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Had my haircut by Nelida, who seemed to be in a rush, totally not interested, only cutting less than 50% of the hair on my head, messing up my sideburns, then throwing a glop of goo on my head.. Has to be one of the worst haircuts ever. Been to her a few times in the past, never really satisfied, but this was the worst. Makes me wonder how and why she is able to keep her job, she is totally incompetent, and has no business cutting anyone's hair.

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  •   Aug 03, 2012

    "Been to her a few times in the past, never really satisfied, "

    Moving along.

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  •   Aug 03, 2012

    Where are you moving too? Siberia??

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  • Db
      Mar 22, 2013

    She's in a rush because they force their stylists to cut hair in 13 minutes and they time them. If you want more time with a stylist then don't go some place that offers you a haircut for $9.95 with a coupon. How do you think they are making a profit at those low prices??? VOLUME!!! They push 3-4 cuts out the door per hour, per stylist to compensate for the low price. When will people learn that things cost money and you get what you pay for??? I worked for G.C. for 13 years and when I left in 2010, they had just lowered the cut times down to 13 mintues and required us to have a 10% product sales ratio to our service sales ratio. Meaning if you do $100 in haircuts you MUST sell $10 in haircare products to someone or you get fired. Tell me how to talk a person who is only willing to spend $9.99 on a haircut to buy a $16.00 bottle of shampoo? Seriously, explain it.

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