GoodLife Fitnesssalesman

the sales team at the 137 location are the rudest people i have ever met. They kept pushing. The one gentleman michael told me i had to pay if i wanted to use the gym i have never been there before! A lady who said she wa the manager intervend while he was berading me and told me it was okay for today but its your "policy" to have a tour and sit with a sales representative first. At least she understood that i didnt know and wanted to try the body pump class my friend was bringing me to. The only reason i would come back is because of how she handled the situation. Calming me and the salesman down- he is the rudest person i have ever met! You need to get your sales teams sorted out!!! I am not just money to your business. This club is the worst- i know its not just me who has experienced this. If it wasnt for the fact that my work has a discount i dont think anyone would ever go there! Who ever the manager was at that location, thank you for your respect to everyone else, just ridiculous. The girls behind the desk were rolling their eyes and were more interested in our conversation then everyone else scanning in. I work in service- if i treated people like that i would be talked to! This club needs to get a talking to. I wont pay 400 dollars a year to be treated like nothing but a paycheck!! Ill go back in a week if i get treated the same i will boycot goodlife and tell everyone to avoid that location.

Apr 28, 2017

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