GrabCar / GrabTaxi / scam on the pricing of grab taxi at manila, philippines airport (naia)

Manila, Philippines

Dear GRAB Customer Care,

I was being cheated by a guy who worked at NAIA, airport at Manila Philippines Terminal 1 Arrival Bay 9.
He was wearing shirt with GRAB logo, formal ID and list of taxi pricing with GRAB logo.

He gave fake information to me to create urgency and make me think I didn't have any other choice after I get into the car and He asked cash before we reach destination.

He rushed me to get into taxi car.
After loaded my luggages, he asked me to get in and he also follow.
He talked to the driver in Tagalog language and asked driver to go forward for about 100m and stop.
Inside the car, in the middle of the road, he told me the price for sending me from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 is PHP 2, 200 and i should pay in cash at front.
Checked through GRAB app, it SHOULD COST ONLY PHP 218.
He told me that at this time (1 Dec. 2018 06:30pm) there is no other GRAB taxi available at NAIA, Manila; and the queue is very long (indeed i saw the queue was very long).
It will take 1-2 hours to get my taxi and i may miss my flight.
Next, he also said even using my phone, i will barely can find GRAB TAXI available / willing to come to pick me due to traffic jam.
As a foreign tourist who really need to be at airport on time, i had no other choice than agree to his offer.
And i just realized that this is SCAM and i am on the skyway, going to Terminal 1.

GrabCar / GrabTaxi

Dec 01, 2018

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