Guitar Centerunprofessional customer service & poor judgement on policy and rules

First of all: regardless of the issue or how wrong, a "client is always right" is a sacred must know rule to any and all employees entrusted with Customer Service issues.

That a 20 something, ignorant and rude Rep is not versed on that rule reflects poorly on the company that employs such [censor] and is therefore enough of a reason to never conduct business with such enterprise.

Secondly: A certain amount of common sense should be taught, emphasized, and always employed when dealing with situations that could adversely affect the company's bottom line.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Scottsdale, AZ

That a 20 something Clerk cannot make a reasonable judgement that no one would claim a $5 piece of merchandise erroneously makes doing business with such entity undesirable.

Now to the issue: A Rep that hangs up the phone on a customer because he doesn't like what the customer is saying is unprofessional and incompetent. That is what happened to me.

Furthermore, a store clerk such be capable of making a judgement before denying merchandise worth $5 to a customer he knows and recognizes, and require that person drives 40 miles again in order to get an ID just because company rules demand an ID. Use some common sense. That is what happened to me.

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    I suppose I should have written: "Furthermore, a store clerk should be capable"...

Nov 13, 2017

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