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Don't buy at Guitar Center! I bought a DW 5000 series bass drum pedal from the Guitar Center in Ft. Myers Fl. My chain broke on the pedal a few months after buying it. I went back to the store to get a replacement chain. They did not have the part in stock. Instead of ordering the part. The stupid sales guy told me to go to a near by
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dealer and have them fabricate a chain for me. I thought this was kind of weird but I went to see if what he told me to do would work. When I explained my problem to the motorcycle dealer and told him what the Guitar Center employee had told me to do. I got laughed out of the building. So... I went to another
music store in town called Brent's Music ( which by the way, was my first experience there). The drum dept. sales guy not only knew what the part number was but also had the part in stock. I showed him my DW pedal and he not only sold me the part at a good price but also installed the part on my pedal for me with NO EXTRA CHARGE to do so. He simply called it customer service. How do you like that.

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  • Gu
      Dec 15, 2009

    F U Guitar Center! I will NEVER EVER buy anything from Guitar Center again, I will never even set foot in Guitar Center again, I will not even accompany someone to Guitar Center and wait in the car!

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  • He
      Mar 22, 2010

    dude...just get over it...The guy from guitar center thought he was doing you a favor and if he didn't have it in stock..then to bad

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