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Hi I advertised a job in the pub I am taking over and because I could not review the advert before paying I did not realise it was going to place it in my current address. 60 miles from the pub

Support originally told me just put the pub address in the description, which I had already done, but this did not effect the advertised address as being incorrect.

I asked if it could be changed answer no

I asked if it could be deleted and re-input answer yes but I would need to pay again (Very unfair)

I finally was given a telephone number where the poor girl could only offer me a very expensive feature foc if I placed another advert - therefore still costing me twice as much..

She said there was nothing that could be done and no other ways to contact gumtree, as I found this option on the web that was obviously not true!!!

All I am asking is to have the advert advertised as planned not anything else and I find the attitude of gumtree very unfair and mean.

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Jan 26, 2017

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