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This website is just awful and doesn't even compare to

First of all, it keeps on asking me where I am and there is no way to make a default location. If you give people the option to list more than one address, at least allow them to choose the default location.

Second, why the hell would I want the restaurant with the highest delivery cost to pop up when I use the filter? Who the hell goes out of their way to list the most expensive delivery charges first when they want to order a meal?

Third, having to scroll down a list of cuisines I want is just poor design when you can list most, if not all of them out.

Fourth, the list of restaurants that you display is dwarfed by your huge ad for yourself. I would not be on this website if I did not know about it already. I visited the damn site to look at some restaurants and order some food, not to look at a huge green arrow surrounded by useless white space.

This site is just disappointing and any of the improvements from are just overshadowed by the lack of attention they put in to designing this site.

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  • Bb
      27th of Mar, 2012

    I could not disagree more. I love the GrubHub layout, and cannot say enough about the customer service.

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  • Cu
      9th of Jan, 2013 - Their website is garbage and buggy
    United States

    Their website is garbage and buggy. Locations aren't "remembered", they're cloned and forced you to retype.

    The filter to search for food is broken.

    Adding an item on a menu is painful.

    Worse off their customer service has an attitude.

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  • Yu
      9th of Jan, 2013

    This place SUCKS! Never use this service. I went to the menu asked for what I wanted added a comment in how I wanted it. Minutes later I get a call telling me they were going to charge me extra when nothing is stated on their site. I decided to tell them then cancel it, this whole thing happen in 5 minutes. They went ahead and charged my account and took the money I had to eat away. So I didn't get my food and they still charged. So if you
    want to get horrible service and things that aren't clear go ahead and use.

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  • Gr
      30th of Apr, 2014

    Agreed this is website sucks.

    1. You can't delete your account when you are tired of their bull ### service. What if I don't want all my information stuck in your databases somewhere. Can't I have the option of deleting my account? Why do I need to go though ever teir and delete my address, change my e-mail address to some fake e-mail address and delete all my credit card and addresses manually wtf guys really how hard is it to code a remove row from your database?

    2. Every delivery takes about an hour or more I have never successfully ordered from grub hub as the firs time I ordered from them I was really sick and too tired to leave the house. I waited for 2 hours and while the resturant did try their best to get to me was unable to because of some event blocking the way.

    3. Grub Hub gave me a $10 credit and did not charge me for the failed delivery. However they never told me the $10 credit EXPIRES. The 2nd time I ordered again I was really really sick and couldn't get out of bed and I go onto my account and I can't find my credit and after placing my order and talking to their customer service reps they just told me sorry your credit expired so I asked to cancel my order from the chinese resturant because a company who can't even honor their "credit" isn't worth ordering from. Really now you are really going to say my credit expires. How hard would it be to have not canceled my credit. Heck if they had just given me the stupid credit I wouldn't nearly be this mad and posting on their facebook and their twitter and every other outlet about how much Grub Hub sucks! But yea no e-mail saying hey your credit is about to expire soon you should use grub hub! Anways this has been a really really ### experience.


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  • Mr
      30th of Apr, 2015

    The service needs to be policed a little better. There are a lot of establishments that don’t offer delivery or accept online orders. Since this is the case why bother partnering with Grubhub? It takes some time for your food to arrive resulting in you needing to order ahead if you want it to arrive by meal time. However, if establishments aren’t open at such and such a time, you can’t order ahead and have the food delivered around the time they open, you have to wait for them to open and ordering through them to become available and then wait additional time for the food to arrive.

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  • Tc
      16th of Aug, 2015


    V )
    GRUB HUB, a corporation, ) Cause No. _011500043879
    RUDY MENDOZA, an employee )
    SOPHIE HANSON, an employee )
    DANIELA DORFZAUN an employee )

    American Arbitration Matter seeking Wrongful Discharge, Breach of Contract, Overtime


    Grub Hub, on information and belief they can be served at 5 Bryant Park, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018, Att: General Counsel;
    Rudy Mendoza, on information and belief he can be served at 211 West Washington, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60602;
    Sophie Hanson, on information and belief can be served at 211 West Washington Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60602;
    Daniela Dorfzaun, on information and belief can be served at 5 Bryant Park, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018
    Now Comes Thomas C Souran, (“Souran” or “PDSP”) and in support of his Arbitration States as follows:
    Jurisdiction and Venue
    1. Jurisdiction is proper at the American Arbitration Association since it is provided for in Paragraph 14 of the Delivery Service Provider Agreement.
    2. Paragraph 14 of the Delivery Service Provider Agreement provides that the Defendant will pay for the Arbitrator to hear this case.
    3. Venue is proper in Wisconsin since the Agreement was signed and executed in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin..


    1. On December 15, 2014 Plaintiff executed and signed a Delivery Service Provider Agreement, a copy attached.
    2. The agreement calls for all parties to arbitrate all disputes through the American Arbitration Association, (paragraph 14 page 10).
    3. On June 23, 2015 Plaintiff submitted a new direct deposit form for his payroll. On June 23, 2015 Plaintiff received two e mails informing Plaintiff that his payroll information was changed.
    4. On June 25, 2015 Plaintiff received an e mail stating that the Plaintiff received payment
    5. Over the next week Plaintiff had to contact everyone he knew to contact and no one could resolve the fact that no monies showed up. Finally in a last ditch effort Plaintiff contacted the CEO by e mail and the Plaintiff was issued a check for the amount of the money that went missing.
    6. As a result of the missing money Plaintiff missed a total of 35 hours.
    7. On or about July 8, 2015 Plaintiff received an e mail informing him that Defendants were issuing a new contract with very different terms in the body of the contract even though Plaintiff had an existing contract that was not going to expire until August 15, 2015.
    8. Defendants sent out e mails and made it very clear there were no changes going to be allowed and you must sign the new contract regardless of the new terms, the Defendants tactics were very akin to the way the mafia handles negotiations. Defendants threaten Plaintiff that if Plaintiff did not sign new Agreement by July 26, 2015 Plaintiff would not be allowed to sign up for work blocks, thus violation of Plaintiffs existing contract. At a hearing Plaintiff will present e mails and voxes in support of his position.
    9. Some of the changes that were noted;
    a. Plaintiff is a licensed, independent provider of messenger, courier and delivery services (which business PDSP is authorized to conduct in the geographic location(s) in which PDSP operates)
    b. Plaintiff represents that it is engaged in the independent business of providing delivery services, and further represents that it maintains any and all licenses, permits, and registrations necessary to perform such services in the locality or localities in which PDSP performs services. In the event the PDSP which is identified above as an express initial party to this Agreement elects to utilize any employee, contractor, subcontractor, agent or representative to perform Delivery Services, PDSP must require such employee(s), contractor(s), subcontractor(s), agent(s) and representative(s) to execute this Agreement where indicated in Appendix C and shall provide an executed copy of Appendix Cto GrubHub prior to such employee(s), contractor(s), subcontractor(s), agent(s) and representative(s) performing Delivery Services.
    c. ENGAGEMENT COVERAGE: Consistent with PDSP’s right to use employees, contractors, subcontractors, agents or representatives to perform the Delivery Services, PDSP shall have the right to arrange for another qualified delivery service provider to perform an Engagement. In such cases, where PDSP uses employee(s), contractor(s), subcontractor(s), agent(s), representative(s) or another qualified delivery provider, the agreed upon Service Fee(s) shall still be paid to PDSP. PDSP will have sole responsibility for setting the terms of its payments to any employee(s), contractor(s), subcontractor(s), agent(s), representative(s) or other qualified delivery provider which it utilizes to provide Delivery Services, and PDSP shall be solely responsible for all payments to the person or entity providing the actual Delivery Service.
    d. PDSP is not required to purchase, lease or rent any products, equipment or services from GrubHub as a condition of entering into this Agreement, except as required by restaurants or users for identification purposes. However, PDSP and DSP must utilize and maintain (i) a smartphone (at their own expense) in order to access technology used by GrubHub, and (ii) equipment sufficient to adequately insulate food orders during delivery (which may be supplied by PDSP or DSP, or leased from GrubHub pursuant to the Service Fees and Equipment Appendix). (Plaintiff believes that this part of the contract has two meanings either you do not have to rent equipment or you do, not both)
    e. PDSP shall furnish at its own discretion, selection, and expense any and all personnel required, necessary or incidental to PDSP’s performance of the Delivery Services. PDSP shall be solely responsible for the direction and control of the employees, contractors, subcontractors, agents and representatives PDSP uses to perform the Delivery Services. PDSP represents and warrants that all of the personnel it utilizes to perform Delivery Services shall be at least 19 years of age with at least two years of driving experience and shall possess all licenses (including a driver’s license) necessary to operate DSP’s equipment in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. (Plaintiff requested both e mail and through voxer how he can get apps to hire his own employees, Defendants informed Plaintiff that he was not allowed to do this)
    f. This Agreement is made between co-equal, independent business enterprises that are separately owned and operated. The Parties intend this Agreement to create the relationship of principal and independent contractor between GrubHub and PDSP, and not that of employer and employee. The Parties are not employees, agents, joint ventures or partners of each other for any purpose. Neither Party shall have the right to bind the other by contract or otherwise except as specifically provided in this Agreement. (Plaintiff requested to have a contract for his corporation but Defendant never responded, upon information and belief there are no delivery people who are setup as a business, further one count calls for a reclassification of employment status from independent contractor to employee and overtime due Plaintiff ).
    g. GrubHub shall report all Service Fees remitted to PDSP on a calendar year basis using an IRS Form 1099. PDSP agrees to report all such payments to the appropriate federal, state and local taxing authorities. (Plaintiff has repeatedly asked Defendant for his 1099 for 2014, Defendant has yet to provide a 1099 to Plaintiff).
    h. Upon execution of this Agreement, PDSP shall provide GrubHub with PDSP’s business license number, if any, and any federal employer identification number. (Plaintiff sent by e mail his corporate tax ID number with no response and upon information and belief no delivery person is complying with this requirement.
    i. CAPACITY TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT, HAS READ AND FULLY UNDERSTANDS THE PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT, AND HAS HAD SUFFICIENT TIME AND OPPORTUNITY TO CONSULT WITH PERSONAL FINANCIAL, TAX, AND LEGAL ADVISORS PRIOR TO EXECUTING THIS AGREEMENT. ( Plaintiff sent e mail to Defendants asking to send new link for the new contract because Plaintiff wanted to consult with his attorney, Defendants terminated the parties agreement by e mail at 2:05 am and not provided for in Agreement.
    j. Appendix A states that there should be no rejection of any order, this assumes there needs to be 100% acceptance of all orders regardless of distance. A change from original contract.
    k. In Service Fees Addendum it states you must accept 75% of the orders to receive a minimum of $15 per hour. At the hearing the Plaintiff will show his recap of payment, this will show a lower than 100% acceptance rate after Plaintiff accepted 100% of his orders. There is a problem with Defendants software resulting in faulty reporting.
    l. In Addendum Equipment Defendants require Plaintiff to purchase or lease equipment, this is in full contradiction that states in 5.2 that Plaintiff is not required to purchase, lease or rent any products, equipment or services from GrubHub as a condition of entering into this Agreement.

    10. During the time that elapsed there were numerous rants and raves made on voxer between the drivers, e mails and calls made to Defendants offices and either they were met with no response or that is just the way it is you need to sign the new agreement, Plaintiff will present voxes and e mails to support his position.
    11. On or about July 22, 2015 because there were a number of drivers who voiced their negative position about the pay cut they were receiving Grub Hub voided the new contract and reverted back to their old contract, upon information and belief not only did they get there old pay but actually a pay increase. This was only given to a select group of drivers and bicyclists. Plaintiff will present, witness testimony, e mail and voxes in support of this claim.
    12. The Agreement, paragraph 13.1.2 requires that either party may terminate the agreement “upon a fourteen (14) days' written notice to the other party, with the date commencing with the date of the mailing commencing the 14-day period”.
    13. At 2:05 am on July 23, 2015 the Defendants e-mailed the Plaintiff notifying him that they were terminating his Agreement immediately. The Defendants took the Plaintiff off of Voxer a communication service paid for by Defendants and used by the drivers. This is in clear violation of the executed Agreement by both parties. If the Defendants wish to terminate the Agreement then they should abide by the Agreement.
    14. The actions of the Defendants are denying the Plaintiff needed income.
    15. Once this case goes to full hearing the Plaintiff feels strongly that he will prevail and be declared an employee and owed overtime for work preformed as well as all other employee benefits, based on the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, case before United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, 875 F 2d 802.
    16. At the end of each week recap of earnings it states that Grub Hub will pay a Two Hundred and Fifty ($250) referral fee. Plaintiff referred his wife as a driver and Defendants have refused to pay Plaintiff the monies.
    Wisconsin Law 102.07(8) of the Wisconsin Compensation Act requires that an Independent Contractor

    meet a nine point test to be an Independent Contractor. They are:

    1. Maintain Separate Business

    2. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification number or have filed self employment tax returns in the

    last year

    3. Operate under specific contracts

    4. Be responsible for specific expenses under the contractor

    5. Be responsible for specific performance under the contracts

    6. Be paid per contract per job by commission or by competitive bid

    7. Be subject to profit and loss in performing the work under the contract

    8. Have recurring business liabilities and obligations

    9. Be in a position to succeed or fail if business expenses exceed income

    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
    Determining Whether an Employment Relationship Exists: Is a Worker an Employee or Independent Contractor? In order for the FLSA’s minimum wage and overtime provisions to apply to a worker, the worker must be an “employee” of the employer, meaning that an employment relationship must exist between the worker and the employer. The FLSA defines “employ” as including to “suffer or permit to work”, representing the broadest definition of employment under the law because it covers work that the employer directs or allows to take place. Applying the FLSA’s definition, workers who are economically dependent on the business of the employer, regardless of skill level, are considered to be employees, and most workers are employees. On the other hand, independent contractors are workers with economic independence who are in business for themselves. A number of “economic realities” factors are helpful guides in resolving whether a worker is truly in business for himself or herself, or like most, is economically dependent on an employer who can require (or allow) employees to work and who can prevent employees from working. The Supreme Court has indicated that there is no single rule or test for determining whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor for purposes of the FLSA. The Court has held that the totality of the working relationship is determinative, meaning that all facts relevant to the relationship between the worker and the employer must be considered. While the factors considered can vary, and while no one set of factors is exclusive, the following factors are generally considered when determining whether an
    Employment relationship exists under the FLSA (i.e., whether a worker is an employee, as opposed to an independent contractor:
    1) The extent to which the work performed is an integral part of the employer’s business. If the work performed by a worker is integral to the employer’s business, it is more likely that the worker is economically dependent on the employer and less likely that the worker is in business for himself or herself. For example, work is integral to the employer’s business if it is a part of its production process or if it is a service that the employer is in business to provide. ( Plaintiff is a delivery driver without the delivery driver the unit of Defendant has no deliveries or revenue the Defendant can contract to outside businesses to deliver, which upon information and belief it does)
    2) Whether the worker’s managerial skills affect his or her opportunity for profit and loss. Managerial skill may be indicated by the hiring and supervision of workers or by investment in equipment. Analysis of this factor should focus on whether the worker exercises managerial skills
    and, if so, whether those skills affect that worker’s opportunity for both profit and loss. FS 13 (there are no management skills needed, defendant denied Plaintiff from hiring his own people to deliver as provided for by the agreement and the Agreement calls for both no investment 5.3 and an equipment investment)
    3) The relative investments in facilities and equipment by the worker and the employer. The worker must make some investment compared to the employer’s investment (and bear some risk for a loss) in order for there to be an indication that he/she is an independent contractor in business for himself or herself. A worker’s investment in tools and equipment to perform the work does not necessarily indicate independent contractor status, because such tools and equipment may simply be required to perform the work for the employer. If a worker’s business investment compares favorably enough to the employer’s that they appear to be sharing risk of loss, this factor indicates that the worker may be an independent contractor. (although the driver invests his time and car there is no sharing risk of loss, if the Defendant were to close up the delivery division then the driver will just walk away minus depreciation and wear and tear on his vehicle a lot less loss then closing the division).
    4) The worker’s skill and initiative. Both employees and independent contractors may be skilled workers. To indicate possible independent contractor status, the worker’s skills should demonstrate that he or she exercises independent business judgment. Further, the fact that a worker is in open market competition with others would suggest independent contractor status. For example, specialized skills possessed by carpenters, construction workers, and electricians are not themselves indicative of independent contractor status; rather, it is whether these workers take initiative to operate as independent businesses, as opposed to being economically dependent, that suggests
    independent contractor status. (Although it takes some intelligence to deliver there is no specialized skill that is required. The United States Court Of Appeals, Second Circuit, No. 407, Docket 87-6195 a group of nurses who were Independent contractors wanted to be reclassified as employees and paid overtime. The Appeals Court decided that because the nurses had highly specialized training they were Independent Contractors and not Employees, this is not the case in this situation).
    5) The permanency of the worker’s relationship with the employer. Permanency or indefiniteness in the worker’s relationship with the employer suggests that the worker is an employee, as opposed to an independent contractor. However, a worker’s lack of a permanent relationship with the employer does not necessarily suggest independent contractor status because the impermanent relationship may be due to industry-specific factors, or the fact that an employer routinely uses staffing agencies. (The nature of this case once you have signed your contract that the contract automatically renews every sixty days, Agreement paragraph 13, Plaintiffs contract rolled over four (4) times without a termination).
    6) The nature and degree of control by the employer. Analysis of this factor includes who sets pay amounts and work hours and who determines how the work is performed, as well as whether the worker is free to work for others and hire helpers. An independent contractor generally works free from control by the employer (or anyone else, including the employer’s clients). This is a complex factor that warrants careful review because both employees and independent contractors can have work situations that include minimal control by the employer. However, this factor does not hold any greater weight than the other factors. For example, a worker’s control of his or her own work hours is not necessarily indicative of independent contractor status; instead, the worker must control meaningful aspects of the working relationship. Further, the mere fact that a worker works from home or offsite is not indicative of independent contractor status because the employer may exercise substantial control over the working relationship even if it exercises less day-to-day control over the employee’s work at the remote worksite. There are certain factors which are immaterial in determining the existence of an employment, (The Defendants assign the orders to the Plaintiff, Defendants determine the delivery charge, the Defendants instruct the Driver which order to deliver first on multiple orders, the Defendants dictate where the drivers are to locate themselves in slow periods)
    Breach Of Contract
    18. The allegations set forth in Paragraphs 1 through 17 above are incorporated herein by reference.
    19. All of the above constitutes breach of contract on the part of Defendants thereby causing damages to Plaintiff..
    20. The allegations set forth in Paragraphs 1 through 19 above are incorporated herein by reference.
    21. All of the above constitutes fraud on the part of Defendants, thereby causing damages to Plaintiff.
    Interference with Business or Contract Relationships
    22. The allegations set forth in Paragraphs 1 through 21 above are incorporated herein by reference.
    23. All of the above constitutes interference with business or contract relationship on the part of Defendants thereby causing damages to Plaintiff.
    Negligent Misrepresentation
    24. The allegations set forth in Paragraphs 1 through 23 above are incorporated herein by reference.
    25. All of the above constitutes negligent misrepresentation on the part of the Defendants, thereby proximately causing damages to Plaintiff.
    Punitive Damages
    26. Because of the willful, wanton, and reckless nature of Defendants, Plaintiff seeks punitive damages in an amount of not less than Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50, 000) against each Defendant separately.
    Attorney’s Fees
    27. In addition, Plaintiff seeks attorneys in the amount of $20, 000.00.
    WHEREFORE THE PLAINTIFF PRAYS that this Honorable Tribunal find in his favor and against the Defendants as follows:

    1. Reinstatement of Employment Contract and payment of loss hours since termination or approximate 100 hours or $1500 and;

    2. Payment of the 35 hours at $15 per hour or $525 plus interest and;

    3. A payment of $250 as a referral fee for the referral of a driver that is currently still working


    4. A reclassification from Independent Contractor to Employee from December 15, 2014;
    5. An amount to be determined to be paid as overtime from December 15, 2014 to present at the rate of $22 per hour and a accounting by a forensic accountant;
    6. A punitive award of fifty thousand dollars ($50, 000) dollars against each Defendant, due to

    actions of Defendants and;

    7. If the findings is that the Plaintiff is an employee and not an independent contractor that this

    panel blanket their findings to cover all past and present employees and;

    8. Any and all other relief that this panel may deem fair an appropriate.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    /s/ Thomas C Souran

    Thomas C Souran
    73 West Monroe, #101
    Chicago, Illinois 60603

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  • Jo
      20th of Aug, 2015

    I have mixed feelings about Grubhub. On some occasions I ended up waiting past the estimated delivery window for food to arrive, other times I got it way ahead of schedule and was pleasantly surprised by the speed. The restaurant selection is not all that vast (in my opinion.) and many of the available restaurants are not among the best in the area, some listed don’t even offer delivery which I find asinine when I’m looking for a place that delivers. I just have the opinion that if a place doesn’t offer delivery it shouldn’t be on Grubhub or similar services that emphasize ordering food and having it delivered. Depending on the time of day you might receive food earlier or later than the estimated delivery window and the window might even change when you get updates about your order status.

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  • Oz
      10th of Oct, 2015

    Grubhub shows different prices on the menu than the actual restaurant, about $5 is added for each item. Plus they ask for delivery charge of $5 on top of that. Plus any change or cancellation to your order, (even if you want to add an item), will charge you $10 extra.

    So if you order 1 item you pay:
    the item price
    $5 markup
    $5 delivery
    $10 if you change it

    Just use a different service. I ended up paying $50 for a $20, and those fa*ots haven't responded when I asked about this

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  • St
      10th of Feb, 2016

    Awful Grubhub experience! Who cares about their website. The service is horrible! My order took 1 hour and 50 minutes when the expected delivery was 60-70 minutes. I called to cancel my order after an hour and a half.

    I was told it would be cancelled and taken off my credit card. The driver showed up almost a half hour later and told me to take it. I did. The food was cold and my salad lettuce had mushy brown spots.

    Now grubhub will not return my money since I accepted the food which I thought they were giving me to rectify the situation.I am not impressed with grubhub nor the Copper Pot.

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  • Ra
      19th of Oct, 2016

    As a current Driver to Customers of GrubHub the management is atrocious. Dispatch is usually handled locally but how they handle dispatch is stupid, for example I am at a restaurant with 5 Grubhub orders that are ready to go, am I allowed to take those? No, because they have to make it complicated and thus end up with Cold Food, or you might get your food way faster than you expected.

    Add this to the fact that drivers are putting up the Gas Money/ Maintenance/ and Idle Time to accommodate the corporations need Drivers either quit, get jaded, or are so new and inexperienced at delivery that they aren't competent delivery drivers.

    Now looking at corporate, they chose to outsource everything so their CEO in Silicon Valley can use every labor loophole to his benefit and creating a business with little to no overhead. This Corporation definitely preys on naive, desperate people who need supplemental income. If you have half a brain you don't have a manager hovering over your shoulder and can operate efficiently. I've worked for numerous delivery services so I have some I guess more professional experience (you do not want to drop or be late for a wedding cake delivery, prior job).

    Even the restaurants themselves get stiffed with 30% of their order total going to Grubhub just to have the service and their Grubhub POS (point of sale) devices aren't working half the time. I predict the CEO will avoid lawsuits by folding the company into Uber or selling it off to someone more competent and walk away with his cool couple million to avoid a class action lawsuit.

    If I could afford a lawyer I'd love to talk about the injuries I sustained in a car crash working for Grubhub not to mention the total loss of insurance once they find out that you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes.

    Alas we live in the time of the contract employee and sadly the trend seems to treat the "contractors" like employee's without them getting any form of benefit an employee might get. I really hope they take the CEO for all he is worth in State or Federal court, who knows they'll probably read this and use their Mafioso tactics to leave, which really is a loss for them because I have some notion of work ethic and feel for the customers who pay empty their pockets for cold food.

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  • Mi
      16th of Aug, 2018
    Grubhub - Mobile site
    United States

    Never got to place an order and when I contacted "customer service" I was told they could not help because no order had been placed, but the site would not even let me add anything to my cart, customize my burger, or even let me use my promo code. I would never recommend this site to anyone.

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  • Ni
      28th of Oct, 2018
    Grubhub - firehouse steak & lemonade.. chicken tenders and boneless wings
    United States

    I ordered my food at 12:44 I didn't receive my food until 3:32 and when I got it, it was cold I only had 2 chicken and I ordered at 4 piece and I also ordered boneless wings they were cold an d hard I'm very upset I spent 30 on this bs. They apologize and said it was because of Memorial Day that's no excuse my food was hard and cold

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