Greyhound Linescorporate thieves. paid for services that were not provided and greyhound takes no responsibility for it.

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I purchased a bus ticket from Ukiah, CA to Los Angeles on May 8, 2017. A friend dropped me off at the small open bus stop at 1:15. The bus was due to arrive at 1:35. It never showed. I waited three hours. According to their "bus tracker" the bus simply drove by the town of Ukiah without stopping to pick up me and the four other passengers.
I then had to make all my own arrangements to get home including renting a car and staying a night in a hotel.
When I called Greyhound's customer service center I received the standard corporate runaround and was placed on hold twice for more than fifteen minutes only to be mysteriously disconnected.
I left messages at the corporate headquarters, the calls were never returned.
I spoke to a director Mark (1496) who informed me this kind of thing happens so often their is a corporate procedure to handle the complaint should a customer of the audacity to make one. There is no corporate procedure in place to handle the circumstances should a paid customer be stranded in a potentially dangerous situation.
I can not believe the complete lack of ethics by Greyhound that they would take money, not provide the service, and then refuse to even give the money back. Shame on Greyhound for its corporate greedy arrogance.

May 11, 2017
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  • Vi
      May 25, 2017

    I purchased a Greyhound Bus ticket for my 19 yr old Grandson who was traveling from Buffalo, NY to Atlanta, GA. At 1:35 am on May 20, 2017 he had to transfer a bus in Cincinnati, Ohio. As passengers were getting ready to board the bus, the bus driver called my grandson out accusing of him of skipping the line to board the bus. My grandson assured him that he was in the right line and he had the proper ticket to board the bus. My grandson even went to the point of telling the driver he will go last on the bus to prove he wasn't doing what he was accused of. Everyone boarded the bus. My grandson was last. As he approached to get on the bus the bus driver refused him on the bus. Bus driver's reason to my grandson was, "I feel you are a threat to me." My grandson in disbelief began to ask to speak to the Supervisor of the Cincinnati, Ohio Greyhound station, however, was told "there was nothing he could do." At this point, now he is stranded. Rightfully so, he is upset. At this point Cincinnati Supervisor told him he had to leave the station. Here he is now in Cincinnati Ohio with not knowing a soul. As a family, we had to scrabble around to figure a plan to get him home to Atlanta GA. We had him go to the airport, most of all to have him in a safe place. From there we had to purchase a last minute airline ticket costing $488. I agree with the horrible customer service that Greyhound has. They outsource to another country. They take your complain but you don't receive any call or acknowledgement from Greyhound Corporate office. It all falls on deaf ears. My Grandson is a 3rd yr College student ONLY trying to get home for the summer.

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