Greyhoundbinghamton-to-scranton bus ride on bus # nyp0231

On Thursday May4, 2017 I was on Greyhound bus NYP0231 which left Binghamton, NY at 11:20 AM. The bus was making its way toward Scranton, PA when I started to have very low blood sugar. I have very clear medical identification detailing what to do if I have low blood sugar. Instead of being helped to recover by giving me glucose or Pepsi cola which I had on me I was physically thrown off the bus by a female bus rider who also threw my three small bags on top of me in some sort of parking lot. The bus driver never bothered to check for any medical identification but did call the local Sheriff. The Sheriff was aware that there was something medically wrong with me so he did not arrest me but he did call EMS from Scranton, PA. When EMS arrived they knew I was exhibiting very clear signs of a low blood sugar seizure.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Big Flats, NYEMS arrived approximately 15-to-20 minutes after I was physically thrown off the bus by a stranger who was not a medical professional nor was she a Greyhound employee. I know all activity on Greyhound is on camera so I would like a copy of this tape post haste. The driver allowed this woman to physically throw me down the bus stairs, and then throw my bags on top of me hitting me. I am interested in taking this woman to court. Greyhound needs to train its drivers about some medical precautions it needs to learn to initiate when its passengers are in distress. EMS took my blood sugar which was 18 at their time of arrival. A normal blood sugar is 80. I need to know who this women is so I can take proper legal action against her, and Greyhound certainly needs to treat its patron who are in medical distress much, much better. Yours truly,
Linda De- Voe [protected]

May 06, 2017

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