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Bristol, England, Avon, United Kingdom

Today I received several calls regarding a car advertising on your site. I was not advertising any car but was advertising for sale other items. The seller was obviously using my mobile number, presumably at random (probably a scam) but this was very frustrating for me as I was at work. When trying to contact Gumtree on an 02 and 08 number, both recommended on your site, for help with this matter I was confronted with various automated options that eventually pointed me to your FAQ page on the website. I don't want options, or a FAQ page, I wanted to TALK TO SOMEONE!!!
Having now arrived at home trying to again clear this situation up I tried to find an email address for Gumtree but, again, cannot find any address on the net!
Please tell me how I can contact your customer service department via an email address or, preferably, talk to a human being if I have a problem in the future, otherwise you will have one less customer using your website to sell his wares!!!

Apr 28, 2017

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