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Bought the mattress groupon (pay $75 for a $300 voucher). I read all the fine print and felt that I understood (did not apply to online orders, delivery charges). I went into the store and chose my mattress set that was listed at $699 and on sale for $399. The employee advised me that the mattress was not in the store but he could have it delivered to me or I could arrange to pick it up the next day...or I could go to the other store to pick it up. I told him we had the truck and wanted it then and I wouldn't mind going to the other store to get it. Great, he said and offered to do the paperwork and call them to let them know I would be on my way. I handed him my groupon and he then told me that he would take the $300 off the pre-sale price and my cost would be $399 plus tax. He further advised me that although it does not say on the groupon that it does not apply to sale prices, they do not honor the voucher off sale prices. That being said, if I had walked out with that mattress, I would have paid an extra $75 than had I not bought the stupid groupon. I told the employee that they were running a complete scam and he said "I only work here". Will never buy a groupon again.


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