Groupon / no delivery, and it is impossible to contact the company

United States

This offer was shown at £29 for the duvet with £6.49 for delivery charges. When voucher used delivery charges taken. Delivery within two weeks. Some three and a half weeks later, no delivery, and it is impossible to contact the company – their voicemail box is full, they dont answer the phones, they dont answer emails. Group say they cannot refund to us as vouchers have been used. Who on earth is ever going to answer the query to anyones satisfaction.

Another complaint: My voucher number #1163012 ”Voucher 56/7792 security c…” The voucher was purchased in May with the view of a breast reduction, On your GROUPON voucher deal you advertised brest reduction £5700 Groupon need to get the fact correct before you let them falsely advertise on your site GROUPON having reviewed my options with the consultants the total cost of surgery would be £7700 . This is not an increase in price that I cant afford but a change in the level of surgery that is required Its a major operation 2 hours 45 min with a 6 week post operation recover period.

In dealing with Groupon so far it seems your making it difficult for me to refund my voucher and I am not only having to answer personal medical questions that are far beyond a conversation with a stranger to justify my refund, but also being put under additional stress as the voucher expires at the end of November. I also know of others who much after the period of seven days did get a full refund did so over the phone with their voucher number.

I was relying on using this money for my children’s Xmas presents all I require is a refund of the voucher of a unsuitable treatment as you have stipulated you would on your fine print.


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