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I bought Tostigar taco shells October 22 or 23 and they were expired last May 25, 2017 and you still had on sale October, I back October 25 to see because you had several and I saw them and I took a picture of them you still had on sale... I had stomach infection, needed to travel to see my doctor and get a treatment... I back to complain and manager named Brice asked me my info.. after a few days someone called me to say why I didnt realize they were rancid and it was weird... I think weird is you dont check what you have on sale. The woman probably said her name I dont remember it and She said did you get a refund??? I said no I just gave Mr Brice the box of taco shellsbecause its price was around 2 dollas but I kept the receipt she said that's perfect I will send to you a gift card thank you and Im sorry.

Im not waiting for the card Im surprised I thought more than groceries you sell SERVICE.

Of course if that woman asked me about what I need I would say nothing because Im responsible about my health but Im really upset the service you have on these situations because im sure if I dont give the manager back the shells probably would be different.

I paid the shells, I didnt ask for refund, I give them back to the manager, I paid my antibiotic and doctor, the travel and I just got back "Im sorry... didnt you realize the were rancid because the smelling could be rancid" really that's the way you justify to sell expired food???

Anyway at least I released what I was feeling because im upset... please give a better service.

My name is Laura Buenrostro and my phone is [protected]


Nov 26, 2017

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