Groupon / unable to redeem my groupon voucher

United States

I bought a Groupon voucher for a NanoLite MP3 player. I was unable to redeem my voucher. When I contacted Groupon, they advised me I’d be able to redeem my voucher after 1st December – guess what? I still can’t redeem my voucher and I’m getting no response from Groupon now. Has anyone else had this problem?

This is my second complaint to Groupon and had no reply, I received my 3 Groupon vouchers 24/11/11 for an offer for swarovski studs from Vanamsteldiamond I have sent 4 emails and having no luck with help to order these as on line not excepting my voucher codes, not only my but 3 other people have tryed this, I have spend alot of money with Groupon and don’t think after this experience will order anything else, I would like a full refund, as having no help with this.

I have purchased house cleaning service on your web, from the company ‘Clean Co Homes ‘ on 08 September 2011. Voucer code 1/1023, secure code 3ae0186803. I was unsecsesfull to get my carpet cleaned, as the company never replies to my phone calls. Last week I submitted the claim against the company, the same day the cleaner have contacted me and arranged to clean the carpets today on 17 Ocotber 2011 at 11.00. I took a day off from work, but cleaner did not turn up, even did not contacted me and did not answer my phone calls.

I require refund in full, as I really disappointed that groupon have such offers from dishonest businesses. I lost one day pay, which cost me £70. Please issue me refund in full, as I am no longer interested in such ‘great’ saving! Many thanks in advance for your quick response.


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