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10:30 am EST
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Wikifx Wikifx is a criminal organization based in China.

Wikifx is a criminal organization based in China. They created a false "report" of our trading software mistakign us for brokers and containing a lot of false statements and damaging our reputation. They asked us for $8,000 a month to remove their fake negative information. As other reviewers have pointed here, companies are starting to sue them. What they do is basically ransomware, an attack on brands to extor money.

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11:02 am EDT
Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wikifx Warning: Beware of Wikifx! They froze my funds and demanded additional fees. Thankfully, Charlotte at charlotterecovery on Telegram saved the

I had a really bad experience with Wikifx ( I decided to invest my money with them, but it turned out to be a complete waste of time. After I put my funds in, they froze my account. Can you believe that? They actually froze my hard-earned money! And to make matters worse, they started pressuring me to pay a fee in order to unfreeze my funds. Can you imagine? I obviously refused to pay any additional fees.

But here's the kicker: my friend also decided to invest with them, and guess what? They took away his $*** too! It's absolutely outrageous. We were both so frustrated and didn't know what to do. That's when we reached out to Charlotte. She was recommended to us by someone we trust. We got in touch with her on Telegram, at charlotterecovery.

Let me tell you, Charlotte is a lifesaver. She not only unfroze my funds, but she also managed to restore my friend's $***. We couldn't believe it. It was such a relief to finally have our money back.

I just want to warn everyone out there to be careful with Wikifx. They are not to be trusted. They will freeze your funds and try to extort more money from you. It's a complete scam. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend reaching out to Charlotte at charlotterecovery on Telegram. She's the real deal and will help you get your money back.

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9:39 am EDT
Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wikifx Beware of Wikifx: Dishonest Practices, Extortion, and Blackmail in the FX Market

This company, Wikifx (, is operated by a group of individuals who engage in dishonest practices. They resort to tactics such as extortion and blackmail in order to make a profit. It seems that they believe they can act with impunity simply because they are based in China.

In the realm of the foreign exchange (FX) market, this website stands out as the most fraudulent review platform. They have included all brokers on their peculiar website and assigned them a rating of 1 out of 10. Following this, they proceed to harass individuals on LinkedIn, inundating them with emails and demanding money.

Personally, I fell victim to their deceitful actions and ended up losing a staggering $76,000. It was only after I lodged a complaint with BFS-Bermuda and went through a lengthy three-week process that I was able to avoid paying any fees.

It is truly disheartening to encounter such unscrupulous behavior in the financial industry. This experience has left me deeply frustrated and wary of engaging in any further dealings with Wikifx. I strongly advise others to exercise caution and thoroughly research any platform or service before entrusting them with their hard-earned money.

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9:27 am EDT
Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wikifx Beware of Fake Reviews: The Truth About WikiFX and Their Deceptive Practices

When I first got the app and checked out the reviews, I was confused. Why do so many people claim to use the app regularly and praise the service like it's their go-to pizza order twice a week? I had planned to use the WikiFx database to check the broker I wanted to trade with and then uninstall the app. But now I know that those positive WikiFX app reviews are all fake. It didn't take much research to figure that out.

The broker I had in mind was ranked really low on WikiFX, so I decided to go with another one that had a better rating. I didn't dig into the details too much, I just believed in the WikiFX field survey and their high ranking. I blindly trusted that broker. But boy, was I wrong. I experienced several HUGE slippages in a row. That's when I decided to look up some independent reviews of the broker and found out that their CySEC license had expired (or maybe even taken away) due to numerous violations. Meanwhile, WikiFX still had them listed as highly trustworthy. What a joke!

I spent another hour researching WikiFX itself and stumbled upon screenshots of their private offers to brokers. Turns out, loyalty from WikiFX comes with a hefty price tag. You can easily find those screenshots yourself with a simple Google search if you're interested. But wait, there's more! I also discovered that several brokers have filed complaints against WikiFX for blackmailing them and intentionally posting incorrect information about their regulations just to make them pay for its removal. It's a shady business, my friends. Take a look at the Fullerton vs WikiFX case for example.

So, here's my advice: don't put your trust in WikiFX reviews! They have no relevance to a broker's trustworthiness and are often paid for. Do your own research and be cautious. Don't fall for the fake reviews and misleading information. Stay smart and stay safe!

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Is Wikifx legit?

Our conclusion: ComplaintsBoard's comprehensive research indicates that Wikifx is highly unreliable and may be operating as a scam. We advise against dealing with Wikifx to prevent potential harm. If you notice any suspicious behavior, report it by writing a complaint.

Wikifx earns a trustworthiness rating of 1%

Stay away! We strongly recommend avoiding Wikifx.

Multiple low-rated websites are found on the same server. It's possible that the low-rated websites on the same server could be part of a scam. For example, if the websites are hosting phishing pages or spreading malware, they could be part of a larger fraudulent operation.

There was some difficulty in evaluating or examining the information or data present on the, an be seen as a negative sign of its legitimacy. This could indicate that the site is hiding information. Consider the potential risks involved in engaging with a website if you're unable to analyze its content.

We have received reports that the website associated with Wikifx is selling fake products. If you are considering purchasing products from this website, it's important to do additional research, verify the website's legitimacy, and consider contacting the manufacturer to determine the authenticity of the products.

Complaints Board has received reports that the website may be a possible fraud. To protect yourself, consider using a different website. If you find that the website is indeed fraudulent, report them to us, to help protect other consumers.

About Wikifx

Screenshot Wikifx
Wikifx ( is a comprehensive and reliable platform that provides valuable information and services to traders in the forex market. It serves as a one-stop solution for traders, offering a wide range of features and tools to enhance their trading experience.

One of the key features of Wikifx is its extensive database of forex brokers. It provides detailed and up-to-date information about various brokers, including their regulatory status, trading conditions, customer reviews, and more. This allows traders to make informed decisions when choosing a broker, ensuring that they are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy entity.

In addition to broker information, Wikifx also offers a variety of educational resources and market analysis tools. Traders can access comprehensive guides, tutorials, and articles that cover various aspects of forex trading, helping them improve their knowledge and skills. The platform also provides real-time market news and analysis, keeping traders updated with the latest trends and developments in the forex market.

Wikifx goes beyond just providing information and analysis. It also offers a range of services to assist traders in their trading journey. These services include a risk assessment tool that evaluates the risk level associated with different brokers, a complaint resolution platform to address any issues or disputes, and a community forum where traders can interact and share their experiences.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to traders of all levels of experience. Its clean and organized interface allows users to navigate through the various features effortlessly, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Overall, Wikifx is a trusted and reliable platform that caters to the needs of forex traders. With its comprehensive broker database, educational resources, market analysis tools, and additional services, it empowers traders to make informed decisions and enhance their trading performance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Wikifx is a valuable resource that can help you navigate the complex world of forex trading with confidence.
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