Greyhound / ill advertisement

stockton, United States

my complaint stems from a frustration of how our own government can allow a company like grey hound to function at its malicious and rude behavior. i had purchased an ticket online for 23.00 and planned to depart at 345 pm on tuesday 16th of december 2014. so knowing i was going to travel by bus, i wrapped up campagnolo nuovo record schwinn letour 3 with a sheet so that i would not scratch it up. when the bus arrived i was already outside the station but still 1st in line. the dismissive driver started to yell out every one get in line. so instead i was addressed first i had to back of the line! as i get my ticket examined, all i get from the driver is okay? then he rudely hurrys to the bus ingnoreing the fact i was a new passenger and i had a bicycle with me. the idoit just ingnores me as i call out to him then just drives off! i start to yell then one of 4 employees who were around during the time was the only person to care to tellme that i needed a box for my bicycle because greyhound does not have insurance gor bicycles if damaged during travel. my grevience is even when i had called greyhound to confirm if greyhound takes bicycles on the buses. the customer service ladie said yes.. she said nothing about i needed a box? because i was misinformed about this ridiculus new policy.. i missed a very important appointment in fresno california to get my section 8 voucher that i just had reinstated do to a previous problem. now im not sure wether or not i will receive my section voucher! all because of a very rude, very ugly, very malicious company called greyhound! there was no way in my mental condition as i am deemed mental condition, and i get disabilty for it. that i had the capacity to wait for anouther bus and buy an expensive 15.00 god dam box to store my bicycle. so instead of being healthy and coming back for another bus time.. my delusional mind fabricated a sense of well being to where just how uninportant my section appointment was. however actaul in reality it was very very important i get to my appointment the next day on the 17th of december at 10am.. since i do not have a vehicle nor can i drive i had to get to fresno a day before the appointment! well thanks to the evil of greyhounds incompetence i now have to face another hit to my income! i will take greyhound to court over this and sure enough i wont stop letting the public know about greyhounds crimes. any good customer service employee or corporate metting will tell you to be nearly 100 percent aware of how the customer feels, what the customer is doing, how the customer needs help even with out asking for it! im sick and god dam tired of poor dismissive customer service!

Dec 20, 2014

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