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Cheyenne, WY, US Review updated:

My daughter and I were at the Goodwill on Nationway in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We went to purchase our items, which were mostly kids clothes for my granddaughter. The cashier was very unfriendly, not even a smile, no greeting, just an annoyed face. We paid for our items, and on the way out, looked at the receipt. The cashier had charged us for adult clothes and shoes. We went back, and showed him the receipt and told him they were children's clothes. The man gave us an angry sigh and said, "Let me see them." So, we pulled out all of the clothes and showed him. He told us that we needed to tell him what kind of clothes they were, and that it was our fault that he charged us the incorrect amount. He also said that when two women come in shopping, he assumes they'll buy women's clothes and shoes, even though these clothes and shoes would clearly never fit a full grown woman. So, does that mean I can't come in to buy my son clothes? I can't come in to buy my granddaughter clothes? First, how in the heck are WE supposed to know that we're supposed to tell him what kind of clothes they are. Isn't that his job? There was no sign stating we needed to tell him this. He was clearly annoyed, and made sure we knew it. He was unprofessional, cranky and obviously did not like his job. He also tried to tell us we paid in cash, which we did not, we paid with a debit card, and refused to give us our receipt after he gave us a refund (which I have no idea if the amount given back was correct or not). The proper way to handle this situation would have been to say, "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know those were children's clothes. Let's get this taken care of." NOT blame the customer for not doing HIS job. If Goodwill is going to hire unprofessional and angry people to deal with the public, especially as a cashier, we will never be back to this store. I have never been treated so poorly in my life and I have been coming to this Goodwill for over 26 years now! Well, not anymore.

Nov 19, 2017
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