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CLARKSVILLEM TENNESSEE, United States Review updated:

Greyhound anyone? I say again, greyhound anyone! Let me tell you a story. A true story! I put my wife on a greyhound bus this evening to go to her sisters house. The driver from the 1st minute he got off the bus was very rude to everyone to include children at ages somewhere close to 4 and 5 years old. After he spent his time being rude to everyone around, he walked over to where I was standing with my wifes suit case to be loaded. He immediately starts getting rude with me. He says, "you have a problem?" I said "no, I am just standing here waiting for my wifes bag to be loaded." he says "I am a black man and I don't need a white man standing over me." he just starts going off on me. I asked the man calmly, "why do you want to make this a racial thing. We are people, not black and white." several black folks standing there also got their share of his rude and obnoxious behavior. He started loading the bags very forcefully throwing them across in the bottom of the bus. I went inside to do something about this where the attendant states he can't do anything about it. He is like this all the time. All the black folks also went in to get info about this bus and driver which nobody was willing to help any of us. I had black folks apologizing to me for the way the black bus driver was acting. I told them they had no need to apologize. I have a lot of black friends. I have no problem with black folks. We are all people the same. It is attitudes I have a problem with. I got the number for customer service which is open 7am til 7 pm monday through friday. Of course this does nothing for the current time this man is being a danger to himself and the others on the bus. As the others suggested, we are trying to have the man tested for drugs. I called the nashville station where he was to stop next. They said they will talk to him when he gets there. He would not give any info as for who I could follow up with. I tried to explain to him that my wife is on this bus and quite frankly, right now I fear for her life on this bus with the attitude the driver has. I felt he was a danger to his passengers. The supervisor in nashville says he will talk to him but would offer nothing as to the comfort and concern of the customers. Supervisor would not give his name either. I spoke with the people who arrived on this bus and they all told me they had problems with this driver as well. While at the station in clarksville, tn., the attendant says there is nothing he can do. Would not take the complaints. The bus driver says he has been with them for 25 years and he knows his job. Sounds to me like 25 years has been way to long for this man who has to deal with the public daily and takes the lives of so many people into his hands. I will be on the phone 1st thing on monday morning to the customer service. I ask that anyone else who has observed this problem to please come forward. We need to put the safety back into the lives of the people who trust these folks and we need to get the racial activity out of there. Why racism? What ever happened to all people under god?

Jan 3, 2015
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  • Fr
      23rd of Jul, 2011
    Greyhound Bus - Disgusted
    Greyhound Bus
    United States

    I was refused a ticket I already purchased online because the teller didn't like my attitude! He then proceeded to tell me and my father to get the hell out of the office! He caused me to miss my bus and now I am being charged an extra $15 to get my ticket! This took place in New Haven, CT these people are so rude and nasty and I refuse to stand for it!I paid my money, give me my ticket!

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  • Jb
      23rd of Jul, 2011

    where is the rest of the story that makes you look like the main part of the issue and that caused the person in the office to tell you to get out.

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  • Mz
      23rd of Jul, 2011

    I agree with the comments only told one side of the said he didn't give you a ticket because of your attitude, well what kind of attitude did you have.I'm PRETTYYYY SURE that you didn't get refused for no reason at did something.

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  • Go
      24th of Jul, 2011

    And the rest of the story...

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  • Pe
      16th of Aug, 2011
    Greyhound Bus - lost/stolen luggage/broken down buses
    United States

    Bus broke down twice, constant delays took 48 hours for a 22hr trip, bathrooms were filthy and dissgusting drivers rude and ignorant, stolen items from my luggage worse customer service ever.I will never ever use Greyhound again.

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