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Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Tire


Road noise

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We bought a complete set of Goodyear Assurance Comfortred tires from a Goodyear Service Center. We began having the oil changed and the tires rotated every three to four thousand miles. All work was performed by the same Goodyear Service Center. The tires were quiet and smooth as advertised... but... after about 10,000 miles, the tires began to sound as if we were driving on the "wake-up" strips found at the edge of most highways. We brought this to the attention of the Service Center and they acted as if it were "our problem". They said the car was "out of alignment"... but the car would drive straight as an arrow with your hands off the wheel. It's a Toyota Matrix... so the only adjustable alignment possible on the car is "toe-in" which would make the car swerve left or right. We got the manager of the store to listen to the sound and he finally decided to "cross rotate" whatever that means. So now we have to keep putting miles on the tires.

Maybe it's a Service Center problem... maybe tires... maybe both.
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N  25th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
I've had the tires for about 2 years, and in the past few months noticed a chugging feeling when I'd be driving in idle (no gas or brake applied) through a parking lot. It wasn't noticable though at high speeds.

I asked about it when I had the oil changed and tires rotated, and the technician at the Goodyear Service center told me that there was a definite "bounce" in the tire, and that it was made worse when he rotated the tires. So he put them back the way they were and called Goodyear. As a result of whatever was wrong, I am now getting a new set of tires courtesy of Goodyear.

Has anyone else had similar issues with the tires or is this a one-off defect?
N  2nd of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
I was recently driving on my new (a little over 10, 000 miles) Goodyear Assurance tires at around 20-25 mph when I heard a faint pop sound over my radio. I didn't feel anything different in the drive but started to smell a rubbery smell. I must have driven a mile or more before smelling the rubber. When I finally pulled over the tire was completely flat. The Goodyear dealer swears I must have hit something on the road and won't honor the warranty, but I know differently...this was just a blow out. Now that I've checked other internet sites I've discovered that flat tires are normal with this particular brand and make of tire. My worry now is whether I'll be safe out on the open road with these tires. I'd hate to have a blow out while doing 75 mph out on the freeway.
A  4th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
1 flat 2months after purchase, no object in tire and it had to be replaced.

Excessive road noise on highway at all speeds to 70mph. Tires have been rotated per Goodyear recomendations.

Goodyear said it is normal.

I'am very unhappy with the excessive tire noise.

Jim Bystak
A  10th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've had the Goodyear assurance tires for 18 months and have had 2 sidewall blowouts/flat tires. I didn't hit anything. The Sears road hazard warranty doesn't cover the sidewalls. Are other people experiencing the same problem??? This tire should be recalled. Would not recommend it to anyone.
A  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
The Goodyear assurance tires came on my 2006 Saturn. From the day I took the car home the tires have been trouble, I had to take it back to the dealer 4 times to have the tires rebalanced in the first 3 months of having the car. And they are still constantly shaking. Then last summer on a trip out of town and car full of people I blew an inner sidewall, I know I didn't hit anything on the way, especially with my driver side front tire. Took it back, Saturn said side walls aren't covered, had to buy a new tire. Now, not 6 months later, I came out of the store, put my bags in the trunk and glanced at the passenger rear tire, only to see another bulge in the inner side wall of these tires, which have 37, 000 miles on them. These tires suck. I rotate and align my tires every 6000 miles since I bought the car, and all the tires including the one only 6 months old looks like they are dry rotting.
N  30th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I sent in a complaint about this tire yesterday about backing out of my driveway and the tire blew out (inner sidewall). This happened around five pm so I had to wait until today to bring the tire in. The first thing they said is you must have hit something. That was all it took and I lost it. Backing out of my driveway???? I take very good care with my cars and if I hit something I'll be the first to say so. They did call Goodyear and they are replacing the tire. What if I was on the highway going 65 mph and this happened.
A  21st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I put the assurance comfortred tires on my vehicle in 2007 and got 40, 000 miles out of these warranted 80, 000 mile tire. Contacted Goodyear and they admitted there was a problem with this tire and replaced all 4 tires free of charge. Therefore, we got the exact same tire placed on the vehicle. Have driven a little under 32, 000 miles and they need replacing again. There is definitely a problem with these tires.
A  8th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
Had the tires put on my 2006 Nissan Murano about 3k miles ago. Getting louder and louder !! No blow outs...yet. Will see if i can get this tire replaced. When I took the car back, because I thought something had to be wrong. They say it is because the tire is softer and lighter than the tires I had before. I cannot tell any difference in my fuel mileage either. Sure wish I had done my homework before buying these tires !!
N  3rd of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
My tires are so loud they should make Goodyear Assurance recall the entire brand. I drive a 2007 Hyundai Sonata and the Hyundai Manager told me the tires should have never been put on. The last tire recall from our government are so old I wonder what they actually do.
A  9th of Oct, 2011 by    -2 Votes
we have a set of the same tires and they keep pulling belts in the side wall and sams replaces them but i have to pay for mounting each time and probably could have a new set of something different by now. just got one replaced yesterday and on way how the out of balance feel started again got home and i now see i have two more tires doing the same thing. what can i do about this. i dont like to spend every weekend at the store getting tires replaced
N  9th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Horizon Hobby has the BEST customer service in the whole RC world. Period...
A  20th of May, 2012 by    -1 Votes
We had a set of four Goodyear Assurance tires put on our 2006 Honda Van last year. Nice riding, handling and so on. Now at around 11, 000 miles they start making a lot of road noise. At 15, 000 miles they are louder than any of the semi trucks tires I have driven over the last 35 years as a trucker. I talked to the Goodyear dealer and they also as someone else said: looked at me like, whats the problem. I took the manager for a ride and he couldn't hear me talk at 45mph because they are so loud and he still backs his tire. Guess you can figure what I told him he can do with the rest of his tires. Never again will I buy a Goodyear tire.
A  28th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I bought 4 GY Assurance tires for my 2003 Hyundai in 2007. The first month had to have one replaced because the vibration was so bad. Now, am having all kinds of vibration and shaking in the steering and ride. Mechanic stated that the tires are the problem. Probably bad belts in 2 of the tires. I have only driven 1/2 of the mileage on the warranty but am over the 4 year limit - of course. Had the car back to Belle Tire several times and all they do is re-balance the tires. The alignment is fine. Now I have to replace two tires and I am unemployed. Very angry. Goodyear should have to replace at no charge. Does anyone know how I get them to do this?
A  2nd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I brought the Goodyear Assurance tires for my Toyota Prius and after 25, 000 miles the tire wear was very lumpy. I was told by the tech that I needed an alignment and there was nothing wrong. After another 10, 000 miles had a blowout and was told this never happens on these tires, so I told him not to ever give me Goodyear tires again they suck. Also 90% of the miles were nonstop expressway.
A  13th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Bought really nice car with newer set of ASSURANCE tires. (Made me aware $$) Had really weird experience(s). Car would start shaking VIOLENTY at H-way speeds, with no warning, holes, bad roads, ect. Would do this twice one day, not again for 2-3-4 days@ 100 miles a day trip? When driving, car would start shaking, VIOLENTLY, ...with BAD brake wobble if applied---... but wait. Can pull over, and immediately go back to H-way speed-NO PROBLEM? ..Tight control arms, ball joints, (just installed struts) tie rod endz..
? New rotors, pads, hdwe, Ect? Front end is tight. AMERICAN? COMPANYS STAND BEHIND WHAT THEY SELL? Last set of GOODYEAR Arriva's were JUNK. EX GM Cadillac Mech, EX American car buyer, .. Sorry, But have't had any failures, in over 20 plus years, and don't even hardly get my hand's dirty anymore. Haven't "EVER" had my FOREIGN car at a dealer? For Anything?, Except, of course, minor $, few misc parts purchases. After 3 LEMON buyback Experiences. Wunder why the Detroit "Failures" ?
A  13th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Have a set. (TERRIBLE) Not going to waste my breath / keystrokes. Wish "American, few Companys"? would stand behind their product? Ex "American" car buyer after 3 "New car" "Lemon" service Attitudes! I Didn't know whut I was "talking about" as I looked at it in the next bay to me? (Ex GM Mech/owner) HH cad in Valpo Jap owner 20 YRS. NEVER been to dealer? I'd REALLY like to buy AMERICAN, but till American dealers stand, AFTER THE SALE. GOOD, ..luck..?
N  25th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
i had a blowout on these tires, , , Goodyear assurance triple treads...mileage on the tire 4000 miles, , , no nail, no pothole, , , , , , sidewall got burst, , , , , this looks to be a design issue, , , , , , , probably something related to the sidewall is the issue, , , ,
N  18th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
I bought four of these tires, road nice but then they started to wear as if I was doing burnouts with them. Rotated all the time, correct air pressure all the time, car is not out of alignment or nothing. If there is a recall on these I want to know.
N  8th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Same problem for me with these tires. Road noise from a cupped tire tread noticeable after a tire rotation. Technician said he's had similar problems from these tires from customers and his own wife's car. STAY AWAY from these tires!
A  23rd of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
Just cost me $229 for new Goodyear Assurance Tire for my Lincoln. Sidewall had a big bubble on it and scared the you know what out of me. I had just been going 70 mph on the freeway and when I stopped I noticed the bulge. Thought I'd look up if this were a common problem. I'd never encountered this in my 50 plus years of driving.

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