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Green Dot / no support

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I got a green dot reloadable credit card. they sent it to me in spanish. I tried to call them they list only one number and their menu leads you to a dead end. I found that out after an hour of being hung up on. I went on line and that lead me to an all spanish page, tried to contact them online nothing. They list the same number as above. No credit card no sevice no where to turn, great company m...f...

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  • Ni
      29th of May, 2009
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    I was encouraged by advertisement and customer service agents to use there direct deposit service.
    The process was easy as any other direct deposit service.

    On May 25, 2009 Memorial holiday, I saw an unexpected charge on my account for $10 from SKYPE.COM.

    I immediately called Green Dot. Who then asked me to write a letter giving them permission to reverse the charged.

    I see no need for writing a letter if I’m on the phone at the time giving you permission an verified my account.

    The agent then referrers me to the fraud department to report the card compromised ( no letter needed for that)!!!

    The agent issues a new card and ensures me all my information will be transferred to the new card automatically.

    I then ask the agent when will I receive this card being I have direct deposit an get paid on a weekly bases? I will need

    my card by this Friday. He ensures me it should be in the mail on Friday.
    Friday comes, NO CARD, NO MONEY, NO GAS an no way of getting around. I call Green Dot back an speak with Fronz.

    Who now asked me if I would like for him to over night the card to me, for a charge of $20. WHAT!?!?!?... First off, Why wasn’t

    This a option offered to your direct deposit customer from the first conversation we had. 2nd why do I need to pay $20 to obtain my money???????

    Fronz then says he will waive the FEE. To only say “you will receive this card no later then Monday, given it’s the weekend I can not promise you will get a card tomorrow”

    WOW!!! I’m confused!! What is the point of using an over night service if it’s not going to get there the next day. And then you was going to make me pay $20 for an unsure service.

    Every time I asked to speak with a supervisor, there is never one available.

    The customer service agents don’t seem to be able to think outside there scripts.

    The only number available on the website is the customer service that’s located on the back of the card 877-434-3578

    If you call 626-775-3718 You have to leave a message.

    If you call 626-775-3400 you need to know some ones ext:

    Now I’m left out in the cold while Green Dot has my money an I have no way of getting to it.

  • Qe
      8th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Someone asked how to reach a real person on this card. when they come on and ask english or spanish do not press anything. When it asks the nature of your account press 1, then press 2, enter card # then enter zip code. listen to automation and press 3. This company will not cooperate with you to return your money in an orderly fashion. They are not an american company tho the main office is out of California. There is no one in California to talk to. I have had several supervisors hang up on me. They told me my money would be available by monday and then changed it to Tuesday and then they will probably change that to Wednesday. My money disappeared and when I asked them for the Authorization Code to send it to the rightful company, the guy asked what is an authorization code. even the gas pump gives u an AC. To file a proper complaint, write Green Dot Visa, PO Box 1187, Monrovia, Ca, 91017.
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  • Ro
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Unfortunately, I have allowed myself to become a victim of Greendot Financial Svcs. I think they should change their Logo to "Meandot.con" . I have found it virtually impossible to reach anyone to resolve my problem. I activated my card as per the telephone instructions; however, online I am constantly informed that my card is not activated and/or that it needs to bee reactivated. Of course, I follow these instructions to find out that the activation code was activate in May 2007. Next I follow the emergency procedures and viedw my account; this also entails creating a new password. I follow this by trying to login with this recently submitted information only to find that once again my card has not been activated. The problems is that I have made purchases online on food deliveries that have cleared. What gives? Is there no one who actually protects American consumers? No wonder the economy is in the Crapper

  • Si
      29th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I want to complaint name is simba eduardo.I am a student and found this greendot card for student at foodfor less and buy it for 5 dollars then put 60 dollars.when I try to register the card, I found up it you need to provide a social security number, and I do not understand why? because this card is a prepaye they refuse to send me a personallized card but that my card was register.contracdition .what difference he make to have my card with a valued customer or my own name on it when both will be I try then to use my card at walgreens for 20 box and they ask me a pin that I never receive from them.I call the customer services ! oh1 jesus I fail in answer robot machine, over and over but the problem is that just to put my card information, they say the zipcode that I am providing do not match with the one that they have on their record.i was was the simple zipcode I put myself as I lost my card in option and refuse to enter any information finally get transfer to a specialist on recorder. and he just inform me that my card can only buy item or pay online.what?
    I ask a refund but he refuse to make it in process and inform me that they will send me a new card with my name and a pin with it.7 day pass already! nothing like you are waiting jesus and can not use your I decide to pay my phone bill online.guest! what? decline.. decline..
    try to buy item in walmart decline... decline... they I go online and guest ! what? all the 60 dollars done in 2 day.and no information avout how much they charge you the fee.
    i have another visa card from all access, inter national bank when an item are decline they do not charge you because is a prepaye card.and sometime may be 1 what difference of the regulation this colombus bank are follow.STEALER. yes, steal money to people.but me I am an business administration student for long time and field this in my family from my grand-father to my father then me.I will have my money pay in full.if you are in the same case... let be together and stop this STEALER to stop their business, so other can fail where we fail. 60 dollars plus 5 dollars to buy the card, plus taxe and I did not use my moneys so a total of 69 dollars who are a pay day of 3/4 working in a day.gone! like this!hummmm! Obama should make them right now.

  • Al
      4th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I Purchased a prepaid card, at the local Wallgreens In Sept 2009. I put 250 dollars on the card. I was able to spend approximately 75 dollars using the temporary card, issued, to pay a bill over the phone.
    After that I never recieved the card,
    and was unable to spend any more money using the temporary card. Green dot never mailed me the real card. And after finally getting ahold of them, two weeks later, they stated they had to report the card lost or stolen. Because I never recieved it. This went on for six weeks after the date I was suppose to recive the card. I finally asked for the remaining ballance back, in November 2009.
    They said they would send a check call back in another two weeks if you don't recieve it. 3 weeks went by I never recieved the check. They said they would send me a check via Federal Express, but they would have to take the charges out of my remaining ballance which was down to 155.00 this was because I never put any money back on the card. But they would kindly wave the last $5.00 charge and put it towards the fed exp shipping. So I would be recieving a check for $150.00.
    Needless to say I never recieved a tracking number, or a package from federal express. I have about given up. And will never use the Green dot service again. My story is not alone, I have talked to several people that have tried Greendot they all state the same thing. Money put on 1-2 charges allowed, after that nothing.The card never recieved, money never refunded.
    I don't know how this company is still getting away with it.
    I have been to the website recently, they do have an address up that is in Monrovia California,
    So why is it everyone I talked to had a Canadian accent?

  • Do
      13th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I tried to pay my Uncle back some money that I owed him and I used the Greendot load and gave it to him and he never got it. It gave him messages and from what the messages said it appeared as if it was unsuccessfull and it was unsuccessfull because he never got it but it was no longer on my card either and all they did was brush me off and said I could write a letter of complaint. I am waiting on a Supervisor to call me back now and its been 2 days and I was told to allow up to 72 hours for a call. We need to ban together and file in a U.S. Supreme Court against them. This is a horrible financial institution.

  • Lu
      7th of Nov, 2010
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    I bought a green dot credit card in August. I have used it with no problems since then consistently, until today. I tried to reload the card online and I guess the web site was down and it said to call it in to Customer Service. I called Customer Service number on back of card, and got a lady who spoke very bad English. I am not racist, being Latina myself, I can understand a thick accent. She was, I believe, not in the US. When I gave her the PIN number for my card, she told me it failed and that I have a bad PIN number!!! I said WHAT? She said sorry I cant give you any information, we are going to have to open a ticket to "investigate" it. So I asked her "Why buy these things then if they aren't going to work?" ...She then started to yell at me saying that they cannot help me and I have to wait and see what they find out, and it is most likely the Store's fault. I bought the damn thing at CVS and always have. Never until today did I have a problem. CVS even checks the cards to make sure they haven't been tampered with, so Kudo's to them. Green Dot however, hmmphh. So I tell this lady, wow, you work in customer service???!!??? You are very rude...(keep in mind she's yelling at me repeating whatever script she was told to read, and I am not easily intimidated), I was about to inform her that I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General's Office, when the lady says "I won't be able to help you, you are just going to have to call back, CLICK". She [censor]ing HUNG UP on me. I was not rude, nor did I swear, I didn't even use a tone, I asked a simple question, "Why purchase these cards if they won't work?". Simple. I am still asking myself this. She didn't even bother checking the card number again, which, it turns out, she got wrong!! I called back and keyed the damn thing in myself and MAGICALLY *POOF* it worked! I don't know I got a customer service rep in the first place, their voicemail and website must have been down. LUCKY me.

    I would not advise anyone who is in a BIND to use these cards from GreenDot. They just aren't worth it. You may not get your money back, because there is a terms of use and service, and they don't guarantee that you will get reimbursed anything.

    Go to Walmart. They sell the same thing, only Walmart brand. Costs $5 to buy and $3 to reload. And Walmart isn't going anywhere. I would rather spend my money at Walmart and stimulate our local economy than spend it with a Company like Green Dot that is going to outsource their call centers to some third world country that does not like us, nor has an inkling what customer service is. Meanwhile Green Dot is probably paying THOSE poor angry [censor] $2 a day. No wonder they give such [censor] customer service. Chew on that. Good luck to you.

  • Lu
      7th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    BY THE don't need to file a lawsuit first. I am also a paralegal. The bank that funds these cards (actually has all the money) is
    Synovus Bank of Florida
    12450 Roosevelt Blvd N
    St Petersburg FL 33716

    I believe it to be the sister bank of Synovus Bank of Georgia
    P.O. Box 120
    Columbus, GA 31902

    There are many locations, but these are the primaries.

    Now here is the deal, you have the option to file a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office. The complaint will be forwarded to the bank. They are urged to come to a resolution with you. If they do not resolve the matter, the Attorney Generals office can do pretty much whatever they want to penalize the bank.

    Banks and Mortgage Brokers

    The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance regulates state-chartered banks and credit unions, residential mortgage brokers and lenders, check cashers and sellers, and money transmitters in Georgia . You can contact them on the web at, by phone at 770.986.1633 (tollfree 888.986.1633), or by mail to:

    Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
    Legal and Consumer Affairs
    2990 Brandywine Road
    Suite 200
    Atlanta, Georgia 30341-5565

    You can also try
    Federal Trade Commission

    The FTC is the federal agency charged with enforcing federal consumer protection laws that regulate the credit industry, and prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices, including telemarketing fraud, Internet scams or price-fixing schemes. The FTC also enforces federal antitrust laws. For more information, click on

    Filing a complaint with these two entities will definitely get you results. The best part is, it wont cost you a dime. No attorney needed.

    Good luck to you!!!

  • Ch
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    they sent me a check with the wrong name on it

  • Gr
      5th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    We apologize for this mistake. We want to assure you we are here to help. If you have not contacted us yet, please contact us at, provide a contact number and your full name so we may further assist you.

  • Lo
      29th of Nov, 2012
    -1 Votes

    This company is a load of CRAP. I didn't even get past go with them. I gave them a LEGITIMATE address, which they said that they couldn't find. I was arguing with them as to what address to use and they INSISTED that they could not use my address. I was told that I would be transferred to another "specialist" whereby I was on hold for over 40 minutes!!! When I tried calling back and I entered my account number, I was told that the account was closed...ummmm...HELLO, YOU STILL HAVE MY MONEY...WHAT THE **@**?? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, IF THERE IS ANOTHER WAY, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND RECONSIDER. I am absolutely disgusted!!!

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