing. It should be entirely illegal, that's why they just have a po box so no one comes to their business n mows down the place

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Scam and cheating

While investigating the continued contact and fake job postings on craigslist from Career Network, Inc. reps, I decided to pretend to be an employer and sent an inquiry to [protected] (another front contact, that's how they operate, but if you always look at the Terms & Agreements it always shows CN or Career Network as the real comany behind the fake web pages), I received a failure notice, not surprised because they do not represent an employers, even though listed on their web pages (I keep wondering why some of these employers aren't doing anything, Target, Allstate? etc. that's my next reporting step).

The failure notice came back amazingly with a real person's name on the return email and not the lilaccareers. Yeah! Fraudsters are stupid, they eventually show a trail and get caught. I used to help investigate and gather data for a lender for loan fraud investigations so I'm very internet savvy and able to 'connect the dots' so to speak to find information. The return email on the delivery failure notice (I've copied below to show my legitimate claim) is Alexander Simon.

I searched for Alexander Simon Career Network, but got all of these its for Alex Simon linked to Talent Network, Inc. yet another same to defraud parent of money pretending to be an on-line agency representative. Same scheme, different subject. Further searching shows a Lou Pearlman behind another fraud scheme and an 'Alex' named with him with a foreign last name, but it may be the same Alex, as the schemes/scams were the same. I'm hoping the legal agencies are working on this, as it is not just getting information they are asking for money. Note: Career Network, Inc. was charged by the FTC in 2001 for the same thing. Article is on the FTC website, and I also spoke to them on the phone. Very interested to hear my information.

Everyone needs to report to real legal authorities when they have solid evidence, as well as on blogs and complain to the job boards and websites. Craigslist appreciates our help, they do want only legitimate people, but this is bigger than they are, we can help.

  • Valerie Dec 02, 2008

    I have applied for several job postings through this website, and received second emails from them asking for more information if I am interested in the positions. I uploaded my resume, and gave reference information. I didn't suspect anything, because many of the questions are the same as I've seen on other job search engines such as and Career I even googled the company name before doing much through them, and didn't see anything that made me think they were a scam.

    But, when I began getting second emails on EVERY application I made, I became suspicious. And I was asked to input my references for each position applied for as well. I just googled them again, and saw this link to the ripoff website, and a comment made just this week by someone else. So - now I am very disappointed and worried about the information this company has on me, and the information they might have gleaned from the 3 people I sent as references.

    If any one else has used this company in their job search, you should probably stop! Let complaintsboard know - and the FTC, as it seems this company was charged in 2001 with scamming for post office & government jobs.

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  • Ra
    Ray Dec 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    It's unfortunate, too, but there's nothing that you can do to change the info you have them. I did the same thing and, luckily, I gave only people from my last job as references and I used the business phone and email for all of them. At least it won't infiltrate their personal lives and at least they didn't ask for SSN's.

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  • Ca
    Califcrybaby Nov 30, 2009

    yea, for those of us who are trusting or not real savy on this online job hunt it is an eye opener! If I had not read lots and lots of articles on legitimate sites I would have been easy it is I still find myself having to look up any responses on this site as well as others...just cuz it's not here doesn't make it real! Do your homework! Google the companies and see if the info matches with what is on email...lots of times will not...try looking up on BBB or chamber of commerce in that creative but be safe!

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  • Bu
    Burr Ridge, IL 60527 Jul 21, 2012
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    Verified customer Check this video out on Career Network, Inc from a local florida news station..
    Also check out the FTC case against Career Network, Inc. in 2001
    They have many many alias's and multiple websites and continue to scam fake jobs online to get and sell your private information. BBB rating for Career Network, Inc. is an F for a reason check this link to BBB below. Why can't they be stopped? has 293 consumer complaints and
    [redacted].com has 1, 030 complaints of Career Network Orland, FL who changes their name and moves their address(Merriville, IN/St. Louis, MO) often. CareerSite.php has another investigation going on. How do we stop them? They own so many many online job search web sites. run by who is owned by Career Network look on their front page?

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  • Dreamlandx314 Jul 21, 2012
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    hmmmm... thanks for posting this

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  • Bu
    Burr Ridge, IL 60527 Jul 21, 2012
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    You are very welcome. I hope someone can stop this. I spend the greater part of my day just trying to avoid companies like this while doing a job search.

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Awful experience

Career Network is a complete scam!!! They advertised a very high paying event planner job on the San Antonio Express-News website. I applied for the position, sending my resume and a cover letter. I received an email stating that I was qualified for the position, but they needed more info before they could submit my info to the employer. The info they asked for was completely unrelated to the position. (For instance...'Who is your cell phone provider?'). When I got to the part of the questionnaire that asked for my job reference info it would not accept the phone number of my first reference. I emailed them twice (because they do not list a phone number), and I never heard back. I know this is a scam. Hopefully I won't have any identity theft to deal with after being stupid enough to fall for this!!!

  • Co
    Coyote Pretty Apr 23, 2009

    Here is what to do with Career Network.

    I recommend to spam 'em back or...something more sinister.
    Write and tell em that you are interested in investing $500, 000 in business opprortunites and give them some bogus info. Then make them go to a link or site that is loaded with viruses, infections, malware etc.

    Yep, sinister but, they stole my info and they need to be shut down.
    : (

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  • Fr
    Frank Palmer May 12, 2009

    (SCAM) is a LEAD GENERATION MILL FOR PRIVATE-FOR-PROFIT COLLEGE INSTITUTIONS. Their ONLY PURPOSE is to verify peoples data extracted from their Bait-N-Switch job apps. Theirwebsite hides behind the mask of employment screenings, only to screen you for college lead generation.

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