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I am writting to inform Grab on your poor service and setup if. Grab Share system.
When we talk about Grabshare it suppose to be along the way route not one going to the east and the other one a west. This is not logical.
First if all its calles grabshare to pick up passenger along the way that diesny incure lost of time n cost too.
I have experienced a few times of this system whereby when i am going west but another party is going east which is abruptly out of the way.
I know u have a system for ur drivers to get the ride. But u have to be logically in the sustem to strane it in such a route where the ending route is within the same district area.
Yes even thou the customer does share n is not urgent but that doesnt mean, the enroute of the other party is way out of the district.

This is something i think you people in the management of grab should look upon to. If u want ur riders to have lesser complains n all, Do take into consideration of this Points.

I am a loyal customer and has been using grab but this occurance doesnt happen once. Its been a few times. Its not only about the pickup point but its alao about the ending point. For the benefit of the ryder and driver also. DO LOOK INTO THIS ISSUE and I appreciate much to see a reply and some implementations on you side.

Share doesnt mean waste both ryder and driver time but it should be at the convinence of both parties cos im sure the driver dun wanna waste their petrol due to out of the way location.


Jun 23, 2017

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