Groupon Nubrilliance Emsonusa / rec'v used unit w/1 yr (not 3 yr) warranty

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I ordered a NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Machine from Groupon Goods for $144. It took over 3 weeks to arrive. WHen I opened the box, I knew something was wroong right away. There was no stuffing in the box so it had banged around during transit. As soon as I opened the product box I new it was enve worse: The unit has obviously been used and repacked, the bag was crumpled, there was fuzz on the outside of the suction tube and two black particles inside the suction wand, the plug was wrapped up incorrectly comfirming it had been used by someone and returned, the fine tip head was half way on and won't seal closed on one side and had debris on it and the little bags the filters and extra heads came in were obviously handled. All the instructions were stuffed under the badly beat up "velvet" frame the round unit sits in - I pulled the stuff out and SURPRISE - a card stating that this unit had a ONE YEAR LIMITED warranty when the Groupon offer stated a THREE YEAR warranty. I immediately emailed Groupon and asked to return for refund. Everything seemed fine until Groupon told me to go to Antoinette Ramos the Cust Svc Supervisor at (E. Mishan and Sons, New York, NY). She refused and sent me back to Groupon who sent me back to her. Meanwhile, Antoinette claims in the email it has a THREE yr warranty but EMSON is a reseller so how does 1 = 3? Now they want me to pay for the return shipping and will only send me a replacement which I do not want. I signed up for Groupon in January and this was my first Goods purchase. Once this is settled, I will unsubscribe. I have asked them to be reasonable but they refuse. My next stop is FTC and any other board I can find. I understand that they have in the fine print that health and beauty items cannot be returned but to send someone a USED one with no 3 yr warranty and then on the THIRD email claim that it was not USED but TESTED by the company as a way to explain why the cord was wrapped wrong stinks like a scam to me. I wonder if NuBrilliance unloaded a bunch of returns and reconditioned items on E Mishan & Sons who then used Groupon to unload them on the unsuspecting public. Not using a used thing on MY FACE! gross. Feel dumb for sure. Get annoyed when I am taken for a fool.

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      3rd of Apr, 2012

    Nu Brilliance has HORRIBLE customer service FRAUD CHARGES on customer Credit Card **BUYER BEWARE**

    I bought this item directly from the manufacture. (Big mistake on my part!) The price is slightly less for the unit and there were several "bonuses" that came packaged with the order when you purchase direct. Even before the product shipped I had issues with the charges placed on my credit card.

    24 hours after I placed the order, excited to receive the product, I checked the status on shipping. It had read glowing reviews on what it does for your skin and I took the 3 year warranty just in case the suction started to fail as I had seen in other reviews. I received express shipment free since I paid the unit in full at the time of ordering. At viewing my status, I saw it was "pending credit card authorization" which I thought was odd. I confirmed the transaction was authorized and the reduction on funds was present on my credit card statement. I contacted Nu Brilliance customer service getting a completely uninterested representative on the phone stating I would have to contact my bank and the authorization was "declined".

    In contacting my credit card company, not only did they verify the funds were authorized, deducted from my available balance, but they repeatedly tried to charge my card for same amount SEVERAL times!!?? Thankfully my bank was declining the additional charges they saw as duplicates or there would have been over $1000 in fraudulent charges.

    My credit card representative then conferenced in Nu Brilliance customer service with me. They were belligerent stating the card charges were declined, and the goods would not be shipped out. My poor credit card representative was as frustrated as I was after this treatment having to explain to them 3 times, it was authorized, here is the authorization number, only the duplicate charges were declined, what do we need to do to get the product shipped...she still didn't get it. He finally forced the customer service representative to cancel the entire order and verify the cancellation so they could remove all charges from my account. She flat out refused to verify the necessary information to my credit card representative so he can remove and further block any additional charges from Nu Brilliance. At this point we asked for a manager, who in turn stated she would contact their "accounting department" with the request and they would “eventually get back to us”.

    As of right now I am still out $256.64 and have no product or refund. I will NEVER buy or support any product from Nu Brilliance no matter how good because of the multiple FRAUDLENT charges they tried to post on my credit card and lack of customer service to correct a problem they created. If I’m having trouble just getting the item shipped/charged properly imaging if I have to do a warranty return if the product fails within the first 3 years! They have lost a customer and potential repeat business because of what they put me through though my only fault was simply placing an order.

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