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I purchased a Groupon dining offer from a NYC restaurant. After several attempts to have a meal there, I gave up. Twice we drove into the city, which took over an hour (no one picked up the phone when we tried calling on our 2nd visit), the third time we called someone answered and said they were closed. I read on yelp this was a small restaurant, so I assumed they were too busy to pick up phones, but this was ridiculous! My Groupon expired, and when I emailed Groupon to complain, they responded with a patronizing apology followed with "the amount never expires." Yeah right, why would I waste more time, paying for the ridiculous tolls into NYC, gas, just to experience a restaurant that doesn't even pick up their phones? Well, I assumed since I am paying the full amount, and I'm not getting the Groupon deal, I can choose to use the amount I paid in any way I chose. Well, I was going to use it for take out, but groupon informs me the amount can only be applied to the originally terms of the deal. In my case it means I have to pay for 4people with a whole 3 course meal and drinks! Wow, what a scam! How many people have expired Groupons and even with applying the amount you paid it's still too costly to make it worth your visit. Instead I opted to lose the whole amount of what I paid for that "DEAL." Becareful!!

Apr 12, 2013
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  • Aj
      Aug 20, 2018 - Cannot redeem my purchase item
    United States

    Bought suitcase tags. Got voucher but am unable to redeem them. I have no compuiter but a smart phone. This system is very dissapointing. I want my money back or you call me and order the tags for me. This is more than disapointing. You just want to make money and you dont care if you deliver.

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  • Pa
      Aug 20, 2018 - charges on cc
    Flower Mound
    United States

    some how the cc is stored and i didn't know until I saw the cc number on the online banking and it charged a service without realizing it.

    To make this really simple quit putting credit card numbers on the website so people can charge on it without realizing it and then a surprise quit doing it. God Damn it. I mean it.

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  • Ai
      Aug 20, 2018 - Voucher
    United States

    I purchased tickets to a basketball game at the spectrum and when we got there they said my tickets were not valid! I am out 260 for nothing!

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  • Lb
      Aug 28, 2018 - Monster Testosterone pills
    United States

    I ordered mainly because the item said will receive within 2 business days and tracking shows I won't receive until 2 weeks from date of purchase. Why is that?

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  • Ma
      Sep 19, 2018 - service
    United States

    Appointment for 90 minutes massage done, the massage therapist is no call, no show. I am very frustrated & disgusted with unprofessional behavior of the therapist. I waited more than 1 hr. I will not recommend going to Allison Wellness & Spa. Hope other people will not go through this horrible experience .

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  • Ya
      Sep 20, 2018 - fraudulent debit card charge 8/11/17
    Newark, Texas
    United States

    Withdrawal debit card groupon inc il date 08/11/17 24692167223100533638218


    I did not purchased any thing resently

    My account is [protected] my phone 940-765-0422

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  • Gl
      Oct 15, 2018
    Groupon voucher - 10 x 8 canvas for $4.99
    United States

    I have not used my voucher
    # MS74V9H1HW and when I try to I get message that voucher no. Is "invalid"
    This is through Groupon and does not expire til November.
    Was good for one 10 x 8 canvas for $4.99
    Please fix.
    Find me in your system and if you don't see this voucher please send new number

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  • An
      Oct 31, 2018
    Groupon - cheating
    United States

    I bought a groupon voucher for 1-Week of Child Care. On the terms and conditions, it didn't say anything. When I am trying to redeem it, I was told I have to enroll the program for 5 weeks. I don't mind 5 weeks program for my daughter, but I wanna try one week first. Customer service said, sorry, no refund.

    This is cheating!

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  • Kr
      Nov 13, 2018
    Groupon - unauthorized charges
    United States

    Groupon had charged me on 10/22/16 twice, $10 each time. I had not purchased anything from Groupon for years, I had disputed the charges. I also deleted already expired credit card from my account. The credit card had changed the numbers as well. On 11/26/16 they charged me twice again but $25 each transaction. This company is a fraud.

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